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Big Fish Casino   2014-06-24

Big Fish Casino

Big Fish Casino is a great mix of casino games from Big Fish Games. This is a fun way to spend some time trying to win big without going to Las Vegas! You can invite your friends and do a casino marathon and play live with them!


Clash of Clans   2014-06-13

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a great strategy game on your portable device! Whenever you get angry or annoyed by something or somebody you can start this game and get more territory for your clan, become more prosperous and then go back to your life! The game doesn't really limit your energy as many of the same type. There's a different system, that is similar but not the same. You do depend on gold and elexir to proceed through the game. If you go too far, such great amounts of those materials are required that it takes days sometimes to collect them to proceed.


Hay Day   2014-06-05

Hay Day

Hay Day is a game for everyone, but it seems that it will be especially attractive for those who enjoy the abandence and the smells of farmer's markets, but aren't actually involved into all the labor that goes into it. It is also a kind of place where you are part of it but in reality you only enjoy the beautiful scene and you literally only lift and move your finder to get the work done. Right now, as the spring is coming to the end and we get to enjoy fresh vegitables and fruit, it is really apropriate to start a farm of your own on your device simply by downloading Hay Day. You have animals to take care of like cows and sheep and crops to gorw and harvest. Once you've done that you can start doing some other tasks that never end on a farm.


Candy Crush Saga   2014-05-13

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one the most loved and lovable smash hit games. Of course! People are addicted to sugar and candy in real life, but now it is candy and game together and you can download and play Candy Crush Saga on your device any time you want to? We love it! Great thinking, developers. Here's a short Candy Crush Saga game review for those who happen to not be familiar at all with this game. It is easy to understand how to play it. It is basicly a match-three game but with a twist. You keep matching pieces of candy of the same color to reach a score set for you.

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Color Tale   2014-02-01

Color Tale

This story is about an artist-inventor of the Fairyland of Colors. Take a trip on an airship, travel by railway and use other means to explore a vast 3D world. Fight with an evil witch and her blots and save an enchanted princess. All the way there will be singing, laughing and lots of new friends. The best learning practices were implemented to make it easier for kids to play and to keep their interest throughout the story.


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Christmas Tree Decorations   2013-12-20

Christmas Tree Decorations

Reading, painting, singing, matching, counting and much more awaits for your kids in a new 3D interactive playbook Color Tales! This book offers a few tools and a little instructions for your kids to master skills and concepts of successful learners! Color Tales is developed by educational experts to nourish early-literacy and teach color mixing concepts. Have you dreamed to paint a rainbow? Or to dive in the fluffy clouds in the sky? Or to change colors of the whole world? Take time for your family and do it with your kids in a fancy 3-D fairy tale world!


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