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Game Review   2010-09-10


  Dominic Crane 2: Dark Mystery Revealed


Dominic Crane Dark Mystery RevealedDo you dream when you sleep? Have you ever thought to go to the shrink because of the dreams you have? The sequel of Dominic Crane's Dreamscape Mystery called Dominic Crane 2: Dark Mystery Revealed starts once again on the sofa of a psychoanalyst. But now Dominic is worried not about recurring night visions of the places he's never been to (perhaps he's got used to that) but he cares about his sister that talks to him in his dreams. One may say that due to Sigmund Freud or whoever else of that list this might be the result of latent attraction if not only one thing...





This game is a titbit for the HOG fans because there are plenty of such scenes. 


Dominic Crane 2 first locationThe trick of the gameplot is that Crane's sister has been missing since she was a child. And now she comes to her brother's dreams as adult asking for some help. I think even those of you who neglects psychiatry would do the same as Dominic did being at his place. Under hypnosis Crane travels through his dreams. And this is actually what you're supposed to do as a player.


Dominic's obsessional idea is to find his sister. But somehow according to the developers' strange logic your mission is to collect the scrolls. I didn't really get the connection between these two facts. If your hero wants to find his sister it must be natural to look for her, but not for the scrolls... But ok, the other things in the game matter most such as genre, artwork and music.


Dominic Crane 2 PuzzleDominic Crane 2: Dark Mystery Revealed is Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. And this game is a titbit for the HOG fans because there are plenty of such scenes. Almost all the inventory items are collected in these scenes. Hidden Object scenes have some peculiarities here. First of all if you click three wrong items in a raw your cursor freezes for a while. The second thing is that you're not given the whole list of items you need to search at the very beginning. Your list is made up only with three items and then it refreshes after you've found any of these three targets. I was really glad that there was no time limit as the HOG scenes were quit challenging for me mainly because of the lack of contrasts in colours. Some of the items merged into the background and the breaks could be hardly distinguished.


The game lacks music. On one hand the music sometimes distracts you or even worse – it annoys. On the other hand the silence makes you bored. So it depends on your likings. But there are lots of natural sounds. How long ago have you heard the lion's roar? You're welcome to enjoy it playing Dominic Crane 2: Dark Mystery Revealed.


Dominic Crane 2 riddleThe general idea of dreams freed developers' hands and fantasy. There are 8 dreams and you'll definitely be surprised by their psychedelia. The locations are really vivid and diverse! Once you're in a simple garden but meet there a lion and a donkey and the other time you're wondering round the Arabic market. The graphics are clear and full of light. So if you got tired of all the mystery games in dark tones here you are the mystery game in bright colours.


As for me the game was missing the tutorial. Some of the games occurred rough without instructions. Of course you could just skip them. But I felt disappointed when I couldn't see the puzzle solved. When you spend your time trying to guess what to do with the task, then you beat your brains out solving it and finally decide to skip it you just go to the next level still not knowing what was the answer... But you can replay as well the whole game. Maybe then you'll get it.


In general the game is much alike the previous Dominic Crane story.


So try it – fortunately it's not a nightmare but quite a pleasant trip to strange subconsciousness!

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Game Review   2010-09-10


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