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Game Review   2007-09-04


Fever FrenzyFever Frenzy - Hospital Dash


Fever Frenzy is a game developed by Legacy Interactive and released to the casual market this summer.


Though games like that make me think that there is nothing new under the sun. Let's face the truth: it is Diner Dash clone, but the first Diner Dash clone in hospital settings.


So, in Fever Frenzy you've got to play one of two young doctors and cure the endless line of poor patients suffering from baboonic plague, bipolarbear disorder, mother goose bumps and other unthinkable diseases.


Fever FrenzySo your mission is to cure patients under limited time, otherwise you are going to lose them. 


While putting patients to bed, diagnosing and giving them medicines, you will score points. So, your final mission on each level is to earn the required minimum number of points and proceed to the next level.


So, this is basically all your job:


1. Take a patient to the registration table

2. When he's registered, put him/her to bed

3. Once put to bed, a patient gets some sleep. But then they'll get virus outbreak. Quickly run to him/her for diagnosing.

4. After you know the diagnosis for sure, it's time to go to pharmacy on top of the screen and get some medicines for your patients.

5. Bring them to your patients and they will feel better, i.e. transform graphically from strange creatures with horse faces and bull heads to normal people.

6. When a patient recovers, a green light glows by his bed. Come to him/her, get the cash and take his sheets to the dustbin so the bed be prepared for the next patient.    


Of course, as you play on, you will be facing more severe cases of all those diseases and you will have to put more time and effort to make your patients recover.


Fever FrenzyThat means you will have to rush to the pharmacy several times before your patient recovers. But while rushing between the patients' beds, don't forget about those lonely poor patients left to wait at the acceptance hall.


Sometimes you will have to cure rock stars, who really require much attention and time- much more than all other mortals.


Don't forget to chain all the tasks when the time is right - this is a good way to earn more. Moreover, with almost each level, your hospital will be upgraded with more beds and some new items that will help you cure your patients faster yet make your job more complicated(like a fridge with curing drinks).


Between the levels, as you hopefully earn more cash, you'll be able to purchase the upgrades for your business.


Fever FrenzySuch as medicines, your professionalism(to make the diagnosing process faster), charisma(that will put a sort of charm around you and make patients wait for you for a longer time without getting irritated) and so on, and so forth.  


So, Fever Frenzy is a classical game written in accordance with all the rules of Diner Dash genre: it's time-management, with multiple tasks and time-limitation, and level upgrades. What makes it special is a good humor spread all over the gameplay.

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Game Review   2007-09-04


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Patience  2012-01-12 22:57:59
Alrhigt alright alright that's exactly what I needed!

John  2012-06-08 05:37:16
I began care with Dr. Smith a year ago in April. Though I had been under chiropractic care proiuevsly, my health had taken a plateau. My low back pain had become less frequent and less intense, but it was still there every few days. I also had started developing minor lower neck pain. My first adjustment under care was impacting. Not only did I feel an enormous sensation go out the top of my head, but i felt this ticklish feeling all the way down my body into my toes. It was such an unique experience. After 6 months of care, I discovered i had experience a silent miracle. During those six months I had been through the toughest part of my education, which kept me glued to campus 90 hours a week. In addition, there were countless other stresses that were weighing me down as well. After all of that, I discovered that I had NOT fallen ill ONCE during that time. To me this means a lot, because I use to get sick every other week. In fact growing up, I was known as Dr. Jessica because I would carry around a tackle box full of meds like Advil, Tylenol, Allegra, and Nyquil. I'd constantly find myself having some sort of allergy/cough/congestion going on, and it would happen in times of greatest stress. Amazingly, through specific chiropractic care I only became pain free, but also developed the strongest immune system I have ever had!

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