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Game Review   2010-12-28


Fairy_MaidsFairy Maids


One of the golden rules of life is - never trust the first impression. When I first saw Fairy Maids I wasn't really impressed. But as I started playing it I found out that the game is much better than I first thought of it. So hope you are ready to do dome cleasing for all of the fairy-tale characters of your childhood.



Every offer comes from a fairy-tale character that you most probably know.


Fairy_MaidsAs you start the game you are first of all asked to choose the mode you want to play. There are two of them to choose from: Relaxed or Timed. Relaxed one proves its name to be true. So if you are quite an experienced player you might want to try Timed.


After that you get a short introduction, in which you are told that before the wedding of Prince Charming, everyone wants to make sure their houses or caves are clean. Anyway you are hired by the cleaning service to do the job and earn some money. You are guided by a grumpy gnome all along way. So what you do is you find a house to clean in a newspaper and go there to clean.


Fairy_MaidsEvery offer comes from a fairy-tale character that you most probably know. It is actually fun to see all of then drawn in a cartoon way and read their short comments before you start or after you finish. The houses look mostly the same, meaning they are all drawn in the same style or some of the items are the same, but all of them do have their own special features according to the owner of the house.


In the tutorial you learn that there are different devices that you can use in your work. Some of them are available right away form the start. Some get unlocked along the way. They include a broom, a magic wand, a spray etc..


Fairy_MaidsYou start with the same set of the things to fix, like stains or dust. At the bottom of the screen you are shown how much of work has been done and also the other rooms in the house to be cleaned. There are also special challenges in a form of some nasty little creatures that appear and make messes. You fight them with the help of the magic wand.


There is an upgrades store for you, where you spend the gold that you earn. Then there is a special place where you can earn extra money by collecting flowers for parfumes. This is a way to create a place for a mini-game. The graphics are cute and attractive.


The game might seem a bit repetative, but it depends on what you came for.


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Game Review   2010-12-28


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