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Game Review   2007-11-27


Fashion Craze game downloadFashion Craze - Hardly a Passing Game Craze


For all the quick-handed fans of time-management games like Posh Shop, Sally’s Salon and The Apprentice: Los Angeles, Alawar presents new title to try and enjoy – Fashion Craze. In this game, you’ll have to take a role of Maria, a journalist writing for fashion magazines who is to run a fashion boutique and satisfy customers of various ages and character types – ranging from local models and to little naughty toddlers.



Fashion Craze is not just another title in a row of time-management games about beauty industry.


It offers a wide range of features that will help you master your shop management skills and will make you enjoy each level you play even more than the previous one!


Fashion Craze game download Nice colorful 3-d graphics and eye-pleasing animation that pretty much reminded me Apprentice: Los Angeles.

Secondly, the gameplay everything but monotonous. Each new level introduces you to the new customers types and makes you come up with your own strategy to please this specific type.

So, if you think in this game you’ll have to complete the same chain of actions over and over, you’re wrong.


Of course, there are some basics that you need to master first:

Fashion Craze game download 1. When a new customer comes, drag them to a sofa or an arm-chair.


2. Before the customer makes his/her choice on the clothes or accessory to try, you can please them by giving him a cup of coffee, a car(for a boy), or a doll to play(for a little girl).


3. Once the customer decides on the item he/she’d like to try(displayed in a thought bubble above customer’s head), be sure to deliver it to them asap. If a customer wants a clothes item, pick a roll of fabric of the same color as your customer wants. Bring the roll to the seamstress to a specific sewing machine aimed at sewing this very type of clothing.


Fashion Craze game download 4. Wait until seamstress is finished with making the clothes item.

5. When ready, a clothes item will appear on the hanger.

6. Grab it and deliver it to your customer.

7. Than, drag the customer to the fitting room.

8. Wait until the customer tries everything on. And click on it when it comes out to get the cash.

9. Oh, a good thing to raise your customer’s satisfaction is to please him/her with a proper gift. Female customers will be please when you hand them a flower bouquet. Male customer will be much pleased to get some seasonal gift like an inner tube in summer, or a lifebuoy.

You'll have to play Fashion craze in all 4 seasons of year. As you see, the weather in determines the items that will be popular with your customers on the current stage.

Fashion Craze game download Moreover, you’ve also have to mind the weather changes and storyline twists(a beach party, good weather at the seacoast, beauty contest) on each and every level. Since they determine the gifts that will please your customers.

More than that, at the end of level, you’ll be able to view all the customers you've served on the last level, upgrade your boutique, and change Maria's dress.


So, if you ask me what Fashion Craze is like, my answer is: VARIOUS. There is a variety of customer types and their preferences as well as ways to please your customers. There is a variety of story twists, customer treats, and certainly, an endless variety of beauty stuff.

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Game Review   2007-11-27


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Betty  2008-01-17 20:34:50
Can't get game to load

ellen  2007-12-04 01:03:38
harlo!dis game very crazy n funny also !i like it!so i send msg 4 u lo!u haven can use nett meh?

Nollie  2011-10-24 09:56:44
If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I'd say “Kowaugbna, dude!”

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