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Game Review   2008-12-23


Home Sweet Home ChristmasHome Sweet Home Christmas Edition - Get Christmas Cheer Back!

The developers of the first two games of Home Sweet Home series have given us a terrific gift for winter holidays - Home Sweet Home Christmas Edition! This new release will provide you another portion of interior design fun - with exciting new features and really festive spirit!

Think you are a seasoned interior designer? Here is a true challenge!

Home Sweet Home ChristmasThe Town of Good Tidings has always been a great place to live in. But now the citizens somehow feel that no so long before Christmas the Christmas cheer has left their town, and they definitely need help in bringing it back. But Santa is extremely busy these days preparing toys on the North Pole. Who else can help the unhappy inhabitants of Good Tidings restore their Christmas spirit? Santa has a solution! Why not call Dee Ziner and her faithful team of Bill Dur, Goran, Brian and Liz? They are real professionals and only they are able to get the town ready for holidays in the shortest time. Ready to test yourself?

Home Sweet Home ChristmasThen welcome to your first client. On the whole everything is like in the first two parts - you listen to the client's request and try to fulfill it as fully, as you can, taking into consideration your budget. A great feature here is that some clients don't just describe what they want, in proze, poetry or even in the form of Christmas carols, but even give you pictures of their dream rooms. What about creating a living room reminding a doll house or even a pudding? And, besides client Satisfaction Meter, your budget and minimum number of items to be used, there is the Christmas Cheer Meter, which should also be full before you can proceed to the building phase. To fill the Christmas Cheer Meter, as you might guess, you need to add Christmas-themed items to the room. And those are plentiful - from Christmas trees, garlands and wraths to Christmas chestnuts and reindeers. And yes, in this version you are not limited to living rooms or baths, so the tasks are much more diverse than in the previous ones.

Home Sweet Home ChristmasIn the building phase everything is also very much the same as before, but much more balanced. Now you don't have to replay each level several times, as time limits are much more realistic. Christmas features are also present, for example, all the workers look like Santa's elves - with sharp ears and red hats. Besides, to restore their stamina they don't use coffee anymore - they prefer eggnog. And the greatest thing - Carol-oke. Didn't you know that your workers are also singers? Now you can set one of them to sing while others will work with double energy!

And I should also speak about the space for your creativity - your own house. as in previous releases, you can design it absolutely as you wish, using available items. And new items are unlocked depending on how successfully you complete projects for your clients. Here you can apply all your designer talent to five rooms - Living room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Office and Basement. Provided that you can take pictures of all rooms you create and change rooms layout, your creative opportunities are practically inexhaustible!

But enough words. Home Sweet Home Christmas Edition is definitely worth your attention - how will your dream house look like?

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Game Review   2008-12-23


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