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Game Review   2011-03-26


Echoes of SorrowEchoes of Sorrow


The title of the game didn't seem too attractive to me at first, but the game itself turned out to be quite beautiful in different ways - in how it looks and in the story it tells. 


I wonder what would Freud would say if you saw games like Echoes of Sorrow. I'm pretty sure that he would have been amazed with how one's wonderings within their mind and memories were brought to a more casual level.



Now you are to go to some of your repressed memories and deal with some of the issues.


Echoes of Sorrow

The game starts with you running away from a shadowy figure following you. But then you fall and the next thing you know is you are locked within your own mind. That may be not the worst thing that could have happened, but you still need to get back to the reality.


The return is only possible after finding your true identity and also figuring out who was that person trying to harm you. Now you are to go to some of your repressed memories and deal with some of the issues.


Echoes of Sorrow

You will go to several locations where you will have to search for the items that would help you remember the repressed memory. You will be collecting the souls stones that are used to breake the chains that keep you locked within your own mind.


You will also have to deal with that shadowy person in all of the location. You will be revealed the details of who that is, so that you could confront that person when you wake up.


Echoes of Sorrow

The realm of one's mind is a perfect place for a casual game, because there are no limits to what can be there. And the game uses that to the fullest. The graphics are gorgeous. The music adds to the general eerie atmosphere. You don't stay for too long in those beautiful places though.


It is challanging to get stuck in the game really. The hidden object levels, inventory puzzles and mini-games are not all that difficult, which is kind of a flaw for a game like that.


Echoes of Sorrow is an absolutely enjoyable game, but like many great things in life, too short.

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Game Review   2011-03-26


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