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Game Review   2010-02-21


Geisha__The_Secret_GardenGeisha: The Secret Garden - 80 Match-3 Levels


If you take a quick look at this game or its screenshots you might think that it is a mahjong game, but you will be mistaken. Geisha: The Secret Garden developed by Casual Box is actually a match-3 game though it does look like a mahjong one. At the game's name gives away your ultimate goal is to creat a zen garden by earning coins playing match-3 levels.



You play as a geisha (quite an unusual role to play but...) tasked to create a beautiful garden.


Geisha__The_Secret_GardenThe game offers two modes to play. The Relaxed Mode is for those who will find the the other one too challenging, but I honestly doubt there will be any of those.


The tiles that look like mahjong don't behave like those. You can swap them only horizontally to match them in groups of three and more of the same kind.


There will be tiles that are supposed to be a greater challenge for you. You will have to either clean them from leaves or snow or just break them.


Only the ice tiles are a significant obstacle, since they can’t be matched. Your goal in the game is to meet each level’s win condition while also earning lots of coins by matching coin-tiles, which earns stars.


Geisha__The_Secret_GardenStars is a good thing because they unlock legendary dragons that function as power-ups in this game despite the general oppinion seeing them as evil. In this game they let you do stuff like earn coins faster or double your timer.


When you match four or more tiles it causes random wind tiles to spawn. When moved, a wind tile will eliminate all tiles to the east, west, north, or south of it. Matching or destroying tiles builds up your magic meter, which unlocks elemental powers. You go from the weak Steel power that eliminates a single offending tile, to the potent Wind power that eliminates all tiles of a given type.


The coins that you earn you spend on customizing the garden. There are not that many items to buy actually, which isn't fun. You can upgrade up to three times and moved about freely.


The game is a typical match-3 one. It is good but it may lack some innovation.




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Game Review   2010-02-21


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Usman  2012-09-12 00:28:15
Not so much a difficult task as a teiodus one. A few more details might help.1. Is the mesh fine weave?2. Is the mest top Flush with the rim around the edge?3. Is the table round or ?4. Do you have Tiles/glass/ a pattern in mind?5. Is the substance of the mesh steel or aluminum? You can approach this in a couple of ways. You can cut a piece of concrete backer board to size; attach it to the table from underneath; with stainless fender washers and screws/ OR construction adhesive; then apply the tiles. If you used this method, it would also allow that you could possible work the pattern in your garage, or someplace out of the elements, then with someones aid, place the finished piece and attach still from underneath. OR you can cover the mesh with something that just allows that the THIN SET mortar will not seep through the mesh;;; although for it to end up a stronger bond with the table itself, it might actually help if some mortar pushed into the mesh. Depending on the pattern/ number of tiles/ placement/ you may not need a Wet saw or diag. grinder at all. That equates to what you do at the perimeter certainly. You might even consider PVC/ Vinyl lattice strip attached to the rim of the table, to border it, allowing a clean edge with the mortar. I'd probably work this job from the inside out, to the perimeter. Once the edge area has been completed, remove the Dam smooth the edge with additional thin set,,, OR perhaps devise a method for applying edging tile all the way around the perimeter. The Mortar: Any exterior grade Tile mortar will do, perhaps sold in your location in various brand names. Mixed to the consisteny of mashed potato, applied in small areas at a time, with a rectangular toothed trowel, or applicator; and tiles set in place. No offense but I can't imagine a mastik, or adhesive for this kind of tile work. Hopefully you've either laid out a pattern, or have one in mind as you work along. Interior applications for mosaic were/are, often done in plaster. This is not such a case. Once set; then you can define the spaces with an appropriate grout, in some color that coordinates, or accents the pattern.Steven Wolf ADDITION: Depending on your thoughts, the design, the type of tile, and your feelings about aesthetics, you could apply enough mortar to create the situation where it becomes the Grout the seam filler.

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