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Game Review   2006-12-05


Travelogue 360: Paris - Voyage to the City of LightTravelogue 360: Paris - 3D Trip to the City of Light 


The game gives you a wonderful chance to visit Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, Champs Elysees and other remarkable sites of City of Light. Everything is as in a real life: a passport, map for a trip, stunning photographs of Parisian landmarks and even 360-degree spherical point of view to make your trip real. Using a map, a player can wander along Parisian sites of interest amazing at the famous places of interest and collecting multiple hidden items. The principle is as in Mystery Case Flies game: among numerous objects you see on your screen you are to pick up certain souvenirs.


At the bottom of a screen you'll see a list of items you are to find. Clicking on a wrong object can result in a time penalty.


Find the objects listed at the bottom of the screenThe time for a search is limited; so try not to lose your mind admiring Parisian sites and be quick and attentive trying to collect items listed at the bottom. Don't click on any random item. If you are at your wit's end and feel completely lost, click on a Hints tool. If active, it can give you a hint where the item is found.  The tool turns green when you are approaching to the item.


Mind that the Hints tool is active for only few seconds. 


When this time is over the tool needs to be charged. In Explorer mode the tool needs to be recharged after each use. It's also noteworthy that the hidden items are new each time the game is played, so every visit to the City of Light comes as a surprise to you.


There are two game modes available in Travelogue 360: Paris.


Use Hints tool, Zoom bar and Compass for your searchA player can choose either Explorer or Tourist mode for his voyage. With Tourist mode you can not only collect items but also admire historical landmarks and modern Paris life as the there is no time limitation here. In Explorer mode the time is ticking away so avoid standing and gaping around once you've chosen this mode.


 And don't forget that during your voyage you'll be interviewed for an upcoming article in Travelogue 360 magazine!


Though, you'll have to work hard and to complete a number of levels to be interviewed.


When the voyage is finished, you'll also move on to a bonus stage.


Visit famous Parisian LandmarksHere your task is to solve a jigsaw puzzle, to remove postcards from table by matching them, to pack all your souvenirs into a suitcase so that they all fit without overlapping each other.


How to play: Play with your ‘mouse' - click a left button on the spherical compass you see at the bottom of your screen and drag it to navigate around your location. To zoom in and out, regulate the zoom meter near the Compass by clicking left mouse button on it.


Advantages: A stunning 3D game which allows you to observe a full 360 degree location. It mesmerizes you with pictures of the word's most famous locations and makes you believe that IT ALL IS FOR REAL!



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Game Review   2006-12-05


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Brandi  2012-09-23 06:01:31
Apparently this is what the estemeed Willis was talkin' 'bout.

Nesren  2012-10-10 21:34:09
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