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Game Review   2006-09-27


 Rocket ManiaRocket Mania - Mind-bender in Pipemania Style


We keep on searching the web for the outstanding games. And, that is to mention, finding something brand-new and remarkable every day is simply impossible.


So why not looking into some of the good old titles that have been released a couple years ago, yet since nowadays are still played. Rocket Mania Deluxe, released  by PopCap games in 2004.


This is a puzzle with the idea that is quite easy to seize:


The point is to create a connection between a rocket and a fuse in order to eventually launch a firework. Rotate the elemetns clockwise to create connections.


Rotate Parts of the FireworksAt this point, the game resembles Rotate Mania Deluxe by Absolutist.


The developers seem to have taken the plot from the connection-puzzles that are so much popular with the kid magazines. However, in Rocket Mania, you are not to track the connection (e.g. a winding path), but to create it yourself.


But make this nice task more challenging, the developers came out with multiple limitations.


At each level a player is to launch a preset number of fireworks before the lanterns at the top of the screen go out and the dawn arrives. This means you are pressed on time.


Connect all the parts to create a firework

Though in the beginning, the task seems too easy, as you advance through the game, you'll find that the difficulty is considerably increasing with each level.


Tasteful design is one more advantage of the game. Though the game is played on the dark background, launched fireworks and flashes of fire between the levels make a very good contrast with the basic game background.



The most interesting thing about the game is certainly its character - a flying dragon that cheers you up while you're playing.


 Meet nice dragon

Rocket Mania Deluxe features three game modes: Classic, Arcade, and Strategy. Each of them is a separate game with its own features. This fact enables to vary the puzzle solving experience, so a player may switch to a different game mode when he's tired of playing the current one and find a different puzzle inside.    


This, in Arcade mode you've got to create the connection between a rocket and a fuse while other parts are dropped from the top of the playing field. This is much tougher task, than in Classic mode as you have to see and grasp which fuse need to be connected. Once you linger with your decision, thinking over the playing field, your game will be over and you'll have to start a level from scratch.


In Strategy Mode you've got to face another limitation: launch rockets using the limited number of matches. You can save up your matches by preparing combos, i.e. launching several rockets from one fuse.


So, as you complete Rocket Mania Deluxe level by level, you make your way from being an Inquisitive Child to Master of pyrotechnics


This baby will soon become Master of pyrotechnics

Rocket Mania Deluxe features a rather interesting overall idea underneath its puzzling experience.


Everybody who plays this game is considered a person who is crazy about pyrotechnics.


Once the level is completed, a player is awarded with a view of the flying dragon breathing out fire.


Music and sound effects of the game along with the graphics are performed in Chinese Style and make nice impression on a player - they are bright enough to catch your eye and ear and nevertheless, they don't distract you from the game.


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Game Review   2006-09-27


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Andrey  2006-10-25 08:04:58
Interest game
5 hour my working time is died :)

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