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New currency type at Pogo   2006-11-28


Last week, Pogo.com - a resource for premium quality online games released a new currency type - Gems. From now on, Pogo users have an opporttunity to acquire some Pogo player stuff like avatars, badge albums and other mini-items for gems to enhance their player experience.

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april  2008-06-24 21:23:39

sharon  2007-07-08 13:11:33
why cant we earn gems from time to time also

killer11kid11  2008-01-25 19:50:11
the way the pogo team treats us is so unfair... i think we should write them and tell them that we can at least get like 1000 gems for like 10,000,000 tokens or somethin like that. all that agrees should write back to me at my email address: freakieface@hotmail.com


jean  2008-01-17 13:32:16
yes it would be nice to earn pogo gems while playing the games.I would like the opportunity to earn other badges that require gems too not only tokens.

dollmaker529  2008-05-16 10:16:42
wy can't we use tokens to join club pogo, and how long do you have to play to be eligible for winning a jackpot prize

pogotheripoffs  2008-04-25 21:00:00
I've played pogo for quite a few years I NEVER won any stupid gems just got some from getting club pogo.They are nothing but rip off's $30-$40 for a "premium" membership.That's just for a year NOT a lifetime account!I have barely gotten any high amount of tokens in a jackpot spin.Does anyone REALLY win the jackpot money?Ppppfffftttt...Right.Anyone on here that doesn't complain about pogo claiming they are great and what not you are totally FUCKED and most likely the owner of the website/ "Employee".They are some fucked up people.Well enough of my ranting and raving......Will you "see the light"?Realize they are nothing but con artists?Send me a message!Riigghhhttt

Kathy  2008-04-19 21:53:57
I totally agree with all of you. I mean cmon whats a badge anyway? Its not like it cost pogo anything. Ive talked to many people that say they pay by the month just to get gems. Then we pay 40 bucks a year just to use them? Pogo is gettin rich not only with the memberships but for the people that do pay for gems. We can go in to a mall and buy anything and everything except gems? How that fair?


KAT  2008-04-04 12:37:37
When I joined POGO I got 5 gems. I have since won 25 in a Jackpot spin, so you can get 'em in ways other than buying them. I do, however, agree 100% that we should be able to cash-in so many tokens for so many gems. Since POGO has raised the yearly price for memberships I think we should get a little something extra for it. Afterall, we're the ones who are paying for the ads that keep it going, so why not humor us?!?

Kone  2008-04-03 00:19:44
I think that we should be able to trade tokens for gems, too. I pay for my subscription, and can't afford to buy gems. Sadly, there are things I can't get without gems.
I agree with "Aussie". It is unfair, and I too have never come across a real person who has won real money. I am also upset that there are too many badges I can't get because I don't have gems. I only have the original 4 that I started with, and you can't get anything for 4 gems.

laniharp2007  2008-03-19 23:44:27
i feel the same way about the gems y do we have to pay even more for the nicer things we shoulda been rewarded just for being a member even our pogo mini's dont get new stuff that often and now it all goes to those who waste there money on gems...so unfair we pay too!!!!

SweetestNewfie  2007-08-30 20:44:24
it would be nice to earn gems as well as tokes. Pogo can get costly when you keep buying albums and challenges. isn't it enough that we have to pay for our membership at least let us get something out of it every once in a while

james arrasmith  2007-09-06 02:05:04
i think when you become a member and pay for the membership you need to start out with more than 18gems i think ive been riped off i get tokens but not gems i like for you to add more gems to my account thank you and have a nice day

Louise Foskolos  2007-09-08 18:31:06
It would be nice to play games and earn free gems so we couold play mix n match challenges free

hackneyponylady  2007-12-23 12:33:07
Ok, I agree with what is being said about the gems. My question is "What can we do about it?" I don't think that anyone from the pogo team comes here to see what everyone is writing. I would like to see if we could exchange tokens for gems.

bigpaulie35  2007-12-27 00:14:22
i pay 39.99 a year i in usa how everyone paying 29.99

meash29  2007-09-19 11:16:11
I completely agree with all of you. When I got my membership for club pogo, the 18 gems went quick, and of course I had to buy more because there were more badges that I wanted to get but they weren't in the same book. If we could get something as a comp it would be great. But I will say as well, I do love the games and will always continue to play.

chance8869  2007-09-19 02:34:36
well i have been a member of pogo for a long time & will continue to play the games but i do think that 18 gems went fast & would just like, also to have some kinda "comp" i didn't even know how to use them at first but it charged my account would love some comp back thanks

wonderbug  2007-09-20 22:07:19
i think it is ridiculous tha i can become a member of pogo but i am not allowed to have gems... this sucs

DebbieEMS2  2007-09-28 08:39:15
I think Pogo ask for too much money as we have to pay to become a member and then they want money for "The Minis" and NOW Gems to get a challange badge. When it use to be back in 2004 we won them. (NO GEMS). Pogo needs to start paying out to players if EVERYTHING we MUST buy, on top of that I paid to be platt for the tourneys....come on lets get real! Pay more people and jackpots!

Det  2007-10-23 18:20:16
I agree debbie 100%. There are around 1.5 mil members to pogo at $29 a year per person. Add it up. Come on Pogo stop being so tight..

Plumkrazee  2007-10-28 01:37:03
I would like to know where you people are find Pogo Membership for $29 a year, I was just on a site and it was over $40 . I too agree we should be able to earn gems or even be able to play the mix and match challenges. I started off with only 20 gems that buys nothing why not give us a few gems with the 5000 tokens for giving someone a free pass even if its only 3-5, something is better than nothing. Early bird specials on renewing your membership, or 2 years for the price of 18 months. With all the people laying pogo around the world these prices shoukldnt be so high. We also want more games and badges at leats more games for paid members. Maybe if Pogo allowed 7 days free instead of four on the free passes the people would have a lot more time to experience what the benefits of being a paid member. also if a paid member gives someone a free pass and that person decides to join what not give the paid member a bonus of some free gems and tokens. Add more games even if its just for paid members. Any suggestions Pogo friends like Rummy Monopoly word yahtzee, and regular yahtzee. Anyone else have suggestions of any other games they would like to se come to Pogo. Lets hear from you.

Donna  2007-10-28 20:11:10
I totally agree with Wonderbug. I am an Australian. I pay full registration yearly. I do not think its right that we aussies cannot buy gems or buy mix and match badges to play to go with the other badges we won, also would like to buy thee extra albums to do the badges.
Please help us.

blackgln@aol.com  2007-11-08 15:36:03
how do we get pogo gems?

bethany  2007-12-20 12:00:06
look at this free gems

HellsFire009  2007-11-20 08:38:27
Pogo leads you to believe you get more benefits by becoming a member of club pogo. The only benefit I see is being able to play games that non members can not. What is the sence of paying all this money every single year, year after year so that we have to pay more money to play mix and match or have to buy gems to get certain backgrounds or clothes or special addition badges. It's BS and as a paid member we should be able to play all mix and match badges free along with being able to earn free gems from games ect! We as paid members are the ones who make pogo possible .........remember pogo with our cash flow you would not have what you have today!

paridotl  2007-12-02 20:29:42
I feel that we should beable to exchange upto a certain amount of gems per month with our tokens, so much per week or so much per day.

plb4333  2007-12-03 16:18:20
HellsFire009 2007-11-20 08:38:27

Actually, POGO makes most of their revenue from their AD support, not from the players.

.  2007-12-03 16:23:49
Det 2007-10-23 18:20:16
I agree debbie 100%. There are around 1.5 mil members to pogo at $29 a year per person. Add it up. Come on Pogo stop being so tight..
That sounds inflated for the paying member count. Where did you get that source? Are you talking about total members, and not paying members?

