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Game Review   2008-12-30


Fix-it-upFix-it-up: Kate's Adventure - When Cars are a Passion

A new simulation game Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure presents one of he most popular types of game mechanics (resembling that of Build-a-lot) in a totally new theme - car service. This makes it attractive for both strategy and simulation fans as well as those in love with automobile industry.

Who said a girl can't be a mechanic? Look at Kate!

Fix-it-upFor she is definitely a very talented car mechanic, and she is determined to prove it first by setting the declined auto workshop of her father's up and running. The aim of turning it into the best workshop in Nevada seems quite achievable - if you use enough effort. And after that, of course, Kate will travel to several locations all over the States, from old country garage in Oregon to sparkling Hollywood.

As I already said, the game mechanics strongly resembles that of Build-a-lot series, which means you have a garage to manage, and you control everything that goes on at your place. First of all, for each level you get a number of goals to complete, from building some shops to buying and tuning a certain number of definite cars or earning a certain amount of money or rental income, for example. Sometimes additional goals appear in the middle of the level - they usually require more resources, so be sure not to spend everything right away.

Fix-it-upThe resources you have are Spare Parts, Employees and Finances, and each action requires spending some Spare Parts or money and using some workforce. Of course, you can buy additional materials or hire additional personnel if you have enough cash.

Every level has a time limit and some Prime Time period, for which you will receive a reward of your choice - some decorative upgrade for your workshop.

The works you can perform in your shop include bodywork, tuning, repairing, waxing and cleaning, and whatever else a good mechanic can do to make a sedan or station wagon look and run the best. You can also sell and buy cars. Buy cheap, sell high - that's the main principle of commerce, according to Kate's father!

Tip: try to buy broken cars - it's much cheaper to repair them then to buy new ones.

Once you complete all the levels for a location, including Special ones, you unlock Freeplay levels - choose between Time Challenge and Money Challenge

 and enjoy!

On the whole the game is really addictive and the game play is diverse enough for you to build your own strategy and reach your goals your way!

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Game Review   2008-12-30


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This is Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure review. Download this game here.