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Game Review   2007-02-10


Dream Day WeddingDream Day Wedding - a pre-wedding puzzle  



Another puzzle of Mystery Case Files type - you would say? Well, to some extent you're right, because the point of Dream Day Wedding by Oberon Games is to find the items listed on one of the sides of the screen.



But Dream Day Wedding is a special game where detective puzzle mechanics has been combined with a love story.  


Dream Day WeddingYeah, you won't believe. No more mystery cases uncovering murders and thefts. Dream Day Wedding suggests a more romantic story. That's actually one of the rare love stories with happy end, that a player is to work on himself.:)


So, Jenny Stewart is preparing for the wedding. You are to share the nervouseness and joy of the pre-wedding days with the girl and help her run about a great number of locations(beauty salon, florist's) to get everything running smoothly before the wedding begins.


It is to mention, game developers have truly communicated the fast pace and tension of the pre-wedding days.  


Dream Day Wedding

For the first two locations only you will be allowed 16 minutes. It's not a Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst where you have an hour at your disposal to spot the clues in three or four rooms for an hour.


Furthermore, the task is made more complicated since the tricky artists have hidden the items to be found on the colorful background  so skillfully, that they got puzzled even me, a "Master detective" at MCF:).

But want it or not, the game is for ladies, who have a good hand at  sorting out the chaos of living:).


Dream Day WeddingBesides dozens of items ot find the game features dozens of bluebirds that are hidden throughout the levels. You are to find 50 of them in order to get the wedding treat.


Dream Deay Wedding, the latest title by Oberon Games will surely be a success since it is the first "sleuthing puzzle" with a "light, non-criminal" plot : ). Colorful, eye-catching graphics along with the festive wedding melodies used for background music make it a truly good gift for those who have something special to say to their soul mate. 


But what you should if you're single? With Dream Day Wedding you can experience what's waiting for you behind the corner...



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Game Review   2007-02-10


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laura  2007-02-12 14:12:39
please enjoy

Janai a.k.a. nana  2007-02-12 15:47:53
i love this game

joni yon  2007-02-12 15:50:06
This game is great! an hour is not enough! Too bad I can't afford to buy, yet.

Lee  2007-02-12 17:39:05
OMG! I bought this game and I've been playing it for hours now. The graphics are great, the gameplay is fun and the mini-games are so original. My favorite by far is the Choose-A-Story...I enjoy making their story a comedy of errors =)

max harvey  2007-02-12 18:52:09
OMG me and my boyfriend guiseppe we are so hooked on this game its unbelievable been playing for hours and jennys dress looks fab!!! MAX

veronica starling  2007-02-13 18:17:58
omg i love this game so much i cant wait to turn the page and look for more stuff.its too bad that my time expired i told my fiance that i cant wait to buy it. anyone and everyone u have to try this game its addictive

Kristin  2007-02-13 18:34:09
As someone who was recently married on November 25th 2006...it was fun to sorta relive that special day with this fun filled game......Congrats to all the other future brides!!!

Kayla  2007-02-14 10:06:23
i love this gamee, i wanna buy it .. but my mom doesntt want me too =/ free trials rnt long enuff!!! ahh. iLovee this game tho -

Debbie  2007-02-14 11:13:50
OMG, me and my daughter and my son love this game. Does anyone know if you can get it at the store or do you have to buy online?

Kim  2007-02-18 19:04:03
I really do like this game I think that I am going to buy it very soon.

Belinda  2007-02-19 07:11:33
i really like this game and wish you would put it on cd-rom where we can purchase it in retail store.

Ang  2007-02-20 23:13:39
I finished a game. How do I play agai?

Steve  2007-02-22 09:06:14
Hey, Honey, I bought this game for you! Enjoy it!

Lynn  2007-03-03 20:48:25
I love this game and I am ready to purchase it now; however, I have a question that I hope someone can answer first.
If I have reached the Honeymoon Suite during my trial play period, is that the entire game?

Kiki  2007-03-14 16:05:36
This game seems really interesting,
is there a way i can play on the web without downloadig it?
because whe we downnload games it makes our compuer go really slow!=(

Ruby  2007-03-13 15:14:31
This game is awesome...I love the hide and seek type games but this one has a nice theme to it. I reached the Honeymoon Suite during my trial period which is great because when I purchase the game it will be different.

lamtasctst  2007-03-16 14:22:44
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etmkebhbrd  2007-06-22 03:53:46
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pring2x  2007-04-16 06:15:01
i really like this game! so much! i'm starting to be addict to this game.. nah..if i have just long time playing this game i would truly play it again& again.. ;)

lele  2007-04-15 06:53:51
this game is very fun!!!!!^v^

lele  2007-04-15 06:55:48
because this file is very big

Izabela Velkova  2007-09-13 11:20:17
J love this game!!!!!

Sancia  2009-02-24 01:34:11
It is the coolest site, keep so!.
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Waiting for a reply :P, Sancia.

soundtrack   2011-01-29 12:37:25
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Lainey  2011-09-14 14:51:19
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Shashi  2012-08-17 10:48:18
2nd one is my fave. :) and agreed with aubs buuut poetkcs are amazing. my bridesmaid dress for my friends wedding has poetkcs and whats even better is thats what won us on the dress. its perfect!

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