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Game Review   2010-09-16


Love Ahoy!

Love Ahoy LogoI consider any type of the time management games to be nice simulators of the things you might never try in your real life despite your interest. Everyone has their own idea of a perfect job. But rarely dreams meet the reality. The chances to try yourself as a Junior Cruise Director are pretty small if not only you play a new game called Love Ahoy! released by Big Splash Games (the developers of Chocolatier). Unlike the Chocolatier in Love Ahoy there is no events preceding. The game starts as soon as you apply for a job. And the job actually involves just two things...



Love Ahoy Cruise Liner DeckAt a daytime you need to learn the interests of the passengers and at night to match the pairs on the dance floor in the disco club. Looks as easy as it only can be. Each passenger has only two interests based on sports, food, animals etc. If two passengers have an interest in common, that will do. And if both the interests coincide, you're a lucky one – be prepared for the good tips!


The characters of Love Ahoy! are really diverse: you can meet people of different races, styles and hair-cutsthat really helps to memorize their interests and pass the levels of the game.


At the beginning on the deck the interests are hidden. Clicking once on a passenger will let you know their preferences. Than you click another one to search for a match. It will need from you both attention and memory. The pair matches only if you click two people with the same interests in a raw. When all the pairs on the deck are already chattering get prepared fro the night.Every passenger appears at the club and waits for your directions. You may either take him or her right to the dance floor or to the bar.


Love Ahoy Dance FloorAt the bar you may order some drinks for the passengers. And sometimes it makes sense. The room on the dance floor is enough for two pairs only. And from time to time people that come have nothing in common. But any tipsy couple will dance, no matter whether they are compatible or not. But notice, both in pair should have had a drink before they start to dance! And this fact is really close to the reality. But when it goes about the bar, it cuts both ways: the drinks make people relaxed, but from time to time your passengers can get sick. You could put this fact out of account if only there were no time limits. After the time runs out, the disco is closed. To cut a long story short the bar is just one of the upgrades you can get throughout the game's 43 levels....


The dancing pairs where both of the partners' interests match will give you a wedding invitation while the others with only one interest matching result just in a photo. The more pairs match – the more tips you get.


Love Ahoy Cruise DestinationsThe game is flirty and funny. The graphics are nothing extra. It is cute but if you're addicted to different types of HOG and Adventure games it may seem poor. Personally I really enjoyed the animation effects. The way the passengers performed a belly dance made me lough every time I saw it. Besides the characters are really diverse: you can meet people of different races, styles and hair-cuts. It helps you to memorize their interests and find them quickly even if they suddenly change their places. The music is pleasant and tune you to the wave of dreams about trips, cruises and summer.


In general the mood that is created by the game is sunny and relaxed. And this is a nice option for the winter time that is coming. Just bring in some sun and sea into your life!

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Game Review   2010-09-16


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Chandni  2012-04-05 05:06:05
Cant wait for the next totally loalcly market in brighouse, great idea to encourage more people to smaller towns especially local produce food n drink feel hungry already

Sanjita  2012-04-29 07:10:15
You probably will be able to dlonowad them from the Zynga site or acsess them through facebook on your android or ipod touch if you have one, but it wont be available for all games though

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