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Game Review   2009-05-15


Enchanted KatyaEnchanted Katya and the Mystery of the Lost Wizard - Magic Potions Are Waiting For You!

While the genre of time-management is definitely familiar to you, Enchanted Katya and the Mystery of the Lost Wizard presented a totally new theme for it - a magic potions shop. Beautiful visuals, addictive game play and hidden object mini-games - that's the key to success!

What would you do after graduating from a magical university? Find a magical job, of course!

Enchanted KatyaIn the faraway magical land of Graflandia there is the Highest Magic Mastery University, and in this university where is the Potions Preparation department. And that's where our heroine, the smart Katya, has graduated from. After graduation she started working in the famous wizard Took's shop helpig him create the most powerful potions you could imagine. Took is known for his unexpected and dangerous trips is search of new recipes and artifacts. One time he disappeared for long without no sign... But the customers want their products, and the shop must stay open! So Katya decides to continue working by herself while at the same time trying to find out what happened to her master.

Actually, the basic game play presents nothing special or unexpected. You have customers coming to yor shop, each with his or her temper-meter in the form of several hearts. No hearts - no money. Money, of course, is crucial for completing a level - and I must say the goals are rather challenging from the very beginning, so you'll have to try hard in order to meet them.

Enchanted KatyaThe process of serving a customer is also quite usual. You hand the customer the "menu", then take the selected vessel, fill it with the basic liquid from the magic portal, then, if neccessary, add some runes or ingredients, or both. There are some moments that make the game play even more challenging, like Katya being able to carry only one item at a time. But as you get used to it, it stops annoying you.

There are also some upgrades that you can buy between the levels. Most of them have to be used during the levels to bring you some bonuses and are mostly helpful.

Sometimes in the middle of a level you will encounter some unpredicted hidden object tasks. Those let you earn some additional gold and are quite simple.

One of the strongest points in Enchanted Katya is the atmosphere. Both awesome visuals and cute sounds (especially when a customer is satisfied) make you feel like you are really in a magical world. So, if you like time-managements, but would praise some change from farming and food, here is a nice choice!

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Game Review   2009-05-15


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Pearl  2012-11-24 12:48:20
>Eli: So, are you saying the home-effect is acvheied by the contrast between a home-base environment (the place to feel cozy) and an outer world, where it's dangerous?We have exactly this constellation in Zelda: The villages are peaceful, free of monsters. As the player leaves the villages, danger STRIKES! But I think this is not the whole truth. What about games, without dangerous elements, such as old Lucas Art adventures: You couldn't ever die, or irreversibly foul up. Although there was some tension build-up. (Blast! This, kind of, diminishes my argument. Okay maybe you're right.)Have you seen Spirited Away? That movie has a lot of home-feel to me, for some reason. A real world girl (could be your neighbour) happens to stumble across a magical world, where strange rules apply. She learns these new rules and finally overcomes the challenge. Then she returns to the real world.(sounds like damn many other stories: Lord of the Rings, etc )Hmm, maybe we should call the feeling I am looking for, the home-to-magic-and-back -feeling? I am trying to think of movies or games that really did NOT give me this home-effect: Doom, Pac-Man, Tetris, the new Bat-Man movie (or any Bat-Man movie). I wonder why. Maybe they're about a different theme? Tetris is about clear spacial relations, Pacman really is, too. Perhaps these games are too much one-sided'. Doom is pure tension. Bat-man movies are not about much but explosions, and crass secret technology.I think another aspect is, there needs to be some amount of complexity to the game world. If the game rules or the environments are too simple or restricted then homeliness will not occur.

Tyanne  2012-11-26 07:40:49
That's 2 ceelvr by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

Tyanne  2012-11-26 07:40:53
That's 2 ceelvr by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

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