Aprilsnow418  2007-12-09 23:19:51
I PAY for AOL & I Pay for Club Pogo, only because I am an AOL Member I do pay $10.00 less than NON AOL memebers I truly am beginning to feel that, there ARE MORE CLub Pogo members that ARE Not AOL & they are paying FULL price of 39.99. & Now you at EA want even More money for the premimum badges & the Animated Stuff for (Big Deal) Mini's for the clothes , Backgrounds etc etc .... And the prices for Plain old Club pogo Mini;s & the accessories are like buying Versace clothes only with Tokens And you want to charge people for gems to BUY premimumbadges & all the etc???. WAKE UP EA . you are Going to LOS MORE Paying Customers than the Non Club Pogo members .......... Besides that FACT THAT, MOST of your CLUB POGO people are on DISABILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for Listening to the person that everyone Pogo messenges me to sign PETITIONS against EA/POGO. Now EA you even are selling EA Games On TV!!!!!!!!!

Tonie  2007-12-11 04:07:53
""I totally agree with Wonderbug. I am an Australian. I pay full registration yearly. I do not think its right that we aussies cannot buy gems or buy mix and match badges to play to go with the other badges we won, also would like to buy thee extra albums to do the badges.
Please help us.""

Thats right, we pay same amount as USA players but we dont get the benefits of the gems, Seems pretty silly to me that pogo dont seem to want our money when it is as good as anyone elses.... I really would love to earn extra badges and things, but cannot as i cant get gems. Someone needs to start a petition or something, I have emailed pogo several time about this and they dont care. Come on ppl lets share the gems :)

Silky  2007-12-19 01:41:44
I have been a member of Pogo for over 5 years. I have over 66 million tokens.....and I ALSO must buy gems! The only reson I buy gems is for the mall items. Badges are not important to me. I only play for them if I like the game. The only thing good I can think of about members having to purchase gems is it may help keep the member dues down. By the way, I am an AOL member and therefore only pay $19.99 a year for Pogo. It is part of AOL package. Have a Merry Christmas around the world! Silk

Icequeen  2007-12-19 09:23:31
I totally agree with Donna, I too am an Australian, it might cost Americans $29.99 a year for club membership to pogo but that is about $62.oo in our currency. For this money one would expect to have full club privileges as paid members, and be able to get pogo gems. I personally like collecting the badges, but can not get any Mix-n-Match badges as we can not get gems. I want to buy the new badge albums, instead of having to wait each week for the challanges to come out and only do those that do not require gems. This restriction is prejudiced against members who are not from USA or Canada but Pogo want our money and they certainly did not inform me that I was not eligable to have the gems until after I paid my subscription. This is very unfair. Under our laws, they would be before the Trade Practices Commission and be fined an enormous amount of money for unfair practices. As most Aussies players just want the badges and not items from pogo store WHY cant some of our tokens buy gems, it is all just paper money anyway, I have never met anyone in any of the rooms who have won any money!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brenway4  2008-07-01 21:13:52
I agree with everyone why can't we earn gems just like the tokens we get on jackpot spin like holy paying for gems I pay for the most gems I forget how much that is but It would be great to earn gems by jackpot spins.

faye turner  2008-07-10 21:26:59
would like to buy some pogo gems and cant find a place on pogo

faye turner  2008-07-10 21:31:27
why do i pay 39 99 for pogo am member of aol and some pay 19 99

lisa  2008-07-24 20:25:21
It's not fair pogo!!! our money is good enough for you to take for our subscription but not good enough for you to give us australian's the same benefits as other paying members??? once my subscription expires you can jam it! It's descrimination!!!

hokins 4034  2008-07-25 05:38:04
i live in uk and we are not allowed to enter any draws or win prizes the membership here is 34.99 yr it a disgrace our membership is mre n we get no comps or draws to enter

Bob  2008-08-19 23:32:08
I see well over 20 posts here which were asking questions of pogo. Is pogo just the kind of outfit that gets our money each year but don't care to even show a little respect or concern by answering our questions? I think pogo is getting cheaper every day.

Anne  2008-08-04 08:41:20
Hello all!! Everyone has very good points. The only thing I do have to say is that when you consider what the price of dinner and a movie today is and what not, pogo is an ok price. What I don't agree with is the fact that they came out with gems. It is bad enough we pay for memberships, now this. oh well I can make a choice shutup and take it, or dont pay for it. lol

angie  2008-08-21 12:05:33
You know if you all sit there and whine about pogo then why do you even play!! People like all of you drive me crazy!! You want something (like pogo) and once you have it you want more and whine cuz you want more!! Pogo doen't make you pay for there games, you can play for FREE!

Sarah in CA  2008-09-06 00:34:50
It is strange how people play on a gaming site that is OPTIONAL and complain about the way the gaming site is run. No one sticks a gun to your head and forces you to play on Pogo, nor do they force you to sign up for membership. I am a new Club Pogo member, and I did receive gems which a friend purchased on my behalf. I like being able to earn badges, and Club Pogo offers plenty of opportunities to earn free badges by playing games, so purchasing gems to buy badges is not necessary. I used some of my gems to buy 2 badge albums, three mix and match badges, as well as a meerkat that is animated for my mini. Is Pogo getting rich off people like me? Sure they are, but it is no different than online where they charge people to buy clothes and accessories for their mini's, which aren't real and are only on a computer screen. I am disabled, and do not spend a lot of money going out, spending money on Club Pogo gives me something to do, thankfully my friends and family support my Club Pogo badge addiction and help fund it.

By the way, all of you complaining about the cost, I waited until a Labor Day sale e-mail I received from Pogo and got a whole year for $19.99, not bad for 365 days, it's just a few pennies a day, and people spend way more than on morning coffee (which I don't drink) and other frivalous things like $200 shoes, to each their own I always say.

Birdie  2008-09-09 04:07:22
I think we shold be able to buy gems with tolens we alrealy pay 29.99 a year you all are getting poelpe money is all

romona ross  2008-09-11 09:55:46
i was wondering how we can buy gems for our friends.please help me i want to buy gems for my friends she can't afford them thank you romona

Cindy Bucher  2008-09-17 08:47:24
For some reason I think I only received two gems from when I began with pogo. And I still only have two gems. I have not been able to get anything with two gems. I would like for us to be able to earn gems as well. Why cant you give a gem with every level you complete and/or with every badge you earn.

Thank you

Cindy Bucher

raymond  2008-09-15 15:32:34
Wowww i just wonder i it will be possible to make more winners like memberships and please put some gems on that spinning weel or let Us trade tokens for gems and what is a badge wee are not able to get our book off badge by mail that mean wee pays this for fuckall~~~~~~~~~~

gabbie1052  2008-09-14 11:32:40
I just wanted to let you all know that if you have DSL, you can get aol free for life, just call aol and tell them that you have dsl and you want free aol and you will get it, it does not work with dial up, only dsl. as far as pogo goes, i know it is costly and and the jackpot spins are a rip off and I don't for one minute any real person has won the money on a jackpot spin, I have been in a lot of room and have asked people in those room, and they have NOT won any money, well pogo is making the money off of us and eating good from it, paying their bills and not having to struggle and we all have helped them, don't it feel good to know that we put money in others pocket, wish someone would put money in my pocket for a change. I have nothing else to do because I am disabled but play pogo, so it is good at least fro those who have nothing else to do or can get out and do what others can do.

/\/\/\/\/\stupot/\/\/\/\/\  2008-09-14 17:22:59
everyone has a point. we pay all that money, just for the "privalege" of having to pay more money! come on pogo, WAKE UP & SMEEL THE COFFEE!!!!!

Beverly Walker  2008-10-07 10:40:17
why can.t we change pogo points for pogo gems

candycane815  2008-09-24 17:02:57
when were playing games pogo will call out the name of winners that i never seen playing i never ran by any of these so call winners names not one i think they are making up phony names for winners.do you notice any of the cash winners names it be some off the stupides names

APRIL PETERS  2008-09-24 14:16:14
i do enjoy playing pogo game's, however i can't afford to pay for a memebership aswell as purchase gems. there has to be a better way for us get recieve gem's besides paying for them.i measn come on, what are we going to do with all the tokens we get? i don't understand why we can't use tokens. so if there's anyone out ther that has extra gems can ya spare some, i would like to get some new badges. thanks inadvance.

annette  2008-10-13 14:10:53
I've been playing pogo games for free and would like to know can I pay by cheque or money order in canadian funds. If so what is the cost of a membership for a year.

sheila cantrell  2008-10-14 19:31:20
Well I guess there really isn't anything i can say that hasn't already been said, maybe if enought of us keep writing these complaints they will listen....would be really nice to get at least gems in exchange for what we pay to play...

