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Game Review   2006-11-03


Welcome to Diner Dash2: Restaurant RescueDiner Dash 2 - Restaurant Rescue: Dash Must Go On


The game I picked for today does not need to be presented, ‘cause lots of people just start it and stick to it. Maybe that's because it looks like our everyday life: fussy and full of cares. I mean Diner Dash, but today the point for discussion is its latest version - Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue.


Just like it's prequel, the second version of Diner Dash is all about restaurant job. 


Having a limited time at your disposal you'll have to earn money and expand your business. You should be careful about finding seats for your customers.


Your job is to bring a menu, take orders and serve everybody in time. Moreover, you are not to forget about cleaning the tables.


Check out Flo's routeThis process can be easily controlled with help of a mouse. Easy at first site it might sound, but tough to put it into practice. When trying to do it all altogether you'll get a good training for your logic, reaction and attention.


Game Plot. Running your own business is a tough job, especially when cheeky rivals cannot wait to bankrupt you and other small restaurant owners.


This is what makes a plot of Diner Dash 2.


Mr. Big, a restaurant tycoon, cherishes an idea of creating his own restaurant empire and getting rid of those small restaurants standing on his way.


Fight Mr.Big and his restaurant empire!But business-oriented Flo firmly believes that in order to survive, she'll have to win customer's loyalty by a perfect service. And you are to help her about it. The two of you will have to cope with the great dash first.   


Rules.  Lead Flo to the tables, take orders, bring food and bus the tables with the left mouse click.


Just like in the prequel, you are to earn money to be paid for rent and restaurant equipment.


It is to mention some newly added features in the second version of the game(more customer types and higher difficulty level- babies, cellphone addicts, food critics etc).


Sit babies on a special stoolOn the one hand that's a good news: your restaurant is getting new visitors.


But new customers cause new problems: you are to please them and make sure they won't make the rest of your customers leave. For instance, a family with a baby.


You're to promptly seat the baby at a special stool, then be sure to serve them ver-ry quickly and wipe out the pool cause by the baby.


If you are late with it, the baby starts yelling so loudly, all the customers are getting away. However, you are to quickly clean the stain using a newly-added mop.    


So, you have to be on your toes for the whole shift rushing from one customer to another, otherwise they may get angry and leave. In such a case you've got to work on your own strategy in order to succeed and let me give you a couple of tips:


Diner Dash 2 Restaurant Rescue screenshot

Diner Dash 2 Tips


1. Create chains and be sure to match customers with their seats. Seat less patient customers first.


2. Don't forget to stop up at the podium and bring drinks once you have a spare minute.


3. Seat babies on a high chair.

4.Place cell phone addicts away from the rest of your clientele. 



Game's Pros. The newer version of Diner Dash, (as well as its prequel) features simple design and sound that don't get you tired. Plus, it'll give you a very good idea of what it feels like running a small business.


Game's Cons. Sometimes I wish I could let myself be rough with the customers. I wish there were a possibility to rearrange the customers, get the crazy families out, spill the meals on their clothes etc.


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Game Review   2006-11-03


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