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Xmas Craze

Crazy for Xmas? Make it a stand-out


Christmas will be here in about a week... But, as an old friend of mine cleverly admitted, it's time to take care of gifts in advance unless you want to be linedin a row at a store on December 23 and 24.


So, I guess the best thing is to start hunting for the gifts right now. We decided to start it for you and now we'd like to present you 7 extraordinary gift ideas. All of them match the following criteria:


1. You can get this gift without going out to the store;   


2. They'll help you make the coming Xmas different from all the previous ones.


7 gift ideas. 100% out of the box.


1. Before thinking on how to please the ones around you, please yourself first... Get in contact with Santa, as you used to back in the childhood and hear from him immediately. Click here to write a letter to Santa and ask for a gift. Absolutely free.


2. How about pleasing your kids and having Santa Claus call them or send them a fancy letter or even sms! Click here to surprise your kids 


3. If your computer is not yet stuffed with Xmas games, you may also want to check out a Festive collection of holiday games from Bigfishgames.com


4. Believe in Santa. No comment.


5. Surprise your colleagues by installing a fancy Xmas clock screensaver on his/her pc. It's free.


6. If you happen to feel lonely on Xmas(God forbid!), you may join the multiplayer community at www.wellgames.com and play fun and easy flash game online. By the way, ran into this site accidentally. Seems like the guys are currently polishing the technical side; and nobody have spread a single word of them on the web before...   


7. No links here. If you look to the right(to Our Survey), you'll notice that a lot of people won't mind having a bit of love and affection as a gift for Xmas. Sorry, we couldn't find it on the web. This is something you can find inside yourself.


To be continued


If we've missed something or you have something special to share with GameMile readers, please contact us and we'll publish your Xmas ideas and mention it came from you.


Be sure to get back to GameMile.com next week - because we have some free fancy games in store.




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