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Twisted Worlds   2015-11-20

Twisted Worlds

All the hidden object genre fans unite to save the world and bring it back to the correct order! Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds challenges you to time travel and find all the hidden items in quite a lot of different locations around the world. The course of history was interrupted by an unknown event causing a confusion of the world's main periods because of a colision of two worlds. But the good news is that htere is a time machine that can take you back in time to set all the periods straight and in the correct order. The locations that you visit may appear in either their actual known to us state or their mystical version. You are usually looking for the core items of a particular time and place (except fo rthe numbers, I guess).


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Frozen Free Fall   2015-03-31

Frozen Free Fall

Disney’s latest real hit, “Frozen,” from 2013, has been called a masterpiece that is likely to usher in another Disney renaissance similar to that of the 80s and 90s. The music, the art, the beauty, the story, and the characters of this blockbuster have really changed the way that people are looking at animated movies. The value Frozen franchise has well surpassed 1 billion dollars already. So, you already know that if Disney invests in a mobile app game based on the movie, Frozen, then the app had better well be worthy of the franchise name. Well, this one most certainly is! Frozen Free Fall is a hot new Match-3 game that lives up to the standard of Disney’s Frozen movie. As you would expect, there is lots of ice and the color, blue, involved.


FarmVille 2: Country Escape   2015-03-17

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Farmville is back and available outside of Facebook! This game is awesome and absolutely revolutionized the way people look at computer games by allowing you to maintain a customized farm with your friends. There’s a lot of liberty with playing this game. You are allowed but not obligated to connect this version of Farmville up to Facebook. The download and gameplay is free, but you can choose to make purchases in the app that range from $0.99 to $99.99. Zynga Inc and its partners are likely to invite you to participate in special offers, events, and programs as well, but once again, all of that is optional. You’ve got full control in how this game turns out for you.




Jump into a fantasy world where Kim Kardashian is your best friend and helps you rise from a shirt folder to the top elite of Hollywood in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Yes, the basic idea of the game is rather silly, but it is actually quite fun. The conversations between characters are funny and the storyline is really intriguing all things considered. Use networking to work your way up the ladder in this crazy celebrity game.The game’s style can be labeled “controlled-cheesy.” It’s absurd to think that Kim Kardashian would come crashing into your workplace with a fashion emergency, then reward you with a deep friendship and a shot at a hot career, but that’s exactly what happens.


Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive   2015-02-11

Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive

From Biart, the makers of Depth Hunter comes Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive. Explore underwater in this spear hunting adventure that gives you the opportunity to harvest a wide variety of fish species with this ancient fishing method. This is the first multiplatform game about underwater extreme sports and is complete with 25 missions and 3 gigantic locations in oceans around the world. There are coral reefs, random junk from centuries gone by, and even an airplane in these beautiful underwater scenes. Get in touch with your primitive side in this modern video game version of an ancient sport. Depth Hunter 2 captures the challenge of holding your breath as you plunge under water to select the best fish to harvest.


Gold Miners   2015-02-04

Gold Miners

A chicken, and elf, and an old squirrel are descending into a crystal mine on a rope in this weird, bizarre, slow, and addicting game, Gold Miners. You have to collect gold that is suspended mid-air while trying to avoid sharp edges of cliffs full of minerals that would probably be way more valuable than the gold nuggets, if only you had a hammer and the rope didn’t keep lowering you down… imagine the horror of having slack in the rope? It’s really unclear what this game is about to be honest, but it’s good if you’re into random stuff coming together into one physics defying game.


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