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Game Review   2007-05-08


TurtixTurtix - More Than Another Turtle Adventure 


Have you ever seen a bad casual adventure game? I guess no. Almost all casual games of that genre are ultimate fun to play starting from the time of world-famous Mario bros. and till nowadays.


Maybe the reason is there are only a few titles of that kind, but each of them is polished and has a very lovely character in charge of the game. Plus, they're not as frequently cloned as hidden object puzzles.


Here's the latest achievement in the field of fairy games featuring eventful plot filled with adventures and a brave turtle as a title character.


TurtixCall it a clone of Turtle Odyssey, but anyway this is ... Turtix from Alawar Games, the provider of cute little creatures like Snowy. When you first look at where you're going to play, you'll get an impression you're going to control a cartoon. Extremely bright and eye-catching graphics are one of the greatest pros of the game.


So, in a turtle shell, here's a story :) - an evil spell was cast upon young students of the Turtle School of Magic and they were kidnapped. You and the brave Turtix are to set off on a quest through 5 different worlds to rescue them. But luckily, this time you're going to do that not on a sea bottom, but in the highlands that look very Chinese and under the Chinese melody.


The controls are the same to those in every adventure/platform game.


TurtixHere's a short list of tips and tricks for this game:

  1. 1. Use your keyboard arrows to control the character.

  2. 2. Push UP arrow to jump. 

  3. 3. Sometimes you'll need to jump really high. In such a case press UP arrow key to jump first, and when you're on the highest point of your jump, push UP key once again - and Turtix will jump twice higher than usual.

  4. If you encounter an enemy, jump on it to kill him.

  5. Try to avoid wasps as they can sting you.

  6. In the beginning of the level follow the arrow (it will guide you where the captured turtles are). Once you rescue them all, the arrow guides you to the exit place. Unfortunately, it will keep you away from secret areas. 

  7. TurtixTry to research as more space on the playfield as possible even after rescuing all the turtles on the level as you may run into Secret places(sort of Treasure place in Turtle Odyssey) - with lots of bonus coins and perhaps an extra life

  8. If the game remains uncontrolled for about a minute, Turtix takes a break, takes out his tape-recorder out of the pocket and has fun.

The overall graphics looks stunning and will impress both you and your kid, given your computer is equipped with powerful graphical card, otherwise it just won't let you play.


The foreground characters (Turtix, enemies and little turtles) look neat and funny. Plus the background of the game, though obscure is very picturesque. 


TurtixIt keeps on moving and changing as you make your way through a level. All you wanna do is to lift the fog and see this bright fairy land behind the main scene. So, you find yourself in the fancy cartoon world consisting of multiple layers. Not to mention those minute little creatures residing in the little holes throughout the game that seem to support Turtix.


So, if you've got no time for fairy tales, try this game. With stunning graphics, funny plot and adorable character, it offers a relatively low difficulty level, due to which you can pass the game to the end at one sitting.

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Game Review   2007-05-08


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hailee  2007-12-19 10:21:52
savannah and mariah

maina  2009-03-16 08:02:05
i tried jumping high as said in the review but i just cannot jump higher than the usual one...can u please tell me why..like first when i need to jump really high..i press the up key and than after reaching the highest top in the air, i try to press the up arrow key once again..but nothing happens and i come down gradually..repeated the same phenomena many times..tried doing it with mouse also but all in vein..please tell me what to do and how to play.

Adonica  2013-02-06 02:28:42
It's about time smooene wrote about this.

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