TheSaint  2008-10-15 09:57:12
EA/pogo is a dirty outfit. I've been cheated in games by their 'mysterious' players.

debbie lee  2008-10-28 11:41:49
i agree w/ most everything on here,but i dont think it's such a high price to pay for a yr.... i mean there is alot worse things we could do with 40$ a yr. i dont go to the movies anymore, 40$ IS ONLY about 3 movie outings a yr think about it that way!!!!!! I also think that u should be comped a few gems here and there jus 4 bein a member.... just a perk of it ya know? think about it POGO, it doesn't cost u anything they are virtual gems.... FAKE GEMS... REEEELY think about it. Thank you all 4 listening happy holidays evry1!!!!!

doggoneit  2008-10-24 11:12:01
Well pogo has 1.62 million members and is what owned by ea sports i think and has made $3.67 billion GAAP net revenue for FY 2008

I think pogo help support just sux you have a problem you write them all you get back is a crazy bot that sends you info that is already posted on there site .. once you pay you are left out not to DRY.... BUT IT CAN BE A FUN PLACE TO PLAY GAMES and get away from the stress of kids and so on for a couple Hours....................................................

Debby  2008-10-24 19:13:00
I think they should let you win gems in games or on jackpot spins

Sylvia  2008-10-26 12:45:43
i am from Germany and pay for Pogo a long time but i don't can buy Gems i think that is not OK!!!!!!!!!

Judy Smith  2008-10-29 16:10:42
I agree we should get g( pogo Gems ) with our tookens I Have been playing for a couple of years.

Judy Smith  2008-10-29 16:17:27
I been paying $39.99 a year I think it should be $10.00 less. after the first year. And we should get ( Pogo Gens ) with our tookens. to. I live in the U S A

laurie  2008-11-06 10:16:41
would be nice to earn gems when playing games like you get your tokens.on spins, when you get a badge get gems

Linda  2008-11-04 15:29:59
I also think we should be able to buy GEMS with our TOKENS.

How about some new games that you can win GEMS, think about it.

Tracy  2008-11-27 18:43:57
I agree we should be able to exchange tokens to get gems. In uk we cannot even play for the jackpot.I supposedly won an amazon voucher way back last year, I went on amazon was given a code and was told that the code had already been used by somebody else.I enjoy playing the weekly games but this year EA, took money out of my account for the subscription without even asking me, and as far as I know this is not a direct debit.From my experience the draws are fake. Yes I have complained but got redirected by their `robot` answers on the site.I will not be renewing my membership next year and will take action if they take my money again without asking, which I had no reply to that either. I am only playing on the site this year as they took my money out of my account and there is only an american number to contact apart from the robot receptionists.Very disapointed as I have been a memberr for a few years.

sady  2008-11-27 12:09:46
Does anyone know if the items you purchase with your gems in the mini mall remain yours? If you buy a background, does it disappear when you buy a new one, or can you use it again at a later date? I purchased some clothes for my mini and when I changed outfits, I could no longer find the first one I bought. Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, but I've looked all over for the answer to my question, and this is my last resort.

chris  2008-11-24 12:05:29
wish gemd were free but still like pogo

mommy message board

valerie  2008-11-23 15:26:06
because they want to make money to be rich i wish we can buy gems withour tokens that would be nice

Mausi  2008-11-23 12:47:51
Ich finde es auch sehr schade das wir keinen Gems kaufen können,ich hätte sie auch gerne gehabt.
Ich bin jetzt fast ein Jahr bei Pogo habe aber keine Gems bekommen ,warum haben manche welche und manche nicht.Verstehe ich beim besten Willen nicht.

roberta  2008-11-15 08:30:43
ive been a club pogo member for years now and i do like some games but why pay for down load games and pogo gems and badge books..i dont think thats fare..operation mania looks good but im not going to pay for it.20 dollard for a down lod game can put food on my table in stead..so pogo should lower there membership prices...thank you.

Roxanne  2008-11-16 12:54:54
I have read all that everyone here has written and i just want to put in my 2 cents.....
#1 I do know a real person whom has won a jackpot - so it is possible
#2 has anyone wrote/ emailed pogo and suggested the trading of tokens for gems or has everyone just complained?

Just my two cents...thanks

Tracy  2008-11-27 18:49:59
Me again, reply to Sady, I was given some gems when they first came out, as a 'gift' for being one of the original UK members, I got the lightening bolt thing, yet when EA renewed my subscription this was no longer available in my closet to use. So to that one whether they are yours to keep I would say no, yet another rip off. You may get a polite email back apologising but thats about it.:(

janet  2008-12-08 14:01:30
ive said for a long time niw i wish pogo would consider leting us trade tokens for gems, I am disabled and this darn comp is my company if you know what i mean, i cannot always afford gems but would love to be able to play for special badges.

cindy  2008-12-02 19:13:45
It would be nice if you could win gems other then tokens or even if you could trade tokens for gems....thanxs

Vanessa  2008-12-06 17:04:16
It would be nice if POGO would let people use their tokens to buy gems, but that will never happen. POGO just wants to suck more money out of people. I don't understand why the membership costs $39.99. It should have been left at $19.99. There are a lot of mix-n-match badges and premium albums I would love to buy, but I can't. I think those badges should be part of your membership. They should not be something you have to buy separately. I don't even buy the yearly membership anymore. It seems like such a waste now. I've just been playing off the promo free trial memberships. They come about every 2 months and they are for 1 or 2 weeks, sometimes even for a month.

dollybunk  2008-12-10 03:37:34
i would like to see some ansers from pogo or some improvment come on pogo help those that keep you going

bowlerbabe  2008-12-13 21:19:20
buying gems with tokens would be nice on pogo i hope it will happen...GOD BLESS YOU!!!

shirley jacobs  2008-12-16 10:48:20
yes i to would love to see pogo give back to the costermers we should be able to but gems with are tockens

emma  2008-12-16 22:56:05
pogo sent me a email saying I won 500000000 life time tokens and I have never seen them but kept email anyway ladybingo49@gmail.com

deq1959  2008-12-18 14:50:55
i agree ..we should be able to buy gems with the tokens or win them in the games ....i would love some of the bagdes u can only get with gems ..its really not fair that we pay and not get what we want...

spiritbird  2008-12-22 14:07:17
I posted this to friends in POGO messages in Nov. 07

"OK everyone, I normally don't do this sort of thing, but enough already. If you all agree, please voice your opinion to(greedy)Pogo and also forward to your friends.

I got this message in pogo message and in email today:

This Pogo Message is to remind you that on your next billing date your subscription will change to Club Pogo Subscription at $39.99 for 12 months (1 year).

Last year the price for pogo membership went up as well, now its going up again... What do we have to show for it????

Pogo expects us to keep paying more every year ontop of paying for gems and premium badges (if that's your thing). I don't mind if we all pay a flat rate BUT let us use our tokens for gems and premium badges etc.

I think pogo should make the "free member" area a trial period, if someone likes the games then become paid members instead of relying on those that do pay.

I don't see a reason for the increase since pogo has over 200,000 members, that's nearly $7 million a yr at $35 per member. EA (pogo's owner) also makes money off their other products.

