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Bubble Shooter Premium Edition Game Preview   2007-05-16


Bubble Shooter Premium EditionBubble Shooter Premium Edition - New Version of Bubble Shooter Deluxe


Let's face it: games do not get better with time like wine.


The recent robust growth in casual games market, with bunches of clones, sequels and utterly new titles being released every day, is what makes developers coin games with a thought of tomorrow in an attempt to anticipate player's wishes and expectations.


This is why game developers from Absolutist, a company known for producing casual games for many platforms, let us behind the curtain of their development studio so we may bring you a very important news:


A a new version of all-time classic Bubble Shooter game is on the way. According to the FBI reports, it will be out in the end of May.


Bubble Shooter Premium Edition If you haven't yet heard: Bubble Shooter is a heart-of-casual-classics.


Games of Bubble Shooter series is a well-known brand by Absolutist.


Since the release of the first Windows version, games of Bubble Shooter series have been downloaded over 1 mln times!


In a nutshell, the gameplay of Bubble Shooter is based on the principle of good-old bust-a-move games.


The miracle of Bubble Shooter lies deep behind this fact: Absolutist was the first to take a bust-a-move mechanics and wrap it in "casual" game settings.


Bubble Shooter Premium EditionThe point is to clear the playing field by shooting and forming clusters of three or more bubbles of the same color, which proved to be ultimately absorbing, given all the customer's feedback developers have received on the game since 2000.


Bubble Shooter Premium Edition leaves this very principle untarnished, yet offers some other stuff to hook you up and keep clued to bubble shooting.


First of all, what you will notice is the enhanced and modernized graphics. Bubble Shooter has become more colorful and eye-catching.


New palette and video-effects, new set of skins and avatars, even new shape of the playfield and even new soothing soundtrack- it all is designed to make you play for as long as possible.  


But the greatest feature of Bubble Shooter is much more significant than just a graphical interface. It is new Multiplayer Mode that allows you to play against other players in real time.


Bubble Shooter Premium EditionMore than that, you can now chat with the community of bubble snipers thanks to the just-added chat. And, if you earn the required score, you'll unlock bubble screensaver with astonishing video effects.


But this is not the end of story. The game offers 3 graphical skins in each mode: 1. Classic, usual bubble shooting game, 2. Aqua -underwater bubble shooting and 3. Gems - bubble, or gem shooting featuring the settings of jewelry shop.      


So, recharge your ammo, cross your fingers and expect a Windows version of all-time hit game to appear in the end of May... Check back for the review and download of Bubble Shooter Premium Edition at GameMile!


P.S. In connection with the game release, Absolutist is proud to announce a game offer:


If you get yourself a copy of Bubble Shooter or Bubble Golden Pack Deluxe at Absolutist.com in May, you will get Bubble Shooter Premium Edition for free.


For more information check Absolutist.com or contact Absolutist Support  


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