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Game Review   2007-02-27


Guiding little people to lifeVirtual Villagers: The Lost Children - Guiding Little People to Life


Download Virtual Villagers: The lost Children for Windows here


A little tribe was cast away on a deserted island... With time people learned all secrets of Isola land and explored every inch of their new home.


 But one day a pair of sweethearts found a thin recess in the rocks. Curiosity gained the upper hand and a loving couple pressed through. Steep waterfall, unexpected fall and young people landed into a crystal-clear pool. Having looked round, they found themselves in a completely new place - a western side of Isola Island. To their total surprise, they were not alone: dirty, hungry-looking and absolutely helpless children tried to struggle for survival at the west of Isola land.




So the point of this simulator is to teach little villagers the basics of survival.


Teach villagers the basics of survivalHalf-wild villagers need to be taught basic skills: farming, building, researching, healing and parenting. Similar to the first version, all teaching is based on drag-and-drop principle. Start with satisfying tribe's primary needs. Drag a villager to the ocean and make him/her fish, drag him/her to a pile of building materials to build a hut, drag a healthy villager onto the sick one (you'll be given hint that a villager needs to be treated)  etc. Mind that mastering certain skills may take your trainees some time.


When training little people, your should mind that some of them inherited from their parents likes and dislikes, and aptitudes. To learn the child's aptitudes, click on him/her and see a profile of the villager in a Detail screen.


In this connection it is worth mentioning that the playfield consists of six screens.


Drag a villager to the table to encourage researching.Main screen is the area where the action takes place. The map reflects the whole Island territory (zoom out to see the entire village, click at any place to zoom in).  Villager Detail screen contains information on villagers you choose. There are also Technologies screen, Puzzles and Milestones screen and Collection screen (reflects fun items found by children).


Teach villagers researching and take them exploring island.


With researching, a drag-and-drop mechanics works as well:  Once his/her researching skills improve, a villager gains tech points that can be spent (at the Technologies screen) on new technologies necessary for island improvements. Note that not all villagers can succeed in researching (a villager who loves to run around would be hard to place at table). So, before you start training somebody, make sure he or she has the requiresв aptitude. To score additional tech points, take children to gather Mushrooms, Butterflies, Shells, Beetles and Pebbles. The same item collected more than once turns into tech points.


To reveal all mysteries of Isola, island surroundings should be explored and 16 challenging puzzles are to be solved.


Tech points are spent on technologies necessary for island improvementsVirtual Villagers puzzles are a mixture of technology and villager skills. Some puzzles can be completed only when other milestones are already sold. Villagers' curiosity is a key to many puzzles - take a villager to explore area and he is sure to come across Isola milestones.


Our tips and tricks (indicating milestones that need to be completed) can come in handy.


So the villagers have to:

 -start fire; - construct the dam; - make a scarecrow to keep the parrots away; - invent cutting tool to clear the vegetation; - get Herb Master degree, - get The Elder Totem, - perform Sustainable Fishing, - Uncover The Vine Wall; - learn Making herb stews; - Uncover the Ancient Ruins, - build a hospital, - discover the Sewing Hut (allowing villagers to change clothing at a cost of 5,000 tech points). Other milestones: - The Sunken Gong Piece, - The Inlaid Gong Piece, - The Boxed Gong Piece, - The Overgrown Gong Piece.


Game features beautiful graphics and pleasant music. And, compared to the first version, Virtual Villagers: The lost Children features some upgrades and new features. All characters are individuals now (the children are born with definite features inherited from their parents). The range of tasks performed by children is wider as well: apart from hunting for food, they gather different collectables that sore tech points. The game is real-time (the trick has already been used in the first version), but now the villagers age visually. New events occur and 16 puzzles are more challenging (one can even say that challenge verges on tangle, still, it's definitely worth trying).


Download Virtual Villagers: The lost Children for Windows here







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Game Review   2007-02-27


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Nic  2007-03-12 18:38:42

b  2007-03-12 18:39:45

fatima  2007-03-21 20:43:13
this game is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

Jessica  2007-03-18 20:35:05
I love this game! I cant get enough of it! mAYBE i should just buy it because I live off of ALL the free trials.. lol! AWESOME!

Hottie  2007-04-05 20:27:19
I love this game ohhh my gosh

Qing qing  2007-07-08 08:04:53
i buy there game......i play finish aredy.i buy all the things aredy !!yeah i win!!

Angel  2007-04-28 09:32:20
this game is better than other games!!! i love it!!

sierra  2007-05-14 18:41:17
i made 30 babeys

liz  2007-06-07 17:24:05
I wish the trials would last longer as i love the villages games but cant afford to buy it.

Ashley  2007-04-15 11:38:18
i love dis game and i made like 10 babies so far and i just love it

lizzie  2007-11-02 14:42:04
i want the trails to last longer too but when i downloaded it, i played on it then i turned my PC off and when i logged on again everything disapeared so i dont wanna download it again!

Ell  2007-11-10 13:02:36
im stuck how do u find the black flower to make the potion so u can go underwater?

kailyn  2007-12-18 02:28:16
hello my name is kailyn and i am 10 i have played the expansion on a download
it is now the best game i have ever played and always will be but once i shut
the computer down it finished my game was destroyed anyway thumbs up it was great kailyn

(i want your game for Christmas!!!

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