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Game Review   2009-12-01


Fantastic Farm - Magic of Time Management

Fantastic FarmFantastic Farm is a new product of Kristanix Games in Time Management genre. This game continues the theme of jolly farming simulators like Farm Mania or Ranch Rushwhich have been so popular among even the most sophisticated gamers. This time you will be playing as Maggie who has just graduated from the School of Magic, being a real wizard now, and wants to help her parents with their family farm. As her parents have always pictured her taking over it, she has a brave idea of combining both magic and farming no matter how complicated it could be. Will you join her and share the success with her?

Help Maggie turn her small family farm into a flourishing agricultural giant of business!

Fantastic FarmThe idea of the game is to take over the parents' farm as mentioned above. So, you start sowing out flowers, orange bushes, wheat and so on. It all seems quite easy at the beginning but after you've faced some more challenge, it becomes more and more unmanageable. That is to say that one day an unpleasant businessman from the big city appears on your threshhold and says he has permission from the mayor to demolish your nice farm that has been in your family for generations and build an oil refinery there. Of course the reason for that is that the town has been having some money troubles lately, so the only solution for you is to show the mayor that your fresh plants taste much better than the black oil! Bring in some new exciting stuff to the farm that will make the customers roll in!

Fantastic FarmAfter you've expanded your business you won't have a minute to get bored for lack of occupation. Growing plants is not enough any more to be able to meet competition, so you'll start buying animals and new equipment such as sheep and an orange juice machine as a start. Still not busy up to eyeballs? Then meet rodents and treat exsiccant plants. Experience 6 kinds of plants and 4 animals. Earn trophy achievements and keep the sinister business man from shutting your farm down. Make ice creams, sweaters, strawberry pies and lots more in this fun time management game!

Feeling too much challenge on higher levels? Then choose the Relax mode since there are three game modes provided (also Normal and Expert). Enjoy cute story and graphics on over 150 levels of fun!

Join us playing if you still haven't! Who knows, even if you can't handle  TM-games, maybe this one will be the first tm-game you like?


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Game Review   2009-12-01


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Milessa  2009-12-16 02:31:47
Boring game..

Filipe  2012-03-02 23:06:45
I had nothing to do with AC2 s plmegaay until after the game shipped. While AC2 was being developed, I was an engineer, not a designer, and I was in charge of things like the scripting language, and localization tools, and other very boring but important features. Most of which worked out pretty well, technically speaking. They used the scripting language and the localization tools in all their later games, for instance But supposing for a moment that I was the lead developer for AC2 someone who watched the implosion of a game for the very reasons outlined in this post wouldn't that make me just about the best person in the world to write a post about it? Especially after seven years of hindsight? I think that would make me a pretty bad-ass blogger. But there was no lead developer for AC2, in the sense of the buck stops here . That role was spread among many people at Turbine and Microsoft. That was kinda one of the problems

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