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Game Review   2007-06-10


Gemsweeper - Minesweeper's Second Wind


I forgot the last time I played minesweeper. (Was that at school, eh?) But now after playing this hot colorful puzzler developed by Lobstersoft and published by Mumbo Jumbo, I experience  this terrific feeling again: great fun of solving the challenging puzzle, no matter how complicated it is. 


As mentioned above, Gemsweeper is the latest mind-bender that will put your brain to work. But you know, what's the difference between Gemsweeper and say, research in nuclear physics? Gem Sweeper will make your brain work, and still this work will be very entertaining. And here's the simple secret of this game:


The board consists of gems and cursed tiles that are all faced down. The point is to uncover the pattern made of gems and break the cursed tiles.



It seems so easy. But how do you tell the gems from the cursed tiles? The number of gems in each row and column of the playfield is indicated by the numerical hints next to each row and column.


Some hints indicate that the rows are filled with gems or cursed tiles only. Use hand tool to reveal and collect gems and hammer tool to break the cursed tiles.   


At first, you'll start revealing simple patterns on a 5x5 greed and gradually as you complete level by level successfully, you earn new treasure hunting ranks and can tackle with huge 10*5 grids that hide new challenges for your brain.


But in fact Gem Sweeper is much more than a simple board puzzle. The mind-bending principle is hiding a terrific adventure underneath.


It's much more than revealing the gems and hammering down the cursed puzzles. In fact, from the very beginning of the game you are to accompany professor McGuffog to Mexico and collect enough gems to restore the temples in the Ancient city of El Dorado.


Your journey starts with a real miracle. A mythical statue in collection of professor comes alive and says it needs help to restore the ancient city.


The settings in Gemsweeper will make you travel to the abandoned ancient cities lost somewhere in Mexican jungle. Look and feel of pristine jungle and the ruins of the ancient Indian city is well performed due to the impressive animation and very colorful graphics. This is why you are going to feel like you're playing Minesweeper in the ruins of the ancient Mayan temple.


Before you start, here's a couple tips in addition to the game tutorial that will helpGemsweeper you make your way to the victory:


First of all never click on tiles randomly. Base your every move on the hints.

  1. As you begin to solve the puzzle, try to collect the gems or break the cursed tiles in the rows that are filled with gems and cursed tiles only.

  2. As you release  all the gems in a row, don't forget to switch to a hammer and break the remained cursed tiles.

  3. It's ok to use your logics - some of the patterns are symmetrical, so you can intuitively determine the gems if you have uncovered them on the first part of the pattern.

And don't forget to click on  Topex statue nose between the levels. You'll have a great fun teasing the Mayan statue! 



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Game Review   2007-06-10


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