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Real ladies play no gamesReal Ladies Play no Games. They Develop Games  


We've recently had a chance to look into our subscriber list before the Xmas craze ... And, to tell you the truth, we were slightly astonished. According to the information our reader-players generously provided to GameMile, a HUGE part of them are... ladies.


While working at tech support for a game development studio, I've learned that a great percentage of female clientel identify themselves as "technically challenged" and "not computer savvy". Nonetheless, it is to admit that the words "lady" and "computer game" get closer and closer each day.


According to the recent research by Casual Games Association only in the US about 100 million people play casual computer games. And more than 60%! of them are women.


Plus, here are some essential facts about computer game industry in 2006 published by Entertainment Software Association in its recent research:


- 69% of American heads of households play computer games,

- 47% of gamer parents are women,

- 42% of online players are female,


Another interesting fact is that though computer games take a significant part of life of modern women, ladies prefer to keep it a secret. Most of them would never indentify themselves as gamers.


And a very few ladies... make games. They tackle a game concept and source codes as devotedly as other ladies would prepare a dinner or do the house chores. 


JessicaMeet them:


Jessica Tams is a Managing Director of Casual Games Association. She has been actively involved in casual game development, publishing and distribution. Frankly speaking, she knows everything and everybody in the industry. Not only she makes games, but also sets up international conferences so game developers from around the world could share their knowledge and make better games.


MargaretMargaret Wallace, CEO at Skunk Studios, video game developer("Mah Jong Adventures, Gutterball), "represents the kinder, gentler face of her industry. With her vivid dyed hair and hip wardrobe, Wallace looks anything but the typical corporate CEO.
In September, gaming news Web site Next Generation listed Wallace as one of the most influential women in video games - proof that the $10.5 billion industry has taken notice of the $2 million company."(From Business Week website).


AllaAlla Khramtsova is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Absolutist (Eastern European game developer of casual games). Alla has been in the casual games industry since 2003. She is responsible for building the relations with online publishers, partners, new distribution channels, as well as for diversifying of business the result of which was entering the outsourcing market and substantial company growth. Being the representative and the face of the company in the international market - not an easy thing as for a young lady.


Now let's have a look at the opposite side of the monitor and face women who "consume" computer games.


Nancy Carey, 32 y.o. US  Housewife. Has a 16-year-old son.

Nancy  "How I became a gamer? I like beautiful things. My house seems to be the most beautiful in our city. I spend a lot of time shopping. However, I like diamonds. My husband always presents me something on my birthday. Last birthday my family gave me quite an unusual thing - a computer game. I was shocked. I tried to play in order not to offend husband and son. Today I enjoy playing Bejeweled 2 more than shopping or looking after the house. Just relaxing, exciting game play and my colored shiny jewels!"


LeeAnne Troggle, 28 y.o.. United Kingdom  Works as waitress in fast food.

LeeAnne"I'm dreaming about my own restaurant. I believe that one day my dream will come true. Not long ago my friend advised me to play Diner Dash 2. While playing I imagine myself managing that restaurant. Actually, previously I would work for a large trading center. So, I have an idea of what it is like working in a Diner Dash. When you work, your task is to fulfill a terrific number of operations simultaneously and perfectly without making a mistake or letting a customer leave unsatisfied. The game gives me a chance to examine myself as a manager. "


Latoya Johnson, 35 y.o.. Republic of SA works as a sales manager. Has a 4-Latoyayear-old daughter


"I even don't remember when I started to play arcade games. Few  years ago I started to play shooters on my computer at home when my little daughter was sleeping. Now I am working and I have no time to play at home. But I have my favorite Bubble Shooter on my PDA! I play on the way home or to the office - sometimes there are traffics on the road. The right thing to let off steam."


Gentlemen, we are sorry that this editorial was not devoted to you. Just wanted to give you a clue of what your spouse might be doing in her free time, which could be of some help before Xmas.


Always addictingly yours,

Gamemile Team


P.S. If we missed some interesting facts or you have your own story to tell, don't hesitate to contact us. Your story will be published at GameMile. 



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