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Game Review   2009-03-13


Diaper DashDiaper Dash - Scientific Approach To Babies!

PlayFirst in cooperation with Zemnott have released the new game of the genre that has already gained them huge popularity - time-management. Diaper Dash is a nice and addictive game with an unusual story, cute characters and challenging game play.

Everything can be tested and calculated? Sure? Absolutely?

Diaper DashWhen try to really work with babies, not just invent Sleepy Baby Blasters and Sticky Baby Scrapers! Wilson used to work at a baby research center until he was fired from there for picking up a 'test subject'(a baby, yes!). Sharing his misfortunes with Flo at her diner, he comes to an idea not completely unexpected for a time-management game - to start his own daycare center as he seems to be good in handling babies. So, Wilson's new career starts here (as well as your fun).

You choose Endless Day or Career mode and start playing. In Career there are 5 stages, 10 levels each, which is traditional for these games. As usual, you'll have customers coming to your center, or, in this case, I'd better say being brought to your center. There are several stations, like high stools for feeding, cribs for sleeping, playing area and a diaper pail. Each baby will require several his needs to be satisfied during a day, without any certain sequence. But you do know that certain kids love doing certain things - so it's a bit easier to plan everything (if you have time to think, of course). You will also need to clean all the stations from time to time. The Hygiene Meter shows the level of your center cleanliness, and that influences the amount of tips you'll get from parents. But you can still use dirty stations without cleaning them, so this won't prevent you from serving everybody in time. Only the diaper pail will require refreshing rather often, as it can hold a limited number of clean diapers.

Diaper DashWhile the basic game play is nothing extraordinary, there are some bonuses that make the game at the same time easier and more difficult. For example, you get a Gender Bonus for putting a girl to a station with a pink flag or a boy - to a blue-flagged station. The longer the chain, the bigger the bonus! You will also get additional money for swapping babies ata station and for fast delivery to the necessary point.

After each level you'll have an opportunity to purchase upgrades for your center. They are quite affordable, but on each new stage you'll have to buy them again. There are also inventions - Wilson never forgets he is a scientist and develops some very helpful things, like, for instance, Cleanatron - a cheerful robot helping you with your cleaning.

On the whole the game is a nice choice if you are a dash fan. Time to change the diapers!

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Game Review   2009-03-13


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