So please voice your dismay to pogo / EA, please let them know when it's enough. Also, please tell your friends. Don't just sit by and do nothing, that achieves nothing

thanks all"

judy carver  2008-12-20 14:07:24
i would love to buy gems with my tokens. i think that would be great.

maryluvsjerome  2008-12-20 15:09:56
i most definitely agree with everyone here... we should be able to purchase gems with tokens especially if we have been members for along time such as I... I have been a pogo member since August 31 2006 and it is not fair for us to have to pay for gems all the time esp. when we have to pay for membership too.

loren  2008-12-22 20:28:26
free gems for xmas ???

tdfrsk94  2008-12-25 17:38:48
I think we should be able to buy gems with tokens ,also more jackpots
to menbers

shirley jacobs  2008-12-26 15:14:13
i bought a xmas specal game in pogo but cant get into it i have 3 day left to try to get the badge for it but pogo wount let me in it cost me 28 gens i hope i dont lose them

dawn  2008-12-28 00:40:17
thats right since we pay to play pogo we should be entitled to be able to use tokens to get gems or when we play for our badges we should sometimes get gems instead of tokens so we can do other things as well since it does not take some of us very long to get our badges we would like other things to do as well.......

cathy  2009-01-01 15:19:57

SS  2009-01-02 19:31:53
How did you loose your name? Are you a member or guest? If you're a guest you have to enter a new guest pass or suscribe to Pogo after they send you a an email stating your pass is about to expire.

Mona  2009-01-03 11:49:36
I have paid to join pogo and play all their games but i can't and i need to know why i can't or please tell me how i can. Pogo has recieved my payment but i'm still not playing all the games. Thank you for any help.

Leona  2009-01-08 17:52:13
OH MY GOD. what a bunch of complainers. they are just VIRTUAL badges people. they are not real. play for the regular badges. if no one bought the other ones they might stop charging people. did any of you people actually email pogo and ask to use tokens instead of paying for the gems? pogo is a business. they are in it to make money. do you actually think just one person runs pogo. NO, hundreds of people work for pogo. they have to pay these people, do they not? just because one of you doesn't know anybody who won jackpots doesn't mean nobody wins them. i love playing pogo for the games they offer and for the people you can meet not for some stupid badges. FYI, you can type "free pogo subscription" in google search and get a free month each and everytime...

pogooooooooooo  2009-01-13 07:37:14
its alot cheaper then phantomefx.cOm they want 29.95 us funds every 3 months and you still have to get they games to install them and they just slot if you want then go they i think its worth it you want u pay for it and tookies too easy too get just ask PJM from 5 oak poker she got 711 million using sweet tooth so they well not get gems with tookies

heavensentwoman  2009-01-14 22:55:54
WOW, that's a lot of complaints...and in some cases, really bad grammar. I read every single bit of the above listed comments and complaints. I agree with leona in that you can get free pogo subscriptions, for it is how I play the club pogo games. and I agree with her in the basic principle of supply and demand. Face it, everyone...inflation hits us all, even in the virtual world af gaming. it's either the pogo employees that will receive pay cuts [or there will be no new games on pogo, etc] or the subscribing members that will pay a higher membership. I sympathize. My mother is disabled and pogo occupies her time a great deal of the day. But a company dealing in billions of dollars is not going to pay heed to a few [or even a few thousand] complaints. Not only does inflation hit us in the grocery store,and at the gas pump, but it is also prevalent online.

amber2037  2009-01-22 00:58:28
instead of complaining contact pogo and give then your ideas. it is just fake gems and badges. if you don't like it then don't play and just quit playing and don't renew your subscription. come on now people grow up and get a life you waste more money on stupid on more stupid things probably more in a day than you payed for a year subscription on pogo. so just shut up play and have fun that is what pogo is for is to play games and meet people. thats what i do

Shirley  2009-02-23 10:59:31
I have sent a check out for pogo gems and have not recieved them yet it has been almost 2 weeks have done this many times before and got them in 5 to 7 days ............What is holding them up ? Would like to know please ? Shirley

SHEILA  2009-02-18 16:38:27

Yvonne  2009-01-27 04:50:15
Sady: About your mini outfits, I have never had that problem, if you paid for the clothes then what you have to do is go into the mini mall then go into your closet, there you will find your clothes, hats, hair tops, bottoms, and outfits, however if you just tried something on and didn't buy it then you would have to buy it. and if you can't locate the item inyour closet in pogo, then make like your shopping and if you purchased that item then it will say on the bottom of that item PUT ON, then that is in your closet. I have never lost anything however when I couldn't find the item I went into the mall and found it and it just said PUT ON.. Good Luck Sady I hope this helps you out some

Yvonne  2009-01-27 05:03:32
Thank You I read your comment and I agree with you I am disable myself adn I have to pay even more than that since I cannot afford to pay a year at a time instead I pay $5.99 per month, so in the end I will have paid $72.00 for my membership, so I can't afford the gems either.
I agree that it would be nice if we could buy the gems with our tokens or even get a littlereward as a special thank you bonus. I got 20 gems when I signed up for membership I got the panda bear and I have 4 gems left, I won't be buying anymore gems, and I too pass time playing the games since I am at home all the time, it's hard to get around.
I too have writen pogo and I also got a petition in my email account at pogo I have signed it and passed it on as well.

I too have written pogo on another subject adn got an auto mated reply, nothing on what I had asked which was about the special emotioncons that I have seen others used. And they never did answer me.

justme  2009-01-29 22:42:59
you know all online games have problems you dont like it dont play it $30 is not that much for a year

ANON  2009-02-04 21:09:40
I use to play pogo everyday for about 2 years. I paid to be a member. The jackpots are cheap. They claim people have won the $$ jp., but I have never seen anyone in my rooms win the $$. Most of the time you get less then 200 tokens for the jp and maybe a couple of hundred while playing the game. When I left pogo, I only had 4 million tokens. I started playing on bigfishgames.com. I have been playing there for just over a year and have almost 40 million tokens. Bigfishgames.com has a lot better games more tokens to win. On Bigfishgames.com you can win thousands of token in one game. They don't have badges but it is a lot better then pogo. My sister had left pogo when they stripped her of all 250 badges when she canceled her subscription. They shouldn't have done that, she played a lot of games to get those. I now have no use for pogo. I feel they treat people unfair. You pay $40 for a year subscription and what do you get out of that? Nothing, not a damn thing. They could at least send you a pogo mug or mouse pad for your birthday, but they are too cheap to do that either.

olivette6ply  2009-01-31 17:59:35
pogo is really fun but it be fun to change token for gems because i stay in quebec and we cannot win nothing

SharonGPhelps  2009-02-02 17:10:00

ladybugg1817  2009-02-03 15:28:35
i agree with e1 else i think that we should be able to join club pogo with our tokens and also i think that we should be able to buy badges and gems with our tokens. in this economy that we have today noone can afford to keep paying for things like gems and badges and pogo subscriptions.....soooo pleeeeeaaaasssseee give us a break here.

sweettweet3856  2009-02-06 16:13:04
I agree we SHOULD be able to buy gems with tokens.

audrey peachey  2009-02-07 21:27:29
i agree we should be aloud to buy gems with our tokens and why can`t we buy them with our tokens please,i would like to know if we can.thank-you

Opinion ED  2009-02-08 09:19:47
This is a great site one of the best I have ever seen but I have to
agree I think we should be able to buy gems with our tokens.

CINDY  2009-02-11 15:38:51

CalgontkMeAwayOK  2009-02-12 14:29:12
Pogo has 1.5 million subscribers in the club @ $40 a pop! U do the math!

dottie  2009-02-14 23:31:26
why cant we buy gems with our tokens. please answer me thank you

ATHLETICMATT192  2009-02-22 12:52:10
I been using pogo for 2 years now. I am a club pogo member and I think we should use our tokens to buy pogo gems and badge book so we don't have to pay for it with our money. it would be nice if pogo could let us buy gems with our tokens

Carolyn  2009-02-23 16:56:44
I wish pogo would let us use our tokens to buy gems too. But who are we kidding, as long as you and I are willing to spend that money on buying gems so that we can play games and get badges, why would they change it. Don't get me wrong I would love it if it would change, but I also know I'm going to go right on along and buy my gems and play my games and win my badges until if ever there is a change. Doesn't do much good to complain bout it they ain't listening.

