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Game Review   2007-10-06


Playdetective: Heart BreakersDetective Heartbreakers- Enlighten the Lies


As you start Detective Heartbreakers you understand that the game is not a place for fun or any jokes - it's a serious thing.


And there are good reason for that - in this game, developed by Kayo Games, you are to be a private detective to help his clients find out if their matches are faithful to them.


At first you get the information about the client and the suspect. The information is useful for your investigation.


As you start the game, you will find only one mode, which is actually quite enough. Playdetective: Heart BreakersThe graphics and music of the game will take you from the reality to the world of secrets, lies, and, of course, following. Before you start any case you are informed that all the events and characters are fictional and any resembles with reality is purely coincidental. (Isn't that fun?). After that you are introduced to your first client. You are told about the problem in general, usually suspicion in unfaithfulness. You get short information about the client and the suspect. And here you start your investigation.


You'll have all the tools and information you need on your screen.


Playdetective: Heart Breakers Your screen contains the following things: the view of the city; the amount of money and the number of evidence; the time for the investigation; icons of cart and detective stuff you can buy in the detective store. There's also a very useful button at the bottom - the HINT button. You are going to use al of these. You are free to navigate in any direction in the given scene. Your task is to find the required number of evidence against your suspect. The number of the evidence left is always shown. There's also a time limit for the investigation, represented by a decreasing meter.


You'll have to get money in order to buy stuff in the detective store for getting new evidence.


Playdetective: Heart BreakersAt the very beginning you may be confused not knowing what to do but don't worry - there isn't usually much to do. As you play you'll get that your moves in every scene are determined by the tools available. If you have the Phone Call bought, the only thing you can do is to tap the line in search for the evidence. See, your moves are limited by your opportunities. Thus, being the only way of getting any additional information, getting money becomes your main activity. Anyway, if you still don't know what you are to do next, use the HINT button any time you want.


There are two ways of getting the money you need for buying the devices.


How do you get money in the game? There are two ways. One of them is very easy -Playdetective: Heart Breakers you just look for the square $ signs in the scenes. The second one isn't that easy - you play mini-games. the mini-games themselves are not difficult at all, like match-three or putting the pieces of a picture back together or solving cryptograms. But they get tough when the time limit gets really extreme.


So this is what Detective Heartbreakers is mainly all about. There's something about the game that makes it one of a kind, things like music and serious presentation of everything.

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Game Review   2007-10-06


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