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Game Review   2010-03-27



  Happyville: Quest for Utopia - Being Everything For Everyone


Utopia is a nice place to be in. It would be great to have it at least somewhere. You would think that having it at least in a casual game is an option.


But it's really not. It's practically impossible to have it even in this unreal world. But you can try to do that in Happyville: Quest for Utopia. Moreover, you are the one responsible for doing that.



It is kind of cool to take care of those little people living their lives right before your eyes.



You were lucky to be chosen to be a mayor of Happyville. The name itself tells a lot about your major responsibility. You can be considered not just the mayor of it but also the founder. 


It is you who decides what to built, where to built, when and how many. The decisions are easy to make when you have lots of money and don't have to think about anything.


But when the budget is tight you think twice before building anything. But anyways you start with building several houses for the homeless people. Then you can look at the need they have and know what you are to build next.


You've got clock, statistics, income, happiness level on the right panel. The statistcs area good thing. Just take a look there and you know what to focus on. You are given all kinds of tasks along the game, like to build a theater. You will also have to build roads all the time, because that is the way to connect things here.


Happyville__Quest_for_UtopiaYou are also informed on how many people you have in your town. Sometimes somebody migrates and sometimes somebody leaves being dissatisfied with your job. Your goal is to keep all the people.


At the bottom of the screen you have your building options, which include housing, business, civic and other ones. Building any of those costs you something, but once you did, it provides you with many thing. 


People are happy, they get food, if it's a farm for example, they get jobs or whatever else that they needed. Being happy they raise your status.  There are also elections going on every once in a while. And the happiness of the people is what determines your victory.


Happyville: Quest for Utopia is a funny game where you feel like a mother of many children trying to take care of everyone.




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Game Review   2010-03-27


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This is Happyville: Quest for Utopia review. Download this game here.