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Game Review   2006-11-15


Fish TycoonFish Tycoon - 24/7 Fish Breeding Simulator


In a nutshell, this game features absolutely new approach to game play in the casual world. This is not something you would play to enjoy it for 2 hours of frequent clicking in order to eventually quit and forget. Fish Tycoon is a simulator game with the plot that lasts as long as you play it.


This is why developers of Fish Tycoon took a certain risk by releasing this game into the market with the audience who's accustomed to a fun that easily comes and goes. Yet, given the number of favorable reviews over the web by people saying they can play this game for several months, developers (LDW Software, LLC) surely won the race.


Fish Tycoon is a game with the plot that lasts as long as you play it


Fish Tycoon screenshotAt the very start, you've got a tank with several fishes of different breeds. Your task is to grow the fishes, feed and breed them in order to produce new fish breeds for sale.


As you sell the fish in your fish store, you earn money to expand your business, take a better care of fishes to be able to produce new species. By the way, there are about 600 of them.


Just like in real-life fish breeding, not only will you have to buy your pets vitamins, food, and medicines, but also carry out an environment research in order to see if you have created a favorable sphere to obtain good results in fish breeding.


The additional task is to decorate your tank and establish mass production and sales of fish in order to become a fish tycoon. As you grasp the idea and manage to breed, sell and produce more fish, you will get extra tanks.


The final point of the game is to find 7 Magic Fishes of Isola through breeding different fish species.


Fish SpeciesThis game requires at least two skills from a player: 1). you are to understand how to take care of a live creature and always keep an eye on it; 2). you've got to have a business-oriented mind to find out the way to produce new breeds, set the correct price and achieve success in your field. That might mean this game is not the best choice for the young kids.


One more drawback of the game is lack of intuitiveness about the game play. So, before you seize what's the game about, you will send a couple of deceased fish to the trash bucket:).


But a doubtless advantage of the game is still its unpredictable simulation game play. It means that...


every time you come back to the game, something has happened: you discover your fish have grown, produced a baby fish, got sick etc.


Fish Tycoon Screensaver

This is what makes the game addictive and makes you want to come back to the game once in a while to check out the current situation in your aquarium.


However, if you are tired of thinking and breeding, you can easily switch the game into a screensaver mode.


In case you agree with all stated above or have a different opinion on Fish Tycoon game, feel free to drop us a line using the form below.


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Game Review   2006-11-15


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They have tons of stuff and garden pleacs to help you build a pond. I would dig your hole the size and shape that you want it. Make sure you have one side go up for a waterfall if they want that. Use the black tarp that you can get a Home Depot/ Lowes or any store like that, along with rock. I would make sure to have the edges a little lower, so when u put the rock in around the edges to hold the tarp, won't have them stick up all the way, also I would use The big staples that you pound in the ground, to hold the tarp. (I can't remember thier name) Then surround with more rock for your waterfall you will need a pump. That again can be purchased at the hardware store. very easy to set up. Most pumps come with directions, however, you will set up the pump, and then in the area where the pump is, cover with more rocks, so that you cannot see it, and the water will flow out the hole, making a waterfall. Not sure what else to tell you. pending on the climate they live in, and if they want live animals and plants, you may need to add a heater for the water, and also have a tarp to cover it in the winter. Good Luck!

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