Edna Knouse  2009-02-26 09:38:41
Iwas told we could get 350 gems free by going on i need more free pogo gems, we shouldn't have to pay for the gems so what is the deal on the gems

Bill Medley  2009-02-25 15:14:34
I think we should beable to get gems with are tokens but pogo doesnt care as long as everyone keeps buying like being a member isnt good enough.

patricia1662  2009-02-27 13:36:37
i agree we should be able to buy gems with the tokens we accumalate

ayness  2009-02-27 17:20:45
i think pogo need stop gusse pass because peoples used to come in and say bad suff to peoples that they would say in there paid name

poodlelover_  2009-03-03 15:48:44
would love to have gems to get games but will not buy anything cause we are being ripped off. Been a member since they started and never won even when they were giving out 5.00 now they give gifts so i'm not to empress about it

Peggy  2009-03-02 22:00:29
Everyone talks about FREE GEMS I NEVER Get Any Gems

memabic  2009-03-05 14:46:47
my daughter in law won 500.00 3 yrs ago and never got it . i think we should get some for free. i will not renew mine when this one is up

Bevrly Harris  2009-03-06 17:11:20
yes I havve something to say about buying gems, I think they get enought money from us playing the game , with out chargeing us for gems, they should a least let us get them with token, some of us can't afford to buy gem,were luck to pay for the game each years

Dxgrl0203  2009-03-13 07:51:14
yes i wanted free gems but its money money money my husband and i have 3 children and he got laid off from work we cant afford to pay for gems and we barely can afford to play pogo.this is so crazy chrging people for something that fake put the real thing on there and then charge people we shouldnt have to pay for gems how crazy can people get????

mariah077  2009-03-14 14:44:22
yes I agree,it would be nice,to win gems,and not have to buy them,or do a survey,which I won't do.to many hackers on line,now days.I do love playing the games,and spending my tokens at the mall

Old^Phart  2009-03-15 14:49:59
All of these people complaining about pogo .. talking about petitions .. there's only one way to get pogo to pay attention to you. STOP PAYING FOR MEMBERSHIP. Play the free stuff, and go on with your life.

lost358player6  2009-03-15 22:46:10
I totaly agree with every one fed up with pogo I have been with pogo for 9 years now and have not won anything but a few tokens.I also think the names of so called ones that have ????? won are made up names.

Bettyboo  2009-03-17 06:46:28
give us more gems pogo frezzes up to much and it's not my computer because every has the same problem. ue should all stop paying for our membership

lison50  2009-03-17 19:45:21
we should be able to buy pogo gems with tokens or be able to win them by playing a game

ANITA  2009-03-21 18:34:23

geneva bruner  2009-03-22 08:06:10
i agree with everyone,we pay our membership,so we should be able to use our tokens for gems,at less once in awhile.with so mini of us on a limit income we can't always have extra cash.i am worhing on my albums and i don't have extre cash for games or gems to finish a couple of them right now. arn't you interested in members being happy and getting their friends to join pogo/??????????

Haylebooper20001  2009-03-23 17:23:37
IM a member and i would in joy getting gems.So I could get the badge books. And use my tokens to get them.and the mini mall every thing there is so much to get any of it.it would be nice to use our tokens to get theys thing.

shaylleene  2009-03-26 06:05:45
ppftt we pay 70 dollars to b members here in aussie land and we get nothing 4 our money either,we never win. free gems would b great, but i would b happy to swap tokens 4 them.

TexCleveland  2009-03-28 09:55:58
I have been with pogo since 01 and joined the club shortly after it started. They gave me 8 gems when they started it. I won 5 more with my jackpot spin. What can you buy with 13 gems? Nothing I think I would rather have the 25 or 30 points then some worthles gems. By the way I have met winners before but Turbo 21 still has same jackpot for about 18 months now and I also have about 27.5 million tokens................I know get a life lol

geneva bruner / pogo user hotmompl  2009-03-28 17:55:43
place you login to,buy pogo tokens and gems,axcess easy as login on to play clubpogo games.////////// i ordered tokens friday,march27,2009 for $4.99 they have not been added to my account....

Jim pepe  2009-03-30 15:25:01
For a week now, I've been asking POGO who audits them, who oversees the ALLEGED cash winners. They've been totally ignoring me. I've also asked them...if a jackpot spin is random, then WHY is the JP spin outcome known WAY B4 the spinner stops by itself or b4 you click on stop. I have yet to get a reply from them. I emailed the *California state auditors* ( since pogo has HQ in California ). They have nothing to do with pogo. I have also contacted the * California gambling control commission*.. they have no jurisdiction over pogo.com . I later found out that EA, even if having headquarters in California.. is a Delaware corp. Regardless of the state they are in, no gambling/gaming commission seem to have jurisdiction over them. So, they ALLEGEDLY award cash prizes.. and NO ONE oversees them ??? BS.. am sick of getting the run-around. I firmly believe that POGO.COM/EA are a bunch of crooks.. and need to be denounced once and for all. WHO HAS JURISDICTION on pogo ?? who audits/oversees them ??

Leisa  2009-03-30 22:47:42
I don't quite understand the whole gem thing either. I think we should be able to purchase them with our tokens also. I also think some of the mini mall items are a bit pricey. Love the games though, pogo rocks. Thanks for the great past time of games. It was the only thing that got me through this long, snowy winter. Keep up the good work POGO!

scrubs  2009-04-01 23:44:22
It is sad that pogo is taking the fun aways from those of us who love pogo becoming a nickle and dime program ... trickters'

Echo's mom  2009-04-03 09:24:41
I would also like to be able to earn gems as well as tokens we already pay an arm & a leg for our pogo membership why pay for the gems just to turn around & give them right back just like we do the tokens

mary wheeler  2009-04-04 04:11:56
yea jim pepe i noticed the same thing a long time ago if you watch your name on the list it changes before the token counter tallies it up, i think pogo is rigged, ive heard players add a jackpot winner to their friends list and cant find them ever again, i think the winners are just trumped up by pogo to look like people are winning, the only thing i have gained from pogo is a life time of great friends that does bear some merit

missdiva1003  2009-04-07 20:28:25
i think we should be able to purchase pogo gems with xnumber of tokens and then i think it would be fair i've done so many jackpot spins and i won just tokens no gems

bobbieo145  2009-04-22 03:19:25
ihave purchased 20 albums and completed them all. now i just repeat the games and just play for the fun of it. you can play all of the challenges over and over. to me that is just as good as the badges.

Derek  2009-04-23 21:27:21
If you have complaints you can try looking info up on pogo. EA GAMES (challenge everything) yea, there the owners of pogo, and i've herd some people do win the jackpots, not very often though, but as you can see, if u look at winners names whom win jackpots and hats and mugs, and add them to your friends list, there not found. EA games can get away with it simply by giving away one small prize per day week and month, although they make billions off us, there just cheap BAST**DS so screw em, they know who they are and they know there rotten horrible pieces of SH*T and should commit suicide, but hey we cant all get that lucky.

Char  2009-04-23 23:20:50
i have been in rooms with people who have won and we talked about it....so there are winners. I have always thought the way you do...about some of the winners being fake but have found them the next day so i know some do exist. To me getting tokens is a farce and what is the big deal about not letting us exchange them for gems. I like the games but they are not really giving us anything in exchange for our money. We are the FOOLS!!!!

Jennylee Malmgren  2009-04-30 09:28:29
I have read all the above, it is about three-years worth of disgruntled people....I have a severe addiction to pogo. I adore the avatar section, I cannot leave my home to go shopping or etc., so I find pleasure in my make-believe closet of backgrounds, clothing, hair, animals, etc. "It Is" hard to get games, mix-n-matched ones, the "cutest" things in the mini mall without gems. I would rather buy the gems, about 350/month and use them to my imaginative pleasure, than to spend it on beer, cigaretts, and junk food. I respect EA and its affiliates, "we" ALL knew and know they would NOT be in a business that is not profitable or they would absolutely be fools. I would rather deal with entreprenurs than with a bunch of disgruntled fools, pogo would not have over 1.5 Million members is they were uneducated persona as in the above claims. In everything in this life, there will always be those who like to complain, swear, express their uneducated minds - why Do You Pay for a membership and then want to run the business? Sounds like your are on the wrong end of the stick....relax....enjoy....be grateful we even have computers...look around yourselves, life is fun, manage your money if you want to enjoy these mind exercises...some day you may even lose your mind..chances are less if you keep it thinking and exercised..what is spending a few dollars on something to help you later, who you competing with? Who's listening? Why complain negatively? What good does it do you? No one else really cares, we all have our own boats to row...Lighten Up....Be Kind to Yourself...Laugh...Love and Live, even if its through Pogo....lol

Frances Summerlin  2009-05-01 14:55:58
i think that it crazy that we have to pay money for the gems...we should be able to pay for them with our tokens....

