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Trick or treat?   2008-10-31

Trick or treat?

Here it comes, the scariest night in the whole year! Ghosts, banshees, witches and pumpkins reign - it's their night! I guess many of you have already prepared for the party and got your costume trimmed. But as a last minute stroke for your holiday, let me make a survey of spooky and scary games offered to us by game developers these days, as there is quite a selection and you will surely find something to your liking.


Cream of the Crop   2008-09-19

Cream of the Crop

Though some of you might be glad of the fact, I think most of us wish that one more summer hadn't passed away. Autumn has claimed its rights and all we can do now is reminisce about the great moments of the hottest season. The summer was hot for game developers also, and today I would like to remind you of the best releases that appeared at the largest game portals in the last three months in case you missed some awesome games.


Summer Pastimes   2008-08-15

Summer Pastimes

Summer is close to its end, and I guess most of you have already managed to get their portion of sun, sea and rest. If not, I'm sure everything is ahead. But game developers didn't have their vacations and continued pleasing us with new great titles to enjoy. Some of them are directly related to summer and all the amazing possibilities it gives us. These games are a perfect chance to have a part of this terrific time in your computer and be able to plunge into the atmosphere any time you wish.


Our favorite games: PC or board?   2008-08-01

Our favorite games: PC or board?

People have been playing games for thousands years. Chess and checkers can boast a history not much shorter than the history of mankind itself. Even a hundred years ago people had no choice - they could play board games only on their tables. Nowadays you have such a choice - many of your favorite board games have been recently released in PC versions. So, which do you prefer - real people or computer competitors?


Nice wrap or pure game?   2008-07-18

Nice wrap or pure game?

While lots of time-management and hidden object games have overflooded the casual games market, the choice becomes harder and harder for customers. If 5 hidden objects with fairly similar game play are released within three days, which to choose? The competition becomes more and more tough, and game developers have to invent more and more exquisite ways to distinguish their products among hosts of others. One of the most popular tools is the game story. The recipe is simple - wrap your game into an attractive and preferably mysterious story, add some atmosphere and environment, stir a bit, shake and serve!


Ageless Classics   2008-06-27

Ageless Classics

There are some games in the casual gaming industry that stay popular even several years after release. Second and third parts of the games come out, multiple clones and derivatives appear in the market, but these atlants never lose their positions. Game play gets changed, new twists and features are born by rich fantasy and imagination of game designers, but none of them can overcome the success of those titles who have become the first in their genre. This time I'd like to tell you about a special running on one of our partner sites concerning this classical best-selling games.


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Top 5 games
  1. Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst
  2. Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery
  3. Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads
  4. Heroes of Hellas 4: Birth of Legend
  5. Cubis Kingdoms
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