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Oh, those cards!

Card Games - Innocent Fun you can Afford  


Card game is a computer analogue of the existing card games. Most card computer games can be played in single- and multiplayer modes.


It goes without saying that such ‘reputed' card games as solitaire, preference, poker and even durak couldn't be forgotten as the computer gaming era has begun. On the contrary, they became widely spread on the web. You can enjoy playing with a partner who's miles away; and you only have to click a mouse. If you don't feel like playing with people, your computer always comes in handy. Given the conditions of tough market competition, game developers made their production so diverse so it may fit everybody, and have produced the computer analogue for any card game type you can think of.


So, let's have a closer look into the nature of card games and we'll see why people play cards. 


Any card game can be considered a challenge for a player. A challenge for their skills and logics. Thus, card games perform a function of mind-teasers. Yet, cards are used as elements of the game.  


As a rule, a player's task is to put the cards in a certain sequence on the table, or compete with an opponent using the number of cards available.


A great advantage of computer card games is the fact that a player feels in control of the game, and may decide on the duration of the game, quit it or start from scratch, in contrast to the card games with real partners involved.


Solitaire playfieldBy the way, people began to play card games with computer in the 50s when the humanity believed that in a couple of years an artificial intellect would be created. Computers used at that time were taught to play ‘oughts and crosses' and ‘solitaire'. But in fact the results were far from being impressive: no artifical intellect turned out to be able to compete with a human one in ‘preference'. As well as in playing many other games. But the computer showed very good results at playing ‘solitaire'.  


Few words about solitaires. Well-known solitaire game, which is one of the most frequently played computer card games, became not only part of Windows OEM package, but was also used to track psychological disorders.


A new way to use virtual card games was found by the scientists from Oregon Health University. 9 people in their 80-ties were tested (3 of them were already suffering from slight mental disorders).  They all were computer users who were familiar with the game.  The moves made by the players were compared to the moves corresponding to a certain ‘optimal algorithm'. After processing the results, the scientists found out that those players suffering from  serious mental disorders showed worse results in the game. Which is not surprising by the way.


Nevertheless, solitaire game proved its reputation as a medium for tracking mental disorders and training logics.


Check out Hotel Solitaire DeluxeSolitaire (originates from fr. patience ) is a single-player card game. A player's task is to place cards in a certain layout according to the rules. The most popular solitaires are Klondike, Free Cell, and Spider.


All of them plus the rest of the possible Solitaire versions of different difficulty can be found in a classic Hotel Solitaire Deluxe game developed by IWin.   


Though a game real popularity doesn't depend on statistics, the latter always reflects the popularity. It's just a case of cards. No matter what you are playing - real or virtual cards. The PLEASURE is always real and it's the only thing that matters.


Let's have a look at what the numbers say about the audience that play patience:


- 93% of women and 78% of men prefer ‘patience'. For women it's a good way to take mind off things, while men use the game as a background then they need to think something over;


- 89% of office workers spending most of their time in front of computer play card games;


- 64% of students;


- 72% of Computing teachers believe that ‘patience' is a perfect way to acquire Play Solitaire onlinecomputer skills;


- 81% of Maths teachers use patience and other card games to train logics.


Should you like to relax with a nice puzzle, Bahama TriPeaks online game is the right thing for you. This is a flash version of the classical solitaire game featuring exotic island backgrounds and lovely music.


Poker is a commercial card game played mainly for money. Unlike gambling games, its player's skill but not luck that helps the player to win in poker. The goal of the game is to win the stakes by collecting the required poker combination using 5 cards or to make all players stop the game. The cards are partly exposed or not exposed at all in the game. The rules differ depending on the type of poker game. But there are moments that arecommon for all poker types: combinations and constant bet between players.


Poker Card CombinationPoker game was invented over 500 years ago. Several poker tournaments are held yearly in different parts of the world. The most popular is World series of Poker.


Blackjack is one of the most popular card casino games. The rules of the game are very simple. The player stakes against a dealer. The purpose is to have as much scores as possible (but the amount of the scores is not to exceed 21).


Durak (fool, stupid) is a famous card game. A deck of 36 cards is used to play this Enjoy your game!game. The number of players may vary from 2 to 6. The player leads one card or 2 cards of a kind. The purpose of the game is for a player to get rid of all cards he/she has. The last player who still has any cards is considered to be a ‘durak'(fool).


Preference is a gambling game. 2, 3 or 4 players play for money. A deck of 32 cards is used (sevens are the smallest cards, aces are the head cards).All bonuses and penalties are marked down on a piece of paper.


So, if you're ready to test your card game playing skills, welcome to the puzzling world of card games.



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