Carol  2009-05-02 21:14:03
I have heard some bad news lately. People that have "won" the big jackpots but never got them. Little wins they get but the big ones no! I hope this is not true-but I know someone who went to a lawyer about this and they said they would probably win if they went to court but it would cost more that it was worth....

michelle  2009-05-06 16:53:49
i agree with that we should be able to buy gems with our tokens we really dont use our tokens for much of anything only to buy things at the mini mall even if we could do it once every few months not whenever we run out.

christine  2009-05-06 16:14:07
i feel the same way most people do in this situation why not buy gems with tokens cause i feel that we pay enough for our membership n plus our time playing the games

Davis  2009-05-05 18:45:49
You can get 350 free pogo gems at ClubPogoGems.com

chales carpenter  2009-05-07 16:01:42
Yes i think we should get free gems once a week if you get all your badges.Only on the games you put up each week,plus one that we pick,plus some tokens.But not a arm or leg out of your tokens.Make it reasonable were everyone can aford them.Even the people who cant aford to buy gems.But only for club pogo members.Thank you for taking your time to read mine and other pogo players.Thank you CHUCK.

dc5051p  2009-05-06 22:00:28
ithink we should hgewt free gems everytimne
we finisha badge

Helle Senft  2009-05-07 15:06:59
i think we should be able to buy gems with tokens thank Helle

jack quinn  2009-05-03 17:47:42
i think they are right you{we}should be able to buy gems with our tokens thank you jack

Frank W. Farrell  2009-05-07 20:35:47
How do I get my free Gems

geneva  2009-05-08 12:04:05
i thik we should be able to get gems with or tokens
we pay enough for club pogo to be a member the way it is

nancy  2009-05-08 16:49:38
i agree with everyone above and them some. come on pogo give up

Freddy  2009-05-08 16:52:19
I basically feel that with every challenge completed you could be rewarded with a couple gems. They only go right back to pogo/ea sports anyway. Take care of your fans, friends and family.

Stacey Carter  2009-05-08 20:14:05
Since we are already paying for our membership,I think we should be able to use our tokens to purchase our gems. There are alot of us who play the games daily.

julia  2009-05-09 18:35:10
i was messaged that if i come to this website that i would recieve 350 gems... is this true? all i see are complaints!

Yvonne  2009-05-09 20:12:09
I was messaged the same. If I came to this site I would receive 350 gems for free. Is this a joke???? Like you said Julia, it is for complaints.

jay02092002  2009-05-10 01:38:25
when can we get more prizes

crazylady  2009-05-10 02:29:18
i also was messaged the same. if i came this site i would receive 350 gems... is this a joke? its all complaints...
I LIKE POGO GAMES AND ENJOY THEN even if i don't win anything,
the games keeps your mind thinking
if you don't like pogo stop playing its your lost

Witchy05  2009-05-10 16:32:01
you should be able to buy gemjs with your tokens

londonspups33  2009-05-10 17:09:20
i had to pay for my membership twice to play for one year and i know they received it because the check was cashed i saw it on my bank statement I THINK I NEED TO GET SOME POGO GEMS TO MAKE UP FOR THE WAY I GOT JIPPED

iamwoman5050  2009-05-10 17:36:36
thinking maybe with the tournaments, they could give the winner GEMS.
maybe a few for playing the tournaments.
just a thought
but i do enjoy playing.

Nisee  2009-05-10 19:13:41
there should be a way to get gems besides cash

jobnotdone4  2009-05-10 19:43:50
I've been a member for 10 years I am more about the badges than the tokens. so i believe we should trade .

pampanda  2009-05-10 20:46:22
I feel as a member we should be allow to get gems with our tokens or other stuff with our tokens; After all what good is our tokens good for except to buy backgrounds or outfits; How many moremembers will it take for pogo to consider our wishes?pampanda

chester  2009-05-10 20:53:50
I agree with all above;

chester  2009-05-10 20:53:54
I agree with all above;

elena  2009-05-10 21:04:28
i agree i can't afford to pay for membership then pay for gems like the mothers day badge i have 5 gems and it calls for 28 gems and i can't get it.so i won't get it.

cc11040  2009-05-10 21:35:10
I agree with all above.

cat  2009-05-11 13:14:22
i have been playing on pogo now for 2 years and love it but you are all right about the gems i buy gems every mth and at the end of the year it does add up if u think about it they should let u get gems with your tokens what u have won but they wont because they are a business and they still have to pay there staff they wages like any other does,but i still enjoy playing pogo and getting badges even if it is costing me for them badges

Kathy Keller  2009-05-11 15:32:31
I feel the same way about being able to turn our tokens in for some gems

Penny Williamson  2009-05-11 16:36:38
yes i agree, tokens should be able to be traded for gems. I also cannot afford to purchase gems regularly

Windfall2  2009-05-11 16:55:33
Congrats for the Great Scam! Pogo rules! LOL

bob stittgen  2009-05-11 16:55:50
i think you should be able to get premium backgrounds with tokkens

Robin Fryer  2009-05-11 17:03:18

I think we should be able to purchase anything with tokens from pogo instead of paying for pogo gems.

SPONGEBOB2006PLA  2009-05-11 19:00:44

francyii  2009-05-11 19:03:07
I love to play and CHAT on pogo. I would like to be able to trade tokens for gems.

bingolover53p  2009-05-11 19:04:33
i think we should be able to buy gems with tokins too as much as we play pogo.

scootertrash1202  2009-05-11 19:10:26
Jusy found out about the site will check it out more thanks

randon tamayo  2009-05-11 19:52:18

randon tamayo  2009-05-11 19:54:11
you can go to clubpogogems.com you can get free gems and free tokens

mizzlemom51  2009-05-11 21:35:01
would just like to say that I think people who play should be awarded gems, along with their tokens. Maybe use tokens to purchase gems? I see people on here who have 50 mill tokens, what they do with that? Do they enter the sweeps? Maybe not, but good idea if they used them. Heard from friends, that when the renew, they can;t get ahead of the game. Well, that;s not fair. Bad mouthing only takes 1 person, and u will lose soo many from that. There's alot of free game sites out there, listen up.

auntsheilababy  2009-05-12 00:15:07
we should get gems free from time to time for all the hours,referals,not counting our club pogo dues.times are hard and i just can't afford it

christy ledbetter  2009-05-12 00:21:52
i dont feel that you should have to buy gems

pixiedust  2009-05-12 03:17:22
Here is an idea on the gems.
For each album you complete get some FREE (maybe 1 gem for each badge in that album).
For each guest pass you give out and that person then joins you get some FREE (maybe 10 or 15) gems.
As you rank up in the games besides getting the rank badge get a few (mabye 3-5) FREE gems.
This would help people who are on limited budgets and for other members who can not afford to buy gems PLUS it would make for a nice added bonus to the ones who can afford to buy them.
I do not think it would NOT cost EA or POGO anything extra to do this.
Another thing I would like to see are some prettier clothes. More like you would wear to church or to the office. Not just the ones they have now like you would wear to the clubs. Maybe some nice dresses, or sundresses, and slacks/pantsuits. There are lost of preteens and teens playing on POGO also so I am sure they would like to have more teen style clothes and minis.

carol petersen  2009-05-12 14:15:11
i agree we should be able to purchase gems with our tokens...after all we play to win them so we shold be ablto purchase gems...albums..among the things we can already purchase with them..after all some of us are on a very fixed income and pogo is basically our best enjoyment .. i enjoy working for badges

juliec  2009-05-12 14:26:16
I also agree that we should be allowed to buy gems with our tokens. Give us a break! the economy sucks and all we want is a little fun but you can't enjoy the games that call for gems because they don't give you enough to play them. I won't be signing up again and I bet if everybody boycotted Pogo they'd change their tune.

markswife82004  2009-05-12 14:48:41
i think we should get more gems on spins too...instead of wallpaper we never use...and why cant we pay for our membership with gems?


