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Hidden Expedition Everest is out   2007-05-31


Hidden Expedition EverestHidden Expedition Everest is out and Available for Download 


Today's story is not a just so story for casual game fans. Remember this day: May 31, 2007. As we announced previously, Big Fish Game Studio released Hidden Expedition Everest today! This is the second version of hidden object odyssey through the greatest highlights of the world. And this time you're to lift from the deep water of Atlantic to the highest peak of the world - Everest.


The first thing to say about this game is that...


Hidden Expedition Everest combines the latest achievements of Hidden Object games, such as mini-games, time and hint bonuses. Hidden Expedition Everest Download


Not to mention the animated scenaries of the world famous places and the gripping storyline...


So, follow the expert Everest climber Ed Viesturs to the higest peak of the world and try to outrun three opponent teams   in a dozen of hidden-object levels and mini-games.


So, don't hesitate to download it now and expect for a game review with  tips and tricks for this game tomorrow at GameMile! 


Download Hidden Edxpedition Everest now



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Tracey Rutledge  2007-05-31 15:34:12
I have been surprised by all the sites that say Everest came out TODAY, Thursday. I have had it for two days and just finished it the first time around. It is awesome. IF you prefer not to know how a game ends QUIT READING--I have questions. I do need help on one aspect from the very end of the game. Once the game ends it gives a screen and says NO secret objects found. I am assuming, then, that there is more to this game than meets the eye--cool--but, I don't know what it means. There is nothing to tell me of looking for extra things in the game. If you figure it out, please let me know. I am on my second go around and still have figured out what it's talking about. You can email me at Tiggerifictr2@yahoo.com. Thanks, Tracey

John D  2007-06-08 13:01:58
When you get to that point, click on the button in the centre of the screen below the text.

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