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Game Review   2010-12-04


Dream Day True Love

Dream Day True Love introFor those of you, who have already played Dream Day Wedding the name I-play must be already well-known. And what is more, you’d probably guess the style of its newly released game – Dream Day True Love.


Can you imagine any pair who has been happily living together for 70 years? Actually the game is devoted to such a couple! And you’re the one to plan a surprise party devoted to their anniversary. Having received a call from a son of the long-married couple you need to go to a farmhouse in Pennsylvania to start setting things up there.



The puzzles in Dream Day True Love are really multifarious and they are somehow connected to the storyline.


Dream Day True Love flower shopStarting a game you may select its difficulty. The simplest solution is just to turn off the timer. But you’re proposed to choose either “First Love” mode or “Soul mates” mode. The first one is a fun but relaxing experience. You get more time on the clock, faster hint recharging, standard hidden object lists and puzzles. While the “Soul mates” is for the hidden object experts for sure! Playing this mode you’ll be given less time on the clock, longer hidden object lists, slower hint recharging, harder puzzles and no tutorials or text hints. But if you succeed this difficulty level, a bonus background will be unlocked.

As soon as you arrive at the farmhouse you’ll find out that the keys are not under the door mat and you still need to get somehow into the house. Dream Day True Love is not just a combo of hidden object scenes and puzzles, it is a kind of a quest, where you search for the items into your inventory and then apply it when it is necessary. But don’t be afraid, everything is logically reasonable and rather intuitively obvious. Besides you’ll be guided all the time with the arrows appearing when you need to leave the location and the text hints. If not, then you’ve selected a mode that doesn’t suit you.

Dream Day True Love wedding ringThe graphics of the game is more than just ok. But what I really liked about Dream Day True Love was overvoicing. The story of the pair is told by the heroes – the couple that you’re working for. Though sometimes I failed to listen to their reminiscences as the time is running out and you have to tackle the puzzles.

The puzzles are really multifarious and they are somehow connected to the storyline. For example, once you need to restore the picture with the wedding ring, the other time you have to gather the flowers in the shop, right those ones that were sent by the hero to his beloved. Besides you’ll have to memorize image and then identify the element that was added, restore the seating chart by putting the pieces in the correct order, sort the household objects due to the place they are used at and materials they are made of etc. Even your design skills will be tested, as you’ll have to make a collage and prepare the invitations.


The thing that I didn’t really understand was the reason to put the invitations prepared into your own mail box. But than I was informed that “crisis is averted”. And while I was trying to guess what has really happened and meant under the word “crisis”, the answer was provided by the game itself – it was a storm outside and all the invitations were scattered. As a result a player gets a new HOG-scene and a task to create the new invitations.

The hidden object scenes made me satisfied as Dream Day True Love find the differenceswell. Even this habitual task is presented many different ways. You’re made to find the objects due to the list, and then you’re asked to find several invitations and even the words on the clippings, telegrams, invitations, letters and cards that are lying on the table.

In every hidden object scene the bluebirds of happiness may be found. When the amount of them found is enough for earning a new gift, you’re alerted on this matter. This gift is added to your gift table in the living room, but they can be opened once the game is complete. Personally to me it was one more reason to purchase the game and play it till the end.


Dream Day True Love has a nice storyline that will definitely touch on female hearts. All the girls love the happy ending stories of love and tenderness, especially when it lasts for 70 years! So this game just hits the target in this concern.

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Game Review   2010-12-04


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