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Game Review   2008-08-17


Glyph 2Glyph 2 - Match-3 Planet Resquing


Glyph 2 is an absolutely crazy sequel from Sandlot Games full of explosions, challenges, and fantastic power-ups. You are invited on a journey across the planet of Kuros to save it from the evil powers. The fight will take place all the way through 255 match-three levels.



At the very beginning the main menu offers you two modes to choose from - Quest or Action. Both are fun but they are still to meet a bit different needs.


Glyph 2 For those who want to be involved into the story line of the planet Kuros, there is the Quest Mode. But get ready for not being able to enjoy it in full for about the first 20-30 minutes.


The reason why I'm saying that is that, first, you'll be introduced to the story, then you'll have small windows popping up to give you some instructions or explanations.


All you basically do in this mode is you play match-three levels, where you'll have a board with an image hidden behind it. The level is completed when you destroyed all of the tiles hiding this image.


The tiles are destroyed by clicking on groups of three or more items of the same colour. The game features lots of power-ups that can be used along the way.


There are tons of power-ups to make even more explosions on the board.


glyph 2 There are different power-ups that you get in this game. Some of them appear on your board and destroy, for example, all the tiles of the same colour. The other ones are called gestures.


You get them quite often. You can see then on the right side of your board. You can also see the a special bar that gets filled as you match the items in the board. The bar indicates the amount of the power of the gestures.


These power-ups are used by making certain gestures with your mouse. It can be a horizontal or vertical line or z-gesture, for example.


Moreover after every few levels you play a mini-game, where you are to create a glyph by quickly making the gesturs that appear on the rolling thing. Once you are done, you go to the planet itself to rebuild it. The energy that you get in all these levels is used then to build and upgrade different monuments.


As to the Action Mode, it is more for those who are not interested in the story part and want to start explosions right away.


In this mode you play the same matching game but on a tetris-like board, where new items are added from the bottom. There are also various power-ups and challenges and mini-games in this mode.


I'm sure the fans of the genre will appreciate all the features of both modes.




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Game Review   2008-08-17


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