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Game Review   2008-11-25


House of WondersHouse of Wonders Kitty Kat Wedding - Earn cash for an ideal wedding!

House of Wonders Kitty Kat Wedding is a quirky hidden object game that is sure to find both its fans and haters, as it's not an ordinary title and the whole theme is quite innovative and even daring, while giving you all the fun of a traditional seek-and-find.

Cats getting married? Nothing weird! Just fun!


House of WondersThe story offered in the first part of House of Wonders is quite unusual for hidden object games and much more typical for time-managements - you will earn money for the wedding of the loving  cat Mr. Bones and his sweetheart Felicity. In order to make their wedding perfect you will buy all possible items, from wedding venue and transportation to food and outfits to photographer and flowers, and the quality of the items you'll be able to afford will depend directly on the success of your playing. During the whole game you will be accompanied by Larry, the owner of one of the happy cats, and at the same time quite an annoying character sometimes. He will lead you through the game and help you plan a perfect wedding.

Before you get access to the Wedding Mart to buy your first item, you will have to pass a number of puzzle levels. The House of Wonders, where Larry lives, there are several rooms, each with its unique peculiarities. You will visit the Upside-Down Room, the Negative Room (everything in inverted colors like in photo film), the Dark Room (it is dark there, your guess is right) and others, none repeated. Several doors are open in each round, and you have the necessary amount of items to find (fewer than all hidden objects in the opened rooms for the stage), and five hints to use if you are stuck.

House of WondersThere is also a number of mini-games, one to play for each stage. Among them there are some quite traditional ones, like Memory or Find Differences, as well as innovative and fun, like Guests in Space with cute animals and Home Theater with distorted faces to look for. If you don't like a game, you can skip it at any time, as well as any room. But the number of skip talons is limited, unfortunately.

After you have completed all the tasks for a stage you are welcome to the Wedding Mart and Wedding Venue.You can also try your luck in Larry's Lucky Wheel and see if you can win some additional money for your purchases. Your odds may be quite beneficial, but the risk is also high!

The game play on the whole is quite enjoyable and diverse due to the different characteristics of all the rooms, but the graphics is sometimes rather hard for the eyes, and the audio may be annoying.

If you are not a detective story addict and are willing to try something else, House of Wonders Kitty Kat Wedding can be a nice change.

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Game Review   2008-11-25


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