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Game Review   2008-01-28


Tic A Tac RoyaleTic A Tac Royale - try your luck to become a billionaire.


All the gamblers are welcome on board of the S.S. Tic A Tac Royale. In Tic A Tac Royale game from Uclick, LLC you are to try your luck in all kinds of card and dice games. If your luck as well as your brains won't let you down, you will make your way from the Steerage to the Captain's Class.



You are to use all of your quickness on the S.S. Tic A Tac Royale to get a fortune and step off the board as a millionaire.


Tic A Tac RoyaleAccording to the game story you managed to get aboard of the S.S. Tic A Tac Royale only because you looked like a good person.


So you were given a chance to change your life and become a millionaire.


You are to make your way from Steerage up to the Captain's Class.


If you succeed, more levels get unlocked for you.


There is a ship's map to show you all the levels you are to go through: Steerage, Third Class, Second Class, First Class, and Captain's Class.



Tic A Tac RoyaleYou can see a ship's map any time to choose a game.


The map shows you all the classes: Steerage, Third Class, Second Class, First Class, and Captain's Class.


You start from the steerage to make your way up. Every level has a number of games for you.


Every game has its Buy-in, the price you are to pay just to try your luck.


So consider the amount of the buy-in before you start. You are also able to upgrade your rooms as you get more money and get to the next level.


You'll have to play card and dice games to make a real fortune for you and your fiancé.


Tic A Tac RoyaleYou travel with your fiancé and the further you get the better house you can buy for yourself.


You keep the track of it in your diary. Well you don't have to write it down yourself.


You are just informed of your progress with the help of it. You

play mostly 21 games, but they all are quite different.


There are also dice games that are really fun.


It takes to be familiar with the card games', like poker, basics.


Some ways to get easy money and get to the Captain's cabin faster.


Tic A Tac RoyaleThere are some tips to make easy money.


So if you don't want to spoil the pleasure of working out your own strategies, you'd better not read the following.


For example, you are getting so many chances to win if you keep the initial dice in the Second Class dice game as follows: 3; 1,6,; 5, 4.


Then you are more likely to succeed playing with a Chinese girl in Poker if you put the face cards in a left row. By doing so, you win a minimum of three flashes. It also works for the games with bonus money for some combinations.


The S.S.'s captain invites you to his cabin once in a while to give you an opportunity to win one million dollars. Quite seductive, isn't it?


You are dealt only 9 cards and are not allowed to discard any, unlike the average games. You are to place them, so that you get all the possible 21s.


The game is really addictive with great graphics and a good story. Try your luck and challenge your brains in Tic A Tac Royale.

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Game Review   2008-01-28


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Swarm is a great new abstract sgratety game. Easy to learn with only one piece like checkers, but different spaces allow you to stack and unstack your pieces for more power. Different boards will be available which will add different spaces and change the strategies. Like chess and checkers, no two games will be the same. Currently there are 2, 3, and 6 player boards available. More info can be found at the links given. There will be a Swarm tournament at the PentaCon convention in Fort Wayne IN on Nov 7th, and 8th.

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