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Game Review   2008-02-11


Great_Secrets__Da_VinciGreat Secrets: Da Vinci - In Search Of The Philosophers Stone


Great Secrets: Da Vinci is a hidden-object game from DayTerium.


Even though the name of the game seems to have some intrigue mysteries behind, its' not quite so.


You are introduced to a nice travel through Da Vinci's search of the philosophers' stone.


You are guided by Da Vinci's diary through all the way in search of the philosophers' stone. You are going to meet a number of famous people on your way.


Great_Secrets__Da_VinciThere's no any special story behind the game and the characters are already familiar to you. Well, at least, the main character - Da Vinci himself.


As to the other characters of the game, they are the famous people of the great artist's time. Some of them are: Lorenzo Medici, Paracelsus, Pope Alexander VI etc...


All those people are the ones that Da Vinci meets trying to find out everything possible about the philosophers' stone. He gets either some help or information about it from them.


You are guided by Da Vinci's diary in this journey. Every chapter is another character. Every character's part in the whole story covers several entries. And as you meet a new character you can observe how Da Vinci is drawing him/her in his diary next to every entry.


Every chapter of the game includes a seek & find task; match cards, scrambled painting, finding differences and finding the items of one kind mini-games.



You are to play a number of games in every chapter. The game seems to be a little bit different from most of the hidden-object games in the way that you are not overloaded with seek & find levels.


It even seems that they are just one of the mini-games of the game.


There isn't a lot of a challenge in the game tasks - everything is quite possible without huge efforts. There's also a tip button that has to refill before it can be used again.


As to the mini-games, they are pretty much typical and the same in every chapter. You are going to be asked to match the covered cards, put the pieces of some of the great paintings to their places, find the differences on two pictures and find all the items of one kind.  


The game is a great way to relax and have some fun.  

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Game Review   2008-02-11


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