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Game Review   2008-01-08


Dress_Shop_HopDress Shop Hop - Total Time-Management Challenge


All time-management fans! Get ready to meet another energetic character who is going to put you on your toes for sure. This is Bobbi, Flo's (Diner Dash) and Quinn's (Wedding Dash) friend.


She's got a great task for you to do. And I'm not sure if you are going to love or hate her because the task isn't that easy.



You are to serve customers in a made-to-order clothing shop that Bobbi opened.


Dress_Shop_HopAccording to the story of this game from PlayFirst Flo and Quinn come to visit her friend Bobbi at her brand-new shop. They see that the things with her boss aren't that great there.


Bobby works as a machine mechanic and Flo, seeing all the troubles, only mentions that Bobby could open her own place where people would be able to order clothes.


Bobby takes the idea and turns it into reality. In a moment you are introduced to Bobbi's made-to-order clothing shop. The shop is full of machines, which Bobbi invented.


The machines can make fabric of different colors and some clothing. You get more of them as you progress.


You can also buy different upgrades in the shop. You buy stuff there for the tips you get in the game. The tips are thrown as reels of thread by some clients and you'd better collect all of them.


Even though the machines are going to cut and saw, you are going to rush all over the place in order to meet the goal.


Dress_Shop_HopSo the game itself goes as follows. When clients come to you are to put them onto the Analyzer machine, which looks like a big mirror.


The machine helps the client decide on the style and color fo the clothing etc.


When the customer is ready you can see the garment he/she wants in the mirror.


It means that you can rush to the machine that will prepare fabric of the required color for you.


After that you take the fabric to the machine that will make a shirt or a skirt or a dress or whatever else out of the fabric.


If needed you should take it to the Doodazzler to add a pattern to the clothing. Now you are ready to cash out and get the tips. On later levels you'll be also able to sell shades, belts and shoes to your customers.


The game can be played in two modes: Story and Endless.


Dress_Shop_HopApart from the Story Mode where you are introduced to Bobbi's story, you can also play the Endless Mode.


This is a place where you can try to make your best high score ever in this game.


In this mode the customers never stop coming and you are not to let them leave.


The game catches not with a story or a unique game play but with a challenge and the desire to finally complete a level. Don't be surprised if you have to play a level several times.


Often times it seems just impossible to meet the goal. So the only strategy would seem to be is collecting tips try after try and then be able to buy some useful upgrade in the shop.


So if you think that you are good enough at time-management games, this game is good to check your skills. If you think this type of games is nothing but boring, this game will make you change your mind. If you have no idea what the games of this type are all about, this game will help you get a taste of a real time-management challenge.

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Game Review   2008-01-08


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