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Reality or virtuality?   2008-06-13

Reality or virtuality?

Do you watch TV? Have you ever imagined yourself as a participant of one of the numerous TV shows so popular nowadays? If yes, then the games I am going to talk about are undoubtedly interesting for you. I mean the large number of casual games based on famous TV programs and contests. Sometimes it's a great chance to try your hand or wits in some challenges not quite available in real life. Or not?


Deja vu?   2008-05-30

Deja vu?

Today I'd like to talk to you about quite a controversial tendency in casual gaming market. A tendency which is characteristic of up-to-date industry, though some of you may be not really satisfied with it. I mean the fact that if you look at the range of games offered by large portals, you'll find there a lot of games that resemble one another like twins or at least siblings. I'm not talking here about sequels that are supposed to be similar, but about games from different developers which you can easily confuse, especially if you are not an expert in the field. So, a lot of similar games in the market - good or bad?


Look closer!   2008-05-16

Look closer!

This time I'd like to discuss with you one more popular genre of casual games. No. I'm wrong. The genre is not popular. It's extremely, amazingly popular! Have you guessed which games I mean? Yes, you are right! Of course, I'm talking about hidden object games - the games that have conquered the gaming market long ago and do not seem to lose their positions in the nearest future. Why is it so? What makes hidden objects so popular? What makes you play them?


Her love is unconditional...   2008-05-07

Her love is unconditional...

If I ask you who is the most important person in the life of each of us, what will you say? If you ask me, I'll have no doubts - it's the mother. Our moms gave us our lives, they raised us and gave us their love for many years. And there's one day in the year that we not just can, but must dedicate to them - Mother's Day. Our love and care are the best presents for them in this day and all the year round, but why not complement it with something more material? Say, a computer game?


Click faster!   2008-04-25

Click faster!

Why are time-management and simulation games that popular among casual games audience? Have you ever thought what makes you play one fast-paced clicker after another? Why do you enjoy all these Manias and Dashes? I personally also enjoy them really much, and I decided to contemplate over the reasons of this phenomena. So, why do we play time-managements?


Men from Mars, Women from Venus?   2008-04-25

Men from Mars, Women from Venus?

Are you male or female? Everyone knows the answer for sure, don't you? And though I do not intend to say anything chauvinist, but the fact of being of one or another gender does influence our life. And I think that this fact also has its impact on the games we choose, as well as on many other goods we pick for ourselves. Do you agree?


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