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Game Review   2007-05-21


Escape from ParadiseEscape from Paradise - mix of simulation, adventure and real-time management mixed with mini-games


What would you expect from an exquisite cruise? Definitely not a shipwreck that makes you one of 50 castaways on a tropical island.


But this is reality for you in Escape from Paradise game from savvy developer Gogii Games. Your goal? Get off the island. To do that you need to explore the island, set a camp, find radio parts, build a rescue object. This game pretty much resembles Virtual Villagers and Tropix . But in fact it has much more to offer. This unique combination of simulation, adventure and real-time management mixed with mini-games won't get you bored .



On this uncharted island you are to organize all the castaways to perform all kinds of tasks like building a hut or a well, hewing some wood, etc...


Escape from ParadiseYou do that just by clicking and dragging them to the required location. You do all that under a guidance of a strange native in a Tiki mask. After each challenge is completed, the Tiki man gives your tribe a new tool and teaches them new techniques. Moreover, you get more castaways in your tribe.


New villagers mean more help  in building the camp, but at the same time it means that you have more people to take care of.


Each castaway can be customized and has 4 needs that must be satisfied. These are food, water, sleep and socialization (called social need). By clicking on any villager you can see ther current needs displayed at the bottom of the playing field. So as you get more villagers you get more trouble taking care of all of them.


Your goal is to make your way home.For that sake you need to go through all the challenges that are shown on the Escape Progress Map. The last destination is a volcano in the centre of the island.


Escape from ParadiseYou can win the game only by completing all the challenges. That makes it different from an average sim game. Escape from Paradise game consists of 30 challenges and 17 mini-games that pop up in-between the challenges. The mini-games can also be launched from the main menu at any time no matter what level you're currently playing. If you win mini-games, you get new tools for your tribe such as a shovel, axe etc to help you accelerate the camp construction and development.  


Though at first sight it might seem that the game looks very much like Virtual Villagers and Tropix, Escape from Paradise surely stands out of the line of island-life simulators.


Unlike in  Virtual Villagers you don't have to breed people in Escape from Paradise game cause you've got all the villagers on the island from the very start.


Escape from ParadiseAlso, you've got only three castaways' skills to be developed here - Carpenter, Provider and Lumberjack(there are 5 of them in Virtual Villagers).Mini-games make this game similar to Tropix.


As you can remember, the same mini-games are available in both games but


Escape from Paradise provides you with wider variety - up to 17 mini-games.


Some of them are variations of popular tribal-themed casual games.


      Tips and tricks for Escape from Paradise: Main Guidelines 

  1. Construct storage huts as near to resources as possible to reduce the time necessary to stock up on supplies (that means leave room -- don't build huts right next to resources).

  2. As you complete challenges, you unlock higher skill levels. So, make sure you're always working toward finishing a challenge.

  3. To help organize your castaways, assign shirt colors to particular skills.

  4. Expand your village as quickly as possible by building huts.

  5. Attracting more people means more workers at hand.

Escape from ParadiseEscape from Paradise absorbs you more and more after completing another challenge making you want to go to the end.


This unique combination of simulation, adventure and real-time management along with a huge pack of mini-games won't leave you indifferent.


If you have obtained a good hand at playing this game, we welcome you to share your wisdom with other players by posting your comments below.


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Game Review   2007-05-21


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Amanda  2007-08-14 19:30:40
How do you chop down the tiki?I tried but all I got was a question mark?

firestar  2007-07-08 21:27:46
does anyone know how to get the last radio part?

firestar  2007-07-08 21:33:14
does anyone know how to get the last radio part?

alyssalynnh  2007-07-05 08:45:06
How do you obtain a level 2 in the skills?

Justine  2007-08-03 22:50:01
I can't get the last radio part either, the clue that says you have to prove yourself or something. All of my players have skill level 3 on all of the skills. The only thing I can't do is beat the last level of the Diner game. Other than that I can't figure it out.

Try to dig on the X's that will give you hints and food and stuff. I think there is a radio part also. Anyone know how to win!?! I have been trying for hours. Thanks

Angela  2007-06-11 08:30:00
I really enjoyed this game it is just to bad that it is not MSN games. I really enjoy play games with this setup

Angela  2007-06-11 08:30:14
I really enjoyed this game it is just to bad that it is not MSN games. I really enjoy play games with this setup

Saysly  2007-06-16 04:25:56
Does anybody know how to "Chop down the Tiki"? What does it mean?

~mermaid  2007-06-17 05:36:46

~mermaid  2007-06-17 05:37:07

~mermaid  2007-06-17 05:37:14

susanj222  2007-06-19 15:31:01
just drag a level 2 lumberjack over to the tiki heads

Jennifer  2007-07-14 18:43:18
Really, how do you get the last radio part?

Erin  2007-07-24 21:10:07
I can't manage to get past 7 radio parts. How do you get the last 3 radio parts?

Kathya  2007-09-06 14:35:37
Can someone tell me how can I gather 5000 Woods if the number 2050 on the bottom left dosent change to 5000

pmama  2007-09-06 23:33:20
when you build more wood storage huts your max wood that can be gathered will increase.

i'm stuck on the 9th radio part... i'm assuming that it has something to do with the three big easter island looking heads but i can't figure out what to do with them. i've gotten gems to appear in their eyes by having someone at level three in the particular skill to check out each statue but still nothing.

any help?!

Barbara  2007-09-13 22:48:54
Chop down the tiki just means that you need a skill 1 or 2 lumberjack to do it, the question mark your other people get says that you need a skilled forester.

kim  2007-09-19 12:56:21
i can only get 3 radio parts how do u get the rest?

Leslie  2007-09-20 10:16:05
I need the radio part that says "to reel in the big one, you might have to corner your prey." How does that work? I've had them all hunt and nothing.

As for the hero's search leads to rewards if he proves himself, I had someone fish on the 4th section of the Island where the rocks and that found that one, but it wasn't "my" character that I had fish there, so I don't understand the hero part.

Tara  2007-09-17 14:18:18
I can't find the piece of the radio that says a hero's search leads to rewards if he proves himself. Does anyone know how to find it? I have all the other pieces and I just need this one so I can beat the game! It's driving me crazy!

T- woodz  2007-09-25 01:10:32
i cant find the last piece any help with hero part

Jas  2007-10-27 06:48:49
I've got an answer to your question, Amanda. You need an experienced chopper to chop down the Tiki. But your builder wasn't one. They need to have a one sign on the axe above their heads to be experienced.

Jas  2007-10-27 06:58:35
I've got all of the answers to the radio parts here:
1: X on ground. Drag a castaway to the X's to dig up the radio part.
2: Push rock in first area over with 4 or more castaways.
3: Right side of lake in second area near waterfall. Go fishing.
4: Crack in ground, second area right of Diner minigame. Cut down tree to reveal.
5: Fish in pond just over bridge in third area.
6: Stare at tiki in grove of trees located in third area.
7: Bottle on beach next to original crash site. Word jumble game.
8: In pond in fourth area south of volcano. It is almost all surrounded by rocks.
9: In 3 tikis between levels 3 and 4. One man and one woman maxed in respective skill.
10: Crab on ground in 4th area. One man and one woman maxed in each skill.
Piece of cake no worries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ann  2008-07-21 19:20:35
I am looking for the 8th radio part and have already found all the rest and need help!

Allie  2008-07-21 19:43:10
what happens if you hit stay when you beat the game?

sura  2009-05-11 17:23:37
what is the tiki??

Laura  2009-07-02 23:52:27
Wow! Thanks! The 8th radio part was driving me nuts! I just couldn't find it. I found all the others though! Thanks Jas!

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