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Online GamesOnline Games - Advanced User Guide


(10 ways to apply flash games that you've had no idea about)


During the week to come we'll be focusing on such an essential ingredient of today's world as online games.


What comes to your mind when you hear about online games? Nice, little freebies with a game play that is a bit simpler than the heavyweight stuff you're used to download and install on your computer. There are three exciting things about online, or web games:


•   They are really player friendly and can be accessed with a single click. They almost never cause your computer to pass out, unless of course you run into some flash game with "hard requirements". You have no problems starting, playing and quitting them.

•   They are 100% free, in contrast to the rest of the games available on the web.


But, there are two drawbacks: they still require Internet connection and can be played from your browser only. And second, they are not as sophisticated as downloadable games.


If that does not scare you, we can move on.


Most people believe that online games are something you can quickly play and quit. However, we've surfed a bunch of websites on the net and can surely state that there are much more ways web games can come in handy when you would never expect them to do.


We'd like to bring to your attention a number of the online games that you can use in handy in your everyday life. So, this is what online games can do:


Ask Guru Joe1) Tell the future.


With the funny flash game Ask Guru Joe, it is now possible. Just enter a Yes/No question and click on the Ask! Button. The game is the right thing when you're in a complete trouble and need to make the right choice.:) Sometimes Joe tells the truth. At  times, he may lose his interest in you and you'll have to concentrate and ask your question again.


The Idiot Test


2) Rate your intellect.


Human life is full of doubts. Everyone has doubts as for his/her brilliance. But they can be solved momentarily after you complete flash-based The Idiot Test by Arcade Town. The point is to follow simple in-game instructions. After a while you'll make sure they are not that simple. 


Bash the Computer

 3) Solve all the problems with your computer. Now and forever.


Well, frankly, I am not sure if this game will help you fix something. But it will exactly make you forget about all the cruel tricks your computer has ever played! Bash the computer by Javi Hernandez from thestylemachine.com is a medium to let off steam when your computer mocks up on you. If that ever happens, launch the game and don't hesitate to make your most cherished dreams come true. But try yourself in the game only. In this game, you can bash all pc parts in any direction. But in contrast to a real computer, this one can be repaired for one second after your push Repair button. 

Place States

4. Teach you geography.


If you used to have any problems with this subject at school, or have no space sense, you can consider using a very simple jigsaw puzzle called Place the States. This games can help you memorize the location of American states once for all. Drag the state and place it on the map. You'll be prompted on the correct location.  


Bubble Shooter5. Make you quit smoking.


Ever thought a simple game could be a good stress-relieving medicine for those brave people who dared to quit smoking. Recommended by Dr Moos is Bubble Shooter online version developed by Absolutist. In fact this is just a simple bust-n-move arcade. The point is to clear a playfield by shooting the bubbles with the bubbles of the same color.         


Super-Fishing online game5. Simulate a weekend in the middle of the business week.


The best way to do this is to go fishing. Right here and now. With SuperFishing - the game presented by happygames.com. The point is to scroll down your hook and catch the fishes, octopi and other live creatures passing back and forth under your boat. Mind that you have to do that in a limited time.


If you are looking for places to play online, you can check out: 


- GameMile online game collection - first things first!;

- Wellgames - a place for casual online multiplayer games. More games to come in the very near future.

Stay online- Free online game collection by Absolutist - online versions of the games developed by Absolutist;

- Jayisgames - a website dedicating to reviewing casual games. Has now flash game development competition running.

- addictinggames.com - one of the pioneer websites of flash games of all genres from all possible developers.


Do you know any other interesting game that could be of a great use in your everyday life? Then tip us at: support@gamemile.com


Do you develop flash casual games yourself?  Submit your game to gamemile. Please contact us at: partner @ gamemile.com



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