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Gamer's dream        Not that casual games


Just imagine one day you woke up in gamer's shoes...


You just find yourself lying in special gamer-glasses nervously dragging a PS joystick because you were trying to pass a boss level in your head-smashing dream. But as you open your eyes, you see your room is a total mess of game CDs, magazines, clothes and who knows what else. In a remote corner of the room your computer stares at you tantalizingly from a pile of socks and T-shirts.


Casual strategiesNo panic, please! Luckily, this is not going happen neither today nor tomorrow judging from what you have installed on your Start menu. But who knows...


"Casual games are stepping into a new era" - that was the talk at Casuality: Europe East this autumn.


Easy and small games are growing up, getting bigger and thus, more complicated. Everybody gets tired of the simple gameplays and developers are seeking new ways to pique user's interest.


So, the recipe is pretty simple: you pick a strategy game play from some serious big-boy game, wrap it up with eye-catching casual graphics and here you are - a strategy-simulator game in "casual" wrapping.   


This week we decided to provide a wrap-up of all the "tough" games the industry has produced so far and make a sort of top 5 simulators list basing on their "toughness".


Fish TycoonSo, the easiest one of them (and by the way, it was the first best-selling title of that genre) was...Fish Tycoon, a game by Last Day of Word Software released in spring 2006. The game is a real-time fish-tank simulation. The point is to feed and breed fishes in order to produce new fish breeds. This game combines the elements of simulator and tycoon. Easy, colorful graphics, game play that is easy to understand is what makes this game so easy to play. Download Fish Tycoon for Windows


Ciao BellaThe second game is a Ciao Bella - this is a real and first human life simulator in the casual gaming history ... that comes to my mind. Or am I wrong? Then tip me at support@gamemile.com. This is a relatively easy woman's life simulator. Elena, a young beauty of Italian origin, is to stay alive and maintain peace around herself. Her life condition is indicated by health, work, harmony and love meters. And you're to maintain a proper level of everything. Download Ciao Bella for Windows


 Meet  Virtual VillagersThen goes Virtual Villagers - an island life simulation that caused a storm of user emotions and make the game developers reconsider their approach towards casual gaming. The game is an LDW Software title that saw a great success. A short time after the game was released, everybody has set off on an island, obsessed with their own island matters. The game community quickly grew, and thus an official resource of the game appeared - http://www.virtualvillagers.com/. You can check it out for tips and tricks as well as news from Virtual Villagers. Download Virtual Villagers now 


WestwardAnother community life simulator with more complicated game play is Westward by Sandlot Games released in the second half of 2006, but it still remains in top 10 charts. The game uncovers the life of a community of the first American explorers of the Wild Wild West. The point is to build a town and provide the settlers with food, water and work, plus keep them healthy and safe. You can play with multiple characters. There's a lot of work to be done around. Download Westward now


Kudos gameAnd last, but not least, Kudos by British Positech Games. Out of all the sims that I've seen during my short life, this one is the closest to reality, and by the way, looks pretty much like the famous The SIMS Family. In terms of graphics - everything is in 3d, and thus, it might be a hard nut to crack for a computer. If you are sick or tired of your own life, you can live a life of the British youth and keep the characters alive keeping your eyes on the multiple life meters. Kudos game download


Do you think we've omitted something or you have some useful information about the games mentioned above? Feel free to contact us.



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Top 5 games
  1. Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst
  2. Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery
  3. Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads
  4. Heroes of Hellas 4: Birth of Legend
  5. Cubis Kingdoms
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