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Game Review   2010-11-26


Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull


Mystery Case Files 13th Skull introWhen it goes about the 7th game of the series it is already clear that the game is waited eagerly for. And sometimes it happens so that the waiting becomes even sweeter than the playing. As it is really hard to exceed all expectations and surpass all the previous 6 games. But whatever has helped – the magical number 7 or the devilish number 13 in the name of the game – Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull hasn't disappointed.


Mystery Case Files 13th Skull kitchenBeing a detective is not at all the easy job. Even the cleverest Sherlock Holmes who could solve a puzzle with the help of deduction sitting in an arm-chair and smoking a pipe needed to go out from time to time and look for the evidences and catch the suspected ones. And if you're known for dealing with the mysteries and cases that al the other sleuths usually refuse from be ready to get to the places that are hard to find on the map, fix the mechanisms that haven't been used for thousands of years including the stopped-up toilets, feed some people you meet for the first time and don't really find pleasant and many other things that the normal people would rather avoid. But who has said that you're one of them and who has set the standards of normality?


Mystery Case Files 13th Skull hidden object shelveIs it normal, for an example, when a father reads the bed-time story to his daughter and suddenly disappears? Is it normal for the girl to believe that her father was taken by the ghosts as he had been involved in some searches of the cursed treasures of the notorious brigand Phineas Crown. Yep, hardly it may be treated as normal situation. But the stranger it is the more interesting it will be to make the things clear!


You're to meet a lot of characters (about a dozen in general) and to progress through a big variety of hidden object scenes and puzzles.

Actually the story starts when the Lawson family inherits the house in the swamps of Louisiana. Right after they move to a new place Marcus Lawson disappears and your adventure starts. You're to meet a lot of characters (about a dozen in general) and to progress through a big variety of hidden object scenes and puzzles. Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull is a challenging game. To tell the truth if the hint system wasn't so quickly rechargeable it could happen so that personally I would refuse to go till the end as I got stuck rather often. And what is even more precious about help system it gives you an option! When you're solving a puzzle you can get either a series of hints to help you figure it out, or can flat out skip if you give up. As for the strategy guide it is multi-layered: you can get the overall list of objectives, or you can expand one particular goal and view the specific step-by-step.

Mystery Case Files 13th Skull hidden object tableThe graphics are really great and realistic and the soundtrack is of a high class. But all these is nothing compared to the special feature of the game – is the extensive use of full-motion video. Though this technique isn't brand new – that was already used in last year's Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove – it adds an inimitable flavor to the game. The thing that impresses the most concerning the technique is that the live actors are perfectly blended with the drawn backgrounds. The great job was done and it looks even more successful then a year before.

Though the name of the game implies some creepy moments, feel free to play it with kids. You will not meet nothing scarier than some snakes, graveyards and, of course, skulls. There is no blood or violence scenes.

The game is more about the adventures. So the gameplot is slightly more valuable than the typical game play. Actually the actor play adds a lot to the gameplot, but acting and dialog can be a bit stiff.  On the other hand that is not a movie, so don't be so critical about that.


Sometimes the expectations are a little bit exaggerated. Don't be too critical as you can be comparing SEVEN games of the series. The last one is a nice eerie hidden object game. And if you've been tired of the series, don't blame the last of a kind! Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull deserves applauds for both for the plot and the high level of production.

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Game Review   2010-11-26


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Karik  2011-08-25 22:50:16
Heck of a job there, it abslotuely helps me out.

Rodrigo  2012-11-24 02:12:53
and clunky. It felt like a block of heavy ptsalic. Button spacing was weird and it just felt clumsy. Now that the Xbox 360 controller is out, I have to say that it is my favorite of the 3D-based controllers out there. But this isn't a review about the actual hardware as much as it is for the uses for it. In short, it works perfectly for the PC. I am not a huge PC gamer mostly because I have grown up on the console side. There are some games that I do really well with the PC (RPGs, MMOs, point and click adventure games, etc.) but there are some that I'm okay with (FPS) and some that I am terrible with (Platforming, third person perspective). On top of that, I could never find a gamepad made for the PC that I liked as much as the ones for the consoles. So, when the Xbox 360 controller came out that was compatible with the PC I thought the gaming gods were smiling upon me. Getting it installed takes just a matter of minutes; mostly, your install time involves going to the xbox.com website, downloading the drivers for the controller and then just running that application. From there, the computer recognizes the controller and when you get into a game, you can easily calibrate the controls. I have used three games with this. F.E.A.R., Tomb Raider: Legends, and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Dreamfall didn't recognize the trigger buttons. The bumpers, the face buttons, the analog controls and the direction pad work perfectly, but the triggers aren't recognized. F.E.A.R. was a bit tricky, mostly because there are so many buttons that need to be used that it makes using an controller problematic. Tomb Raider worked wonders and made me happy since I didn't want to shell out $60 for a game I could get for $40 on the PC. Also, gamers should be pleased to note that Ventrilo recognizes the controller and you can use the press-to-talk function with the controller. It doesn't recognize the triggers, but any other button on the controller is fair game. Really helps when you're playing a game that Ventrilo helps you with. Overall, it's a great controller. I will note that you can't use a wireless controller plugged in with the plug and play charger. You have to use the standard, wired controller. But for those looking for a good controller to use with the PC, I can't recommend the Xbox 360 controller enough.

Samuel  2012-11-24 20:45:22
well if candaa is the name, then cheap is the game. candaa doesn't care about the older games becuz maybe candaa doesn't live in the u.s. times are hard for us, we have a recession going on, and we are a sneeze away from a depression. yes we like our older games(me personaly, i feel that i can get a lot of money for older games that are no longer in existence, and yes i sold my atari 2600 for 800 bucks, and my coliko for 1000) don't worry i'm too old to worry about grammar mistakes. I think that it does suck, that you wouldn't be able to play all of the ps2 games on ps3. I mean why in the heck am i going to spend darn near $500 for a game(and trust me, i don't keep up with the jones', and i sure as heck wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth) gas prices are already high enough as it is, and there is no way to know if things are going to get better. That's over three months of groceries. i would just wait til the prices go down even more, but the xbox 360 is sitting at a mere $200 new now. Call how you want it. I would rather eat and be full, than play a game and be hungry. sorry I can't see myself losing money like that.

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