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Word games overviewWords you Play: Overview of the Latest Word Games  


What will people normally do when they get bored? Ones usually turn their favorite CD on, or perhaps plunge into their house chores, while others start solving cross word puzzles like crazy...


Seems like people began playing with words soon after the words were invented.


But what has happened to the word games in the beginning of computer and Internet era? Has there been any new word puzzles on the net worth trying for a modern person, who's fed up with scrabbles and crosswords?


Many developers from all over the world work on creating new word games, and we are glad to present you with the freshest and most notable fruit of their work:


Play free flash multiplayer Wordz! game onlineThe latest invention: online multiplayer word game that several people can play online for free in 5 different languages. One of them is Wordz! developed by Wellgames.com.


This is a truly exotic word game, since we haven't yet found anything similar on the I-net. Wordz! is a cross between swap-and-match and crossword. The point is to swap the letters in white between words on the playfield so each block of letters of the same color should form a word. This game can be played in the English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian languages.


                                   Play Wordz! online now


Another kind of modern word game is... word creation game by www.Verbotomy.com. "Verbotomy is a creative word game. Every day we publish a new definition and comic. Players are challenged to create a word to match the definition, and then vote for the best. It's creative, satirical, and a bit weird, so it usually good for a laugh"- says James Gang, the one owner of verbotomy.com. Should you like to join the fast-growing community of word inventors, check out more at verbotomy.com.


Now let's look into the most popular downloadable games that you can peacefully play on your pc without going online:


Flip Words 2Flip Words 2 - a sequel to the world-famous Flip Words game developed by Hipsoft saw the world in February. The hottest word game so far.


Just like in traditional scrabble game, a player is to form words by linking the adjacent letters on the playfield. But: your task is also to form a phrase decrypted on top of the playfield. You can always download more pharses on the I-net. Download Flip Words 2


Bookworm Adventures DeluxeBookworm Adventures Deluxe - the latest title in the Bookworm game series. Long before the game was released, a great number of articles appeared stating that one of the most expensive games in the history of casual games was on the way.


This revolutionary title was released at the end of 2006. According to cnn.com, the game developement lasted for 2.5 years and cost $700,000. By releasing it, PopCap games attempted to affect the standards accepted in the industry: as you know, the average game cost is around $20), yet Bookworm costs $29.99. And judging from sales reports, it still sells pretty well. Download Bookworm Adventures Deluxe. 


Big Kahuna WordsAnd now, let's get back to classics. Big Kahuna Words, a year after its development is still one of the most popular word puzzlers. Featuring the graphical settings of the world famous puzzler Big Kahuna Reef, in Kahuna Words will have you form words by linking the letters on the playfield. Note that you're going to do this on the realistic undersea settings, get yourself a screensaver with the game backgrounds. Download Big Kahuna Words


If you know of any other interesting computer word games, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll feature them at GameMile.  


        Download 2 free games


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