ElaineKidwell  2009-05-12 15:04:27
I agree with some that we should trade tokens for Gems!

angel49652  2009-05-12 21:42:21
I agree with several thing we are to be able choose if we geat a wallpaper or gems.

FOXYROXY313  2009-05-12 23:19:39
Ithink we should be able to send a pass more often then once every two or three months. some people can't afford pogo right now, so we should be able to send a pass more often.

Pam  2009-05-14 08:42:37
I agree for the most part with what everyone is saying. First I want to say that when I renewed my yearly subscription, I thought it was for the amount shown, but it turned out to be about $10 Dollars more, I also thought that I would get Gems for renewing my subscription, but that did not happen either. I think with the amount we are paying per year or month, we should be able to get Gems alot easier and way cheaper, Getting them like we do things in the Mini Mall would be nice. Paying for them with our Tokens. Also, im having problems getting badges that move. Where do I find those?

Carol  2009-05-13 12:55:36

sonya  2009-05-13 14:00:18
yeah let us earn the gems if we want them, pogo is suppose to be a fun cite not get my money cite

Rlb  2009-05-13 16:15:50
I was playing Payday FreeCell on my ClubPogo Membership acct. and got a Jackpot spin. I won 5 Gems! I was elated. That was some time ago.

becky  2009-05-13 16:40:14
I wanted to by a Badge Album as a gi ft and saw that it offers 10% off if gems are used to purchase album. Well I had a C*** load of gems i bought so i was going to give a gift. Well needless to say they would not let me (a member) use my gems to purchase a gift, i could only use cash. That made me furious! what else can we do but write these little tid bits out and hope they are listening!

loriemiddle39  2009-05-13 17:05:30
i think that we should beable to buy gems with are tokens.

Cyndi  2009-05-13 17:30:11
i agree with most in getting gems for tokens.
also i would like to say i thank god every day when i come home from work and need to unwind.
Pogo offers games for all ages and i like choice and choice i get with Pogo!
maybe pogo needs to come up with 4 games a month that only members can play that offer gems not tokens,i think that would make it fun for the members.
How about Pogo its a good thing?

wendy  2009-05-13 17:52:28
i agree we should be able to get gems with our tokens

kerri  2009-05-13 20:51:09

Shirley  2009-05-14 11:15:22
I also agree with Kerri we should be able to get gems with our tokens

sandra  2009-05-14 14:04:49
i agree with the others we should be able to get the gems with our tokens

K.Rentz  2009-05-14 15:41:11
I have been a member for about 2 weeks. My husband and I like different games so we switch players back & forth. We already have 800,000 tokens and are disappointed that most of the stuff in the mini mall require gems. Ipurchased gems just to buy a dog! Would be nice if they were a reward on the jackpot spins, or perhaps buying with 10,000 tokens. Just a suggestion to make your club members happy.

jimmy  2009-05-14 15:44:21
very good comments

comments are excellent. i agree with most  2009-05-14 17:46:19
tokens for gems...

israeldeborah  2009-05-14 18:45:12
i think that there should be a way that we can buy gems with our tokens

PlayerCoolnana 2009-05-14 20:10:00  2009-05-14 21:12:32
I'd also like to be able to get free gems without having to pay for them since I can't afford to buy them either. We pay enough for our membership and it all seems to be about money just like everything else.

wileysomo  2009-05-14 22:55:57
I agree we should be able to use our tokens to buy gems. We really do not get to use them for anything else.

kathkeen  2009-05-15 00:15:40
I would like to be able to win gems instead of tokens sometimes

joan  2009-05-15 00:44:29
i agree we should be able to buy gems with tokens

choctplay  2009-05-15 15:20:57
yes i think they should be a way we can buy gems with our token

cindy  2009-05-15 15:53:42
just in agreement we should be able to buy gems with tokens thanks

rebecca  2009-05-15 16:11:05
i think that we should be able to buy gems with tokens and that we should be able to play for the badges that is in the books in 2003-2008 any time if we dont have those badges and i really dont think the jackpots are real i have been playing here sence 2002 and i ahve not won anythink

isdedeye  2009-05-15 16:21:28
where's the 350 gems on this page ? and does anyone know anyone who ever won anything or is it just a scam?

sassy  2009-05-15 16:39:59
i agree with you all, pogo is so tight they make me sick BUT this site isnt any better. it advertises free gems and i still dont see where you get free gems at. and yes isdedeye i won 1 time but it was only 10 dollars.

Jacquie  2009-05-15 16:49:59
I agree about the Pogo Gems, they shouldn't cost us so much money. Especialy since there's alot of us who can't afford to because of our eccomny.Plus I feel its unethical to advertise that we can get free gems when there's not any to be had.If this is the case to get people to look at your web site then you need to find a better way to do so then then falsely say free gemswhen in fact theres isn't any.

chrissy  2009-05-15 17:44:28
i have been a member for a few years now,and havent won anything!so i see this thing for free gems i thought cool!,but then i get this website and no gems whats up with that!? tokens for gems i like that idea

Sandi  2009-05-15 17:52:22
I agree also that we should be able to get gems with our tokens. I have never won a jackpot prize either. Too bad Pogo doesnt listen to us players. Guess they do not care. They just want to keep taking our money and give us nothing in return.

annsheretostay1  2009-05-15 19:21:55
how come some people get more gems when the become a member and i got only 4 that really sucks what can u get with that i ahve 6 kids and just got pink slipped from my job. and i can afford to buy gems and badge books come on pogo it tuff out here

why did you even waste my time if we get no gems this sucks.You took me away from playing my games. to come here for nothing.  2009-05-15 21:01:00

AliceisLola  2009-05-16 17:25:52
I Believe that we should be able to buy gems with our tokens after all we already paid our membership. Why should we be charged more. I think the stuff in the mini mall is great but it would be nice to get some of the cool stuff that you have to have gems for.

starmotion  2009-05-16 18:34:21
Been on here for almost 2 years all i got so far was wall paper for a spin whoopie

candierayee  2009-05-16 20:57:51
Yes I agree we should be able to use the tokens we won to buy gems.

SantiaEvlP  2009-05-16 22:20:25
y i agree also that we should be able to buy gems with our tokens

carole43  2009-05-17 11:38:05

a3spirit  2009-05-17 13:00:47
you told everyone to come here to get free gems..where are they. all i found is BUY gems, nothing about free gems, all pogo want is money, and more money, us brits get nothing free from you.

bisley45p  2009-05-17 14:02:19
I agree that the club members should be the only ones to be able to win the jackpots, and once or twice a year be able to get free gems or be able to buy them with tokens

rosiesmanP  2009-05-17 15:32:41
i'm sure all we have to do to get our share of pogo gems for free, is to contact THE OBAMA and that socialist will take them from them and give them to us down trodden pogo players, After all we are entitled to share everything on this planet. OMGGGGG hope he doesnt get the idea that he's going to take my pogo tokens and give them to some fuckin peasant in turd world country

borninusa63  2009-05-17 17:14:22
i just think for free games they shouldn't be so cheap

DORIS PAPPALARDO  2009-05-17 19:48:19

behan14  2009-05-17 20:17:13
i agree with everybody we should be able to buy gems with our tokens.

Cheryl  2009-05-17 20:49:49
I also agree with everyone,We should be able to use our gems with our tokens.............

gil martin  2009-05-17 21:24:23
i agrree i think we should be able to buy gems with tokens

jesse  2009-05-17 21:39:21
I think that everyone has a good idea to trade tokens for gems.Quit trying to make money in a time of people getting layed-off;fired and not able to keep buying gems!! THINK OF YOUR PLAYERS vs.players leaving your site because of your site don't want to make a acception!!

phil loconti  2009-05-18 11:46:12

brenda brown  2009-05-18 13:59:08
I agree with most of the above comments. I find it very discouraging that I can get gems no matter how much I play.

luanne  2009-05-18 14:32:25
I think to that we should be able to buy gems with our tokens why should we have to pay extra for them if we are paying for our pogo (which keeps going up )

Phyllis  2009-05-18 15:42:41
how do we get the 350 free pogo gems as advertised on site?

deb5ply  2009-05-18 16:19:24
i think we should be able 2 buy gems with tokens

Sandra  2009-05-18 16:28:24
I agree with most of the people we really should be able to win gems I play the games alot and i have never won any gems I think that there should be a system where you can maybe earn gems by the amount of time you spend playing or for the different levels on some of the games they should award gems.

Nancy  2009-05-18 17:33:41
I am new at this .My freinds had me sign up and it is fun.I am learning new games all the time.I do think that we should be able to win or trade tokens for gems so we can work on badges.So that we have something challages.

Lee  2009-05-18 19:42:23
I came here because it said I get free gems-then its crap-no gems-how come you guys only pay $29.00-I pay almost $40.00 a year and half the time you can't get into rooms to get your badges.I agree with all of you-tokens don't buy or win you nothing.

willbebad2000  2009-05-18 20:33:49
i want free gems lol

dolli61480134  2009-05-18 20:34:52
i think all of u should play the games & quit your griping lmao

Barbara Hart  2009-05-18 21:22:40
i agree with april .why cant we use tokens to buy gems ....what else are tokens good for .....nothing really....

sandykayeplayer  2009-05-18 21:30:01
it really would be nice if we could use tokens to either buy gems, albums,and downloads since we are charged a fee for being a member. it make members feel very special

CAROL  2009-05-19 01:51:45

PlayLITTLEBULL  2009-05-19 07:17:13
Yes I would Like To Have FREE Gems to. But I cant afford to buy them of my fixed income. Every one tells me you get 350 fre gems. How can i get them. I thing all so that we should get a lot of free gems for what we have to pay for this site every year and it keeps going up. Thank You

dollybunk  2009-05-19 09:02:02

toni79t  2009-05-19 15:36:54
i agree also, i think that every month when they get our money off our cc they should award us gems for being a member of their website and not someone elses after all there are other websites that offer the same as pogo but i hear from friends that its better and cheaper as far as tokens go my experience is scrabble pays big on spin i have always got at least 1000 have even got 7000 about 11 or 12 times it just takes so long to play so play computer and it will go fast also lottso express pays good too

Rlb  2009-05-19 23:59:13

judy.daniell -babysquirrel132  2009-05-20 15:08:36
I agree that we should be able to get gems and albums with our tokens. it would have a lot more people to register for club pogo. and also we should be able to worrk on more badges than we do. i get done with all my badges in 2 days. and than you have to wait till next wenesday to work on more. and we should work on them any time we want
thank you
baby squirrel132.

nancy drummond  2009-05-25 23:48:49
I agree on all of this,, pogo is the one making all the money not one dime is going out to any one...been on this pogo for years ....I think it is about time we write or congress men and lets see if we can get pogo to see the light ...maybe there are not paying taxs or something like that...it is time to do something...about pogo...
write letters to the ones that count...not on this.. they are laughing at us...calling us fools...we pay to play...but this is going to be my last year doing this...the same old thing...and no real winners..
take care all

fireladt172  2009-05-28 11:55:05
i agree i pay by the month i only received 20 gems and thats it you should be able to by gems with your tokens what the hell else are we suppose to do with them....other then look at them we should be able to buy gems with our tokens and be able to get the mix and math badges and albums...and for those of us that pay by the month or even by the year should get gems on our birthdays just to show you apprecieate us paying to keep you in business.......

dc5051p  2009-05-28 22:17:22
iagree we should get more gems thne what weget lovedc5051p

shelia  2009-05-31 17:46:07
i think we should also be able to buy gems with our pogo tokens too

joan  2009-06-04 23:56:56
I hear the cost of the membership and agree lots can,t afford it. I would like the gems , but I chose not to spend the extra money. As for the jack pot spins and money I did win a jackpot and got a check for the money. I also knew a lady that won 2000 plus dollars on a jackpot spin so yes some win. but it is like the lottery so many people and so few winners will be picked. The best thing I got from Pogo was a lot of wonderful friends and the cost of them is them is priceless.

Diana  2009-06-07 21:27:38
I agree with everyone we should be able to get gems without paying for them we did pay for our membership.With out us their would be No pogo..

midge  2009-06-08 13:40:31
i think we can get pogo gems with are tokens are they can give us about 100 are something like that free...............thank you

sandy carson  2009-06-11 00:20:44
I would like to know how to get gems without paying as well. we have no use of all these tokins, so why not let us buy gems with them or use our tokins for the mall.

monica  2009-06-11 13:52:14
earning pogo gems in games or buying them with our tokens or get so many free with each monthly subscription or let us buy a game to earn the badge with tokens as well as gems

teebebe2  2009-06-14 10:33:56
i think it should be easier to aquire the gems in the first place. we shouldn't have to wonder for weeks what we are supposed to do.

StarzSpecialJem  2009-06-17 02:17:32
why can't we buy a yr pass with our tokens it would sure help me out and prob a lot of other geez we can get them back wick enoughi found two games i really any pogo getting them twist me silly and flowerz

wilma  2009-06-17 12:55:45
why can;t we use our token to buy gems

Smallblock75Play  2009-06-25 21:55:13
I also think pogo is full of it u cant win gems u should be able to trde tokens for gems and I also would like to add that the games are unfair like canasta how can someone lose 37 games in a row people cheat and when u report them nothing is done it like we pay to bitch bout everything and they get paid to listen and most likely laugh at us and the money thing i dont think there is real jackpots

angel  2009-06-23 09:10:42
yea i think we sure buy gems with our token that will be a good idea

candygirl603  2009-06-30 16:01:09
be nice to really win

zxtxz  2009-07-15 16:54:25
If ya dont like it get the hell off...
Buying into something is principal....
May and pay's azz complain in here....
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To make an honest living lifetime in .
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June  2009-08-30 02:14:45
To the person who lost her name and all her stuff on Pogo, recently my
password would not work ,I emailed Pogo and they never sent it to me.
I couldn,t get on to play so this is what I did, I did a system restore on my computer.
You can reset your computer to an earlier date when you did have all your stuff on Pogo,I hope this helps you.
As for the gem thing on Pogo, I feel if they are not willing to give us gems or trade tokens for gems then bring down the dam price of membership
so we can afford to buy them if we want.

cmc  2009-08-30 20:28:36
i won a whole bunch of 3 month free club pogo member ships by playing the subway freshbuzz. I have a whole bunch of codes so if anyone wants to get free club pogo contact me on pogo my screenname is krazyblonde520. just leave a message in my guestbook with your screen name and I'll go look for you in the game rooms.

MNM  2009-08-05 16:55:17
Ok, I have tired and tried to find an answer to this. Does ANYONE know what was the nae of the item that came out with the fairy costumes a long while back in the Mini Mall that had the curled rainbow hair? To this very day I have still wanted that hair and was to late to get it when it came out and now it's gone and I do not know the name of it just the way it looked. Please if anyone knows lemme know.

Delores Herrick  2009-10-21 14:36:16
I paid for pogo games and I look the page for my account. Can you help me

troy  2009-10-22 14:27:35

joe  2010-02-05 22:40:13
i want gems

thekid72  2010-03-23 08:22:54
where are the free gems i got plenty of tokens but no jems

Kelvin Brown  2010-10-29 18:34:43
show me the gems

alex lake  2010-10-31 20:13:23
they should make a game that lets you earn gems when you win

Brenda   2011-10-22 14:16:16
people people, why waste your breath, pogo is there too take your money as soon as your year expires they take it out of your account without even permission. They don't want to compromise, move on to another site and maybe if they loose all there coustomers they,ll do something ...until there save your breathe your wasting it

babyygurl138  2012-10-24 16:31:10
i think you should be able too use your tokens to for gems too

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