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Game Review   2007-04-02


Fairy TreasureFairy Treasure: Break-Out Fairy-Tale


There's a recent trend in casual games towards magic. Let's just recall several latest titles: Fairy Godmother Tycoon, Magic Academy, Fairy Jewels...


And here comes the next candidate - Fairy Treasure.


Imagine a break-out game kind of Bricks of Atlantis (yeah, an arkanoid with a dark background), plus fairy-tale plot filled with adventures, plus more diversified gameplay, plus fairies on the backgounds...


Fairy Treasure...and finally, the embarrassment of riches falling from above in the shape of bonuses, magic scrolls, golden coins and impressive video effects.


So, you are going to get Fairy Treasure, a classical arkanoid framed into the fairy-tale.   


Have you heard a legend about the Fairy Treasure - a gift, given to the knights of Trollandia for helping the Fairy Queen?.. Yes, everything happened many years ago in the Trollandia Kingdom. An evil troll Dronk, who lived in a giant cave near the Kingdom, decided to conquer the King's castle. But he couldn't do it notwithstanding his force and slyness.


Then he burst into the chamber and stole the treasure of precious jewels, fairy dusts and magic potions.     


And now King Richard is looking for a brave hero, skilled enough to accept a challenge and find the stolen Treasure.


Fairy TreasureWhen you are ready to start your amazing journey to the magic land, just have a look at the Trollandia map to get orient in your location. Your way lies to the castle that hides a great number of treasures behind its walls. Be ready to struggle against hags, goblins and other evil creatures that guard the River path. But very nice River Fairies will assist you in your challenging deal by hitting the stones of the castle in case you have difficult time doing that.


The rules are traditional for every arkanoid. And Fairy Treasure is no exception.


Move your bat left and right with your mouse, to prevent the ball from sinking, otherwise you'll lose a life. Remember, that a deep river flows in the bottom of the playing field.


Fairy TreasureSo your main task is to destroy bricks by hitting them with the ball and clear up a playing field.


Some bricks contain precious stones, coins and other useful bonuses which may score you points and even provide you an extra life.


To earn them, just break the tile and catch a bonus with your bat. You may be granted with extra right or left bat; fast, fire, slow, strong balls; three balls; extra life etc.


Also, there are various exciting power-ups that can incredibly help you to advance in a game


Fairy TreasureThey are as follows:


Magic Bottles - blue liquid make your balls magnetic, red liquid - make your balls wacky and a fire one - explosive;


Special Mushrooms: the spores of one of them make your ball sticky, while another one explodes when hit;


Magic Scroll - gather 8 scroll parts to enter a bonus level;


Chain Ball - you may unlock it by collecting 5 keys;


Gold Coins - 100 of them will grant you an extra life.


Besides, you may get such power-ups, as Frogs, Fairies, Key Switch, and Action Switch.


The only drawback about this game is I guess is a bit dark background. But seems like it's traditional for all arkanoids(I really cannot think of any arkanoid game with the light background). But still, if you are a connoisseur of good-old break-out games, this one will provide you a nice "fairy" experience.   


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Game Review   2007-04-02


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shahjahan  2007-10-12 08:00:12
--------- This is a very good breakout style games. Please try to make more

these type of games for our


Maribeth  2011-09-14 02:53:33
Toduchown! That's a really cool way of putting it!

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