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Game Review   2008-01-21


Harvest Mania To GoHarvest Mania To Go - Match-4 Vegetables Game


Harvest Mania To Go is a cute matching game from Oberon Media. The game is going to take you to a garden to grow all possible kinds of vegetables, fruits and flowers. You are to reach the seasonal goal by gathering your harvest.


You are to gather the harvest and not let the veggies fill up the whole board.


Harvest Mania To GoThe task of the game is to gather the required number of veggies.


The required number of them for a season is shown at every level.


The type of veggies for each specific level will correspond to the current season.


For example, in winter you grow furs and snow ball-like creatures; in summer you grow various fruits.


You don't have to plant or help your veggies to grow because they do that themselves after each move you make. And that is actually one of your problems because if they fill up the whole board, the game is over.


You are challenged to make combinations of four veggies by forming a square. You have to consider also the fact that the veggies should not cross anything on their way oin order to be brought together.


Harvest Mania To GoHarvest Mania To Go is a matching game based on drag-and drop principle. So you need to match your veggies, but you match not three or more items of the same color or type as usual, but four making a square, and that makes the situation much more difficult.


There is one more thing that you have to consider. When you want to move a veggie, you click it and then point with your cursor to where you want it to be.


But the problem is that in order to move the veggies should not face obstacles on their way. So if your field is quite filled up, you are going to have problems with moving your veggies.


The game has two modes: Classic (the relaxed one) and Arcade (the craziest one).


Harvest Mania To GoThe game can be played in two modes: Classic and Arcade.


In The Classic Mode every level represents a season with a required number of veggies to gather.


The veggies do not cross anything on their way in this mode.


The Arcade Mode represents a total mess. Each level corresponds to a day, not a season.


The veggies spring up all the time whether you make moves or not. So you need to be just as quick so that the field wouldn't be all filled up before you get the required number of veggies.


The good thing about the Arcade Mode is that you click on a veggie you want to move and then put it on the place you need, which means nothing on the way to that place limits your move.


The power-ups will help you with the harvest. The veggies will make you fall in love with them because they are so cute.


Harvest Mania To GoThe game has loads of power-ups to help you get the required number of veggies much quicker.


They just appear on the field, and the way you can use them is to surround them with the veggies of one color on all 4 sides.


The veggies themselves are really cute and look like small children dressed up as vegetables, fruits, and flowers. They smile to you all the time. If you stop for a moment, they can wave to you, and they jump all together when you get the required number.


There is also a virtual farm for you to create. You are free to customize and develop it as you wish by unlocking all the items in it. You can also make a wallpaper with your farm and use the screen as your desktop image.


Harvest Mania To Go is a matching game that will become one of the favorite ones as it lacks neither challenges nor fun.


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Game Review   2008-01-21


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