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Game Review   2009-06-30


Hollywood TycoonHollywood Tycoon - Can You Create a Real Blockbuster?

Today we'd like to present you a game that will give you a perfect opportunity to check your ability to become a film producer. Will you be able to shoot a real blockbuster? Running a film studio you'll have a chance to become a movie mogul and earn millions while getting all the possible awards.

You've always thought you could do it better? Here is your chance to prove!

Hollywood TycoonAfter your uncle Irving Goldfish dies, you inherit his business, the Tinsletown Studio. Though being a newbie in the world of megastars and huge budgets, you'll soon grab the main things and learn how to survive and thrive in the harsh Hollywood scene.

You start from customizing your avastar, which is actually your representation through the game. At the beginning you have very scarce options, but as you complete some tasks and earn coins for it, you will be able to make him or her look like you wish - there are enough options for that.

The main game play starts when you get to actually run your studio. There is a tutorial that will guide you through the basics, but many details are left to your own experience. Taking into consideration that you are not given any time limit for the game and can take your own pace, you will have time to reach a good understanding of all the smallest details of film making. But there is a nice help option in the menu where you can also obtain the information you need.

Hollywood tycoonTo create a movie you need three Ss - a set, a script and a star. First you'll have to build a lot for builders (this will enable you to construct some sets for filming), then a

writer's cubicle to have some scripts available and, finally, a trailer for actors where your stars will come from. There are also some other buildings available, like post-production and marketing departments, for example. As you'll earn more money, you'll be able to upgrade any of them to provide yourself with better materials and staff. This is essential for rising in the ratings and receiving awards. And awards are the condition of proceeding to the next chapter of the game.

Once you have all the necessary buildings you can start your creative work. When you choose, for instance, a Horror set, you can see blue cards of scripts and yellow cards of actors moving at the top of your screen. You have first to choose a script matching the set, and then an actor matching the script. The choice might be tricky, but you'll soon get the idea and your creations will be more and more successful. Of course, success in Hollywood means money, and you can check your profit after each of the films has been finished. Your box-office proceedings can be also boosted by trying your luck with critics reviews - but be ready to lose some cash if the critics don't favor your release!

Of course, like in any strategy game, there are some resources that can be replenished in the end of year which you can cause by clicking on the calendar tab in the top of the screen. Wood for building and film for movies - that's all you need.

On the whole Hollywood Tycoon is a very addictive game that is very flexible in terms of pace and strategy you take to succeed. It can be challenging enough for both newbies to the genre and experienced players. And the graphics together with sounds are rather good.

So, what will your next blockbuster be about?

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Game Review   2009-06-30


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