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Game Review   2009-02-22


Elizabeth_Find_M_D____Diagnosis_MysteryElizabeth Find M.D. - Diagnosis Mystery - Casual-Gamed House, M.D.


Those who were fans or at least didn't mind watching the television show House, M.D. will appreciate the work done by Gunnar Games in Elizabeth Find M.D. - Diagnosis Mystery. The game has its character as well as many puzzles and medical-themed mini-games.



You work in a team with a few other characters that diagnose patients who come through the emergency room doors with mysterious illnesses.


Elizabeth_Find_M_D____Diagnosis_MysteryThe game really reminds the above mentioned show. You play as Dr. Elizabeth Find. She is an immunologist at a busy hospital. She works in a team with a few other characters that diagnose patients who come through the emergency room doors with mysterious illnesses.


Yes, the game play scheme here is so very much like in the television show. You get a patient with something that seems to be as simple as a cold but then you realise that it's much more serious.   

In total you are to be involeved in treating three cases - a comatose man with no I.D., a coughing child, and a woman with a strange rash. But don't expect to spend lots in the hospital.


Elizabeth_Find_M_D____Diagnosis_MysteryYou will have to go to different places and meet different people to do some kind  of investigation.


All this investigation part is presented in the form of hidden object games that can be switched to find the difference or place the items back to their places or find 10 of a certain item as well as some mini-games.


You'll also have to use the tools in your medical bag to collect samples for testing, such as drawing blood from a patient's arm with your syringe, listening to a heartbeat with your stethoscope, or collecting a mould sample in your petri dish.


The hints are not limited for you to use only if you wait for it to recharge. The graphics of the game are very accurate and attractive to look at.


The game is a really good option for those who enjoy a good hidden object game with different kinds of puzzles in between all together wrapped into nice audio-visuals and unique story.

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Game Review   2009-02-22


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