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Game Review   2010-03-07


Farm_Mania_2Farm Mania 2 - A Love Story Of A Successful Farm


In this Realore's time-management game you are to run a farm raising crops and animals. Even those things sound trivial, it doesn't mean that it is not fun or that it is not challenging.


Farm Mania 2 is not only a story of hard work on a farm, but there is also a love and a success story included in the general game story.



Life makes unexpected turns sometimes changing our whole world. That's what happened with Anna.


Farm_Mania_2Anna was going just to visit her grandpa, but instead she decided to stay and put every possible efford to make his farm a success. Even though the chances for this to happen are not that high.


Along the way Anna finds something else too. This something else is Bob. Antways things go great between them and they move in together after a while.


The gameplay will not have anything new for those who played the first game. Most of the things in the game work absolutely the same. There are certain goals set before you in every level, like producing certain crops or goodies, or meeting an income goal, Accomplish each one of them and won't lose the game ever. While Anna does most of the farm work, her family also helps out. Just click on the task you need to do, and the right person will automatically do it.


Farming will enclude raising crops and animals, as well as producing different goods.


Farm_Mania_2You keep your farm animals from level to level, unless you choose to sell them. If you buy a she-goose and feed it with grain and water, it will grow up to be a big she-goose that produces eggs. You need to grow the grain yourself, so it involves multiple steps, but the payoff is nice. The same applies to other animals, who all need food and water to grow and produce goods.


In addition to farming crops and raising animals, you can make processed goods. Grain can be sent to the mill to make flour. Bob can also be sent out to chop wood and gather coal. You can take these raw materials to the bakery, and Granny Martha will use them to make bread. Later in the game, you can also make cheese in much the same manor.


There are also mini-games in the game. They are hidden-object ones, but they would be so much better if there was a hint system built-in. But even without it it is still fun to have a mixture of different genres.





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Game Review   2010-03-07


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