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Game Review   2008-06-29


Discovery!_A_Seek_and_Find_AdventureDiscovery! A Seek and Find Adventure


Discovery! A Seek and Find Adventure is a game developed by MumboJumbo that takes you on a show lead by Jim Summers and Jill. You are to spin the wheel and compete agains other competitors.



Choose a player and start the competition to win trips to the places around the world.


Discovery!_A_Seek_and_Find_Adventure You start the game by choosing an avatar for your player. There is a wide choice of pictures of people to represent you. You can choose gender, skin color, age, lifestyle etc. There are a few avatars that are locked and that get available only after you are done with certain levels.


Having done that you are introduced to the game itself by its hosts Jim Summers and Jill. They are your guides through the game. Your first step is to choose the part of the world you are going to, like China or Australia. Then you go through a number of levels in that part of the world.


Your opponents are also introduced to you before you start. This competitors twist is quite motivating since you meet them not only after each level but you are also informed on their progress during the game.


The wheel that you are to spin determines the amount of money you are to earn and the mini-games you are to play.


Discovery!_A_Seek_and_Find_Adventure Every once in a while you are to spin the wheel. The wheel has sectors of different colors with diferent sums. The sum you get determines how much every item found by you will cost. The color of the sector tells you what kind of mini-games you are going to play.


Most of the time you are going to search for the items listed. Sometimes you are given a category and you are to find all the items related to the category. For example, sport equipment or kitchen.


The seek and find levels don't have long lists of words and it feels like you jump from one level to another from one scene to another all the time - this keeps you from getting bored. There is a hint button that you can use once it is refilled.


If you are the winner of the round you are given a chance to have a U.S. road trip. This means that you are shown several scenes of different places in the U.S. and you are to find one given item in every scene within 5 minutes. With all this and different mini-games the game reminds a TV show that can not let its audience get bored taking you from one place to another, from one task to another. And this is a good thing that makes Discovery! A Seek and Find Adventure a unique game of this genre.

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Game Review   2008-06-29


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This is Discovery! A Seek and Find Adventure review. Download this game here.