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Game Review   2007-08-07


Daycare Nightmare Game Download Daycare Nightmare Review


Without wasting your time, I would put that straight - this game is like Carrie the Caregiver, but has none of the innocent and peaceful entourage of the latter one. On the contrary, instead of the pink, cute and angel-like babies you'll have to feed, change diapers, put to sleep and entertain little ghosts, vampires, dragons and cyclops. 


At first sight the game graphics leaves more to be desired. But this time, the whole challenge and pro of the game is its gameplay that hooks you up with a challenge and speed dramatically increasing with each level.



So, you as innocent Molly who works at a daycare, are to serve not human kids but the terrible monsters.


Daycare Nightmare Game Download This is how it all began. One day monster-mother pretending to be a human brought her child to the daycare. She had a call from work and was disappointed she had to leave her kid, so she showed her true monster face and made you look after the little monster under threat of eating you.


From this time on your main duties will be:


1. Accept baby monsters in the beginning of the day;

2. Feed them when they're hungry;

3. Change diapers if there's a need;

4. Bring them to the place where they can play when they feel like playing;

5. Bring them to bed when they are sleepy.

6. And finally, bring them to their parents at the end of day.


Level goals: for each level, the goal will be to raise the level of the monster-babe happiness and keep it higher than the minimum point indicated on the happiness bar at the bottom of the screen.



Daycare Nightmare Game Download Unlike all other time-management games, the happiness meter is the same for all your characters.       


... This world hasn't changed much since the release of Diner Dash.


Similarly to that game, every type of your little customers has its own temperament.


Baby vampires and dragons seem to be less patient so you'd better serve them first.


When feeling unsatisfied, a baby vampire can bite you and will slow down your moves. Angry dragon cubs when left without proper care may release fire and burn neighboring babes and damage your furniture.


Daycare Nightmare Game Download Ghost babes would spook everybody around them when they are left without your attention. So, the point here is to serve vampires, dragons and ghosts first. Cyclops can wait. Moreover, in order to succeed faster, you can buy horrible upgrades from the shop between  levels for the cash you earn during a level. Thus, you can get yourself a few human-eye lollipops, special toys to reduce the sleeping  and playing time, special diapers to reduce the risk of getting wet, blanket made of human hair and other awful stuff that turns out to be of a great help though. This is because in every new level monsters come to you less and less satisfied...

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Game Review   2007-08-07


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Roman  2012-06-08 04:35:37
Hi! I happened to smutble upon your blog and thought this was an interesting post. Honestly, I haven't read any other posts regarding your cloth diapering choices, but you touched upon it in the video, which brought me up to speed. I have worked and currently work at a daycare. My first thought about your video subject was that it must be hard to find a center that would accommodate cloth diapers. It sounds like you had a bit of a challenge but found a place that worked well with your needs. I actually loved how you approached it with the center staff and tried to explain that they aren't so scary anymore. :) My mom used them on me 28 yrs ago and I'm pretty sure they were the safety pin kind. I also thought your tips were great too. Your belief that it shouldn't impact the teachers was also refreshing. Not everyone shares your view on how a relationship between teachers and parents should be.I wish you much success. Just think...before you know it you will be potty